Fanaah 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rose is at her home when her brother comes and his mother asks him about buying a bike. Rose asks for some money as she has to buy a gift for her friend. Her mother says that I can give only 500 as your education costs a lot. She hears her father and her mother goes while she is worried as now she can’t go to Rose’s party. Ranbir comes and wants to talk to her father about allowing her to come to the party. She closes the door when her brother comes and she says that it’s only the polio drops department. She tells Ranbir to not to come here again and closes the door.
Vivan is in the hospital when the guard is being scolded for burning a bike and making a joker sign. Vivan tells him to go back to work. Samir is going to the party while Rose is sitting and her father tells her to go and help her mother. Saher says that I am idiot who believed in Ranbir as he can’t do anything. Samir is leaving when a girl at the door comes saying that one person must come and clean the place with us. Samir says that I am going to a party while her parents can’t go as well. Saher is ready to go and later the girl gets a chocolate from Ranbir. Ranbir gets a call from Samir and he talks about his girlfriend and Samir wants to meet her. Saher comes in a moment and they are leave quickly.
Avani is preparing for the Rose’s party and Rose is amazed to see the preparations. They take a selfie and their first guest comes dressed as a Joker. They take guesses and Rose invites her inside and Prateek comes in dressed as Batman. Avani asks Prateek of why he brought cookies while Prateek says that these are drugged cookies. He gives the cookies to the man dressed as the joker and he makes the cookie disappear. He then does something to Rose and later at the party Prateek gives the cookies to everyone.
Avani tries to stop Prateek while he keeps on eating them. She brings water when Sarthak comes dressed as Ironman. Avani is pleased to see him and he says that I am happy that Yamini is not here. Yamini enters at the second dressed as a witch and they start to complain to Avani. Avani tries to calm them down and leaves saying that I have to give this lemonade to Prateek. They mock each other and sit next to the Joker. He snaps his finger and both of them start smiling at each other and talk to as if they don’t know one another and go to have a drink. The Joker and looks at the door and says that where are you Ranbir.
Sarthak and Yamini are having fun when Avani walks by amazed to see them and leaves without saying anything. Ranbir comes to the party with Saher and calls Rose; he goes to get the girls a drink. The Joker snaps his fingers again and Sathak starts to walk towards Ranbir and asks how he is. Sarthak talks about bikes and says that I know a person who deals in them. They are about to leave when Avani comes and asks about Vivan. The Joker is getting pissed as Avani is wasting her time, Saher leaves with Ranbir while Sarhtak goes back as well. Avani wonders why she isn’t feeling good without Vivan and is missing him.
The Joker looks at Ranbir and is about to go to him when Rose comes and takes him. Ranbir is dancing with Saher and says that why don’t we upstairs. Vivan is looking at the photos and then sees the CCTV footage of the guard. He remembers a case which happened is Dehli recently and the victom boy is in coma. Vivan sees the spray bottle and finds that Ranbir is the one in danger and knows that he is in Rose’s party.

Precap: The Joker snaps his fingers in front of Ranbir and he starts to follow him. Yamini and Sarthak are about to kiss. Vivan comes to the party and Avani asks him to dance with him. Vivan gets frustrated and roars at her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nice episode like ranbeer and vivan ayaz and karan

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