Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhabo asking Suraj to stop and then unleashed a vicious tongue-lashing on Swami Ji She said that though her family treated him with much respect, and treated his words as divine words, he as much tricked the family and trapped them with false curses and blemishes on the family

Bhabo says the curse of Swami Ji is baseless as all his prayers are baseless, false and they would be ineffective for the family , and then says since she always followed the path of truth, she will now curse Swami Ji and says he will have to pay badly for the deed.

Everyone is after Swami Ji now, and they start shouting slogans, and beating him, finally Swami Ji, in a bid to escape, runs hither & thither and falls in a big hole, and begs forgiveness from people around

Everyone is in a mood to beat him up, and shouts slogans and the other sadhus started thrashing. Sandhya asks everyone not to take law in their own hands, says she has already informed the police and they are on their way.

The police soon comes and arrests Swami Ji, takes him away in their jeep, and now the college principal came along with all the students, and profusely thanks Sandhya for her act of valor, says she herself couldn’t have done so much alone what Sandhya managed to do, and also says Bhabo that she is lucky to have Sandhya as her family member and profusely praises Sandhya in front of Bhabo, Bhabo feels happy as well.

Mohit goes a little bit backward, Sandhya suddenly asks Pappu where is Emily and Pappu says Emily has left college, Sandhya asks Pappu why but Bhabo says they all will return now to Rathi Mansion so that issue drowns out for now.

On their way, Meena asks Bhabo when the three matkas will be broken, Bhabo says for now she is happy with the fact that Sandhya not only rescues the honor of Rathi family single-handedly, but also brought to light before thousands of followers how Swami Ji is playing with their beliefs and tricking all of them in the name of God She further says she will honor Sandhya for that

Now Suraj is in shop, and customers greet him with respect and talks how he and Sandhya helped unmask Swami Ji’s tactics and how he was tricking everyone

Sandhya comes and gives a tiffin-box, seemed a bit impatient, and Suraj says there are lots of customers now, and so he will reply to her letter a little later, and Sandhya is giggling all the more

After serving out the customers, Suraj asks Sandhya what is the matter and why she is laughing so much. Sandhya says today there is food in tiffin-box which Bhabo has sent for him, and no special letter for him, and starts laughing

Sandhya serves him the food, Suraj starts eating, and sees that Sandhya is very happy and smiling, Suraj asks how come she is so happy today, Sandhya says she is very happy because she has finally regained the lost respect from Bhabo and Bhabo’s eyes (for her) now is same as before the college truth came out

Outside Chotu and other boys are playing handkerchief-thief and Sandhya sees that, and says it is her favorite game, and she used to play a lot during her childhood days

Sandhya invites Suraj to play and challenge him that he won’t be able to win, when Sandhya is playing Suraj now enters the ring, opps the road and both gets ready for playing

Suraj tells many nice nice dialogues before entering the field, like I am the greatest player of this game (reminds me of race) and that defeating me is not only difficult but next to impossible and so on

So the play starts and both are trying to take the handkerchief without giving the other the slightest hint about it, but both keeps failing, and the game continues

Sandhya shifts her hairs to one side, and Suraj kept looking at that and the hairs of Sandhya sometimes blocking his vision, so he takes all the more time to adjust Chotu watches all these and lose all hopes of Suraj winning, and still he and other boys eggs on Suraj by shouting Suraj Ji, Suraj Ji

Chotu sees the game going to a deadlock, so he says now timer introduced to end the game, as the boys are getting restless and starts a countdown

Sandhya seize the opportunity with Suraj taking time to revive after the eye-locks and suddenly in a flash Sandhya winks at Suraj, which left him flummoxed and stupefied, finally Sandhya takes the handkerchief and goes back to her designated spot as the countdown comes to an end

Suraj is still to get hold of the situation
Sandhya is smiling, and Chotu now brings him back to his senses, says what is the need to accept this challenge when he lost it

Precap–> SurYa congratulate each other for their wedding anniversary

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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