Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th March 2013 Written Update

Sona enters and sees Chicku watching movie with Darshana and Durgesh. Sona aaks if she be alone with Chicku as his exams is getting closer. Darshana and Durgesh leaves and Sona starts questioning Chicku and Chicku answers by looking at the answer that he wrote and hidden by his sleeves and Sona is impressed. Slowly Sona Starts to supect and Sona sees Chicku cheating by hidding the answer in his collar. Sona says thats she did not expect this from him and Chicku asks sona not to tell anyone but sona brings chicku to suhaina and says that she caught chicku was cheating but suhanina refuses to blive. Sona shows the note to Chicku ji and Suhaina. Sona says that Chicku have been imporving and he studied the whole day and what is the need to cheat and Chicku says that he was playing the whole day and sona looks at Durgesh and Darshana. Sona questions Durgeshs on how could he play with the future of a kid? Darshana denies and put up a fact of leaving the house. Khnhaiya is angry saying he doesn’t need such a sister as she is teaching bad thins to a kid. Darshana is about to leave and Chacha ji says that they both are grown ups and they are teaching kid how to chat. Renu is worried on how will Chicku do the exams and says that her biggest mistake was to left Sona teach chicku. No one Stops as Darshana is about to leave and Suhaina tells to sona that she only has one last night to teach Chicku and he should not fail.In the night, Khnhaiya is searching for sona while sleeping and goes downstairs and sees her sleeping while teaching Chicku. Khnhaiya goes to sona and tries waking her up. Kanhaiya says that he can’t sleep without her and sona says she can’t leave Chicku alone. Kanhaiya carries Chicku to their room and puts Chicku in between of him and Sona.

Sona asks Kanhaiya not to be angry with her and apologize for forgetting about this uniform.Kanhiya asks Sona not to take what he says to her heart as he gets angry fast and Sona is close to tears and Kanhaiya aska het not to tear. Sona smiles and Kanhaiya wishes her good night. The next morning, the whole family is at the mandir where Suhnanina feeds Chicku yougurt and sona aska Chucki to take Shuhanina’s blessings. Suhnina blesses Chicku asking him to make her proud and sona also asks Chicku to take Chacha ji’s blessing. Chacha ji says that today is only Chicku’s exam but also sona and i wish all the best from the god. Sona and Renu sends Chicku to his school and Chicku gets his exam paper in the school and is given 2 hours. Chicku seems to be dreaming and the teacher asks him not to teach. Renu and sona meets and that show the he is not getting any attention in the house. Renu denies and sona says that they will try their best to change chicku.Chicku keeps writting on the answer sheet.Chicku is playing in the exam room.Chicku comes to the principal’s room and teacher shows the principal the exam papers where Chicku drew faces on the exam sheet.The principal says that Chicku is suspanded and both Renu and Sona are Shocked.

PreCap ….> Suhnaina is scolding Renu and Sona that Sona is responsible for this.

Update Credit to: Visha

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