Tu Mera Hero 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Panchi saying the truth about the Lord idol getting stolen and its someone from their family who did this. Rekha says this can’t happen. Panchi says I have proof and asks Vaishali about her earring. Vaishaili gets tensed as she don’t have the proof. She shows everyone that its Vaishali’s earring and she has hidden the Idol. Everyone is shocked. Panchi says when Vaishaili has hidden the idol, her earring fell there. Everyone look on. Mukund and Rekha get tensed and think what to do.

Chetan likes the food Rachna made. Rachna says I think you like Dal Makhani, I will make good one today. Manorama sees them smiling and thinks she will add bitterness in it, I will make Chetan scold you today. Everyone ask Vaishaili why did she steal the idol. Vaishaili says she did not steal the idol. Panchi asks is this proof wrong. Rekha asks Panchi to think why will anyone steal in own house, she is guest and she should not blame her. Surekha believes Panchi.

Vaishaili shows some envelop and says she has gone to the metal chest to take those papers. She says Mukund the time has come that you tell the truth to everyone. Mukund is tensed and they all wait for his answer. She throws the papers and holds him asking him to tell everyone. Bhagwati worries. Panchi sees the papers and is shocked seeing the marriage certificate and pics.

Rekha and Surekha ask what is it. Bhagwati and Keshav look at each other. Panchi says that Mukund and Vaishaili got married, and are husband and wife. They all are shocked. Panchi shows the pics and MC. Titu says this drama will go for long and goes to rest. Manorama adds chilli powder in the dish and Rachna asks her why did she come. Manorama says she wants water and acts like she tasted much spice.

She says you made very spicy Dal makhani. Rachna says no and tastes it. Rachna says its very spicy. Manorama smiles. Rachna drinks water. She says Chetan will come soon. Manorama calls restaurant and asks her to order food, we will tell Chetan later. Govind shouts Mukund. Rekha says its wrong. Govind asks Mukund is Vaishaili your wife. He says your silence has stabbed me, you cheated me, I hate cheats, such a big cheat.

He says they don’t have place for cheaters and asks him to leave from home. Titu says why does dad does this always. Rekha asks Mukund to apologize. She slaps him to do drama. Mukund gets puzzled. Titu does the commentary. Rekha says your Tau ji has raised you and gave love like his son, you cheated him. She says she is his mum, he did not even tell her. She scolds Mukund and also Bhagwati for getting Vaishaili home. Bhagwati looks at Keshav. Titu says no, Bhagwati’s face shows she is being framed. Keshav stops Bhagwati.

Surekha asks Bhagwati why did she lie. Govind says I did not think Bhagwati will lie to us. Keshav says its not Bhagwati’s mistake, I told her to lie to everyone. He says don’t say anything to her. Bhagwati cries. Govind says he always trusted them, and they cheated him. Titu comes and asks Govind to relax. Mukund apologizes to Govind. He says we wanted to say everything, but it happened so soon. Vaishaili says my parents wanted me to marry soon.

Mukund says I knew you will not agree, so we lied. Govind gets angry and says he has filled lie poison in his pure house and spoiled it. He says you both don’t have any place here, I will not forgive for this sin. Vaishaili cries. Titu says everyone can do this, whats big deal. Surekha says its good Titu did not marry this girl. Rekha says my son is trapped, tell me what should I do now. Vaishaili asks Panchi to understand as they were in love and did this. Panchi says I know I should not tell between elders, but Vaishaili is a nice girl, they did big mistake and we should be annoyed, but not punish them. Titu says exactly, and asks Govind to forgive them.

Govind says he has seen many dreams for Mukund, open a shop for his work of lawyer and help him in his career, but he does not need him, he will not even get his blessings now.

Rekha says no one will go for interview now and scolds Mukund for cheating everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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