Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daisa and others complaining about Ved to Bhabho and Babasa. Bhabho defends Ved. Daisa says let Sandhya come, I will complain to her. Ved says he is not worried and Daisa asks him to come out. Bhabho says he is small, leave him. Ved comes and says Sandhya will not come so soon, and she will forget everything till she comes. Daisa says great, I will call Sandhya and tell her. Ved says if she tells mummy, she will scold me and runs to Misri and Pari for help. Golu teases Daisa. She says your parents went abroad and you are doing naughty things.

Golu takes the keys from her and Misri comes to him. She takes the keys and asks how can he tease sweet Daisa, she will get him scoldings from parents. She returns the keys and Daisa says don’t act innocent, I know everything, you all siblings are same, I know everything, I will not forget and complain to Sandhya. Pari comes and asks her to call her mum’s phone, as Daisa is doing right. Daisa says you are good, and Emily gave you good values. She sees her pic in modern clothes and asks who did this. Misri laughs and teases her.

Daisa says its not her. Misri says I will show this to anyone and ask. Daisa stops her and Misri says I m not that innocent, I m Misri by name and Mirchi by nature. Daisa says being Meenakshi’s daughter. Misri asks her not to complain about Ved to anyone, else she will show the pic to everyone. Daisa agrees. Bhabho says she is fed up by hearing Ved’s complains. Ved says he got challenge and he got all items to become hanuman and took items. Babasa laughs and says he went on you, you also took challenges.

Sooraj comes and says leave it, he is a kid. He asks Ved to apologize. Ved says sorry. Bhabho says don’t come between us, till when will you save her, Daisa will complain to Sandhya, she went to call her, we know what will Sandhya do. Misri says don’t worry, Daisa will not call Sandhya. Ved smiles. They see the time, and Pari says its time for my dad’s call. Sooraj says I will go to shop. The phone rings and Sooraj talks to Pari as her dad Mohit. Emily looks on. Pari says she got highest marks in class. Sooraj says great thing, and says she is fine of cough. Pari says mum is with me, don’t worry.

Bhabho and Babasa looks on. Pari says mummy is very worried, she does not say, but I know she misses you, even I miss you, when will you come back, leave the job, we don’t want money, we want you, please come son for me and mummy. Sooraj says I have some work, I will come soon. Bhabho asks Pari to end call as its foreign call. Pari asks Emily to talk to Mohit. Emily takes the call and Pari goes. Sooraj asks did Pari go. Emily says yes. Sooraj ends the call. Emily cries.

The kids have a laugh and Ved says dad is scared of my mum. Golu laughs on Ved for taking Misri and Pari’s help. Ved says he is brave, he is not scared of Sandhya. He breaks the stick and shows his heroism. Golu plays music and Ved dances. All the kids dance on the song Pandey ji seeti………. The elders smile seeing them. Ved is stunned seeing Sandhya. The kids stop dancing seeing her. Sooraj says Sandhya you… you did not inform you are coming.

Sandhya looks at Ved and asks why Sooraj ji, can’t I come my home suddenly. He says no, you can come anytime. Misri says think what will happen of Ved, he is gone. Sandhya asks Sooraj not to come between mum and son today. Sandhya smiles and talks sweet to all the kids. They all smile. Golu tells her about Ved burning the stage. Sandhya asks what, and sees Sooraj’s hand burnt. She says she will do some permanent work for Ved. She gets much things and says its for you, I m transferred back to Pushkar, I will be with you Ved all the year. Everyone smile.

Sooraj sees the kidnappers article and shares with Sandhya, crying for Vansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode. DABH rocks again keep it up. All the children are very naughty very nice.

  2. After a long time a good laugh in DABH…nice to see all kids fun..
    Awesome episode…

  3. Where is mohit y sooraj is talking with pari as mohit

  4. Nice episode…..
    Director screening ved childhood …same as Sandhya’s childhood

    And wat is the crap going with rohit..

  5. Pari is unfortune person like as own mother Emily. Kick Mohit !!!!!

  6. Golu is nice. Misri & Emily also.

  7. Golu is nice. Misri & Pari also.

  8. Superb epi…all kids are superb

  9. Its Great …Unity of Rathi grandchildren not like sooraj vikram and mohit.

  10. Misri & Ved , brother- sister relation is nice. Pari & Golu is nice
    Emily is hopeless person, Mohit cheats her again with pari.

  11. Very nice are so sweet specially ved

  12. Really enjoyable episode…
    What happen 2 mohit??where does he went??
    All kids play their role natural..really nice..

  13. Bhabasa’s death rumarous is wrong, I
    think Mohit is dead. Emily, Sooraj &
    Rathi family hide this truth to Pari. So Emily is not cleaning sindoor.

  14. I know this might not sound good but i feel better that vansh is lost than staying with that crazy bulbul 😛

  15. Who is gulo and where is meanakshi? I think mohit left the show or may be he is in jail
    Anyway I hate him

  16. Pls where is mohit ?

  17. Sweet children! Don’t change cast ( meena vikram monit) gautam is apt for vikram.

  18. miss u meena…have a good comeback soon….

  19. I think in real life meena was pregnant. ..she will be on screen after delivery. director. .narrated that meena vikram went foreign. …
    And wat happen to mohit…
    Did he left rathi or DABH show…or died in show… wat happened Mr. Director

  20. wat happend to mohit and chavi,..

    hope sandhya find his second son soon

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