Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya talking to Lohya. She says it is proved that there was medicine mixed, find out from everyone. They get the perfume from the tiffin bag. She says it from someone who packed the food. He says I had this smell at your home too, when I went to take tiffin. She is shocked. She says I will go home now. The doctor checks Misri and says she is in drugs effect, she will get up when she gets over the effect but it can be dangerous for her. Everyone is shocked. Bhabho asks Sooraj to take doctor out. Sooraj goes. Prema gets tensed. Bhabho looks at her and says you did this right, as you use drugs in this house,m you gave her right, you played with Misri’s life. Babasa says tell us Prema. Sooraj asks Prema did she give her, how can she give to small girl.

Prema says trust me, I did not give her any medicine. Bhabho sees the drugs powder on her waist and checks it. She asks if this drugs yours, tell us. Prema says actually………. Misri got hurt while playing, and she was crying a lot, I could not see it, and so I gave her some medicine to relieve her of pain. Bhabho says you should have called me or Vikram, are you not ashamed to give drugs to her, you are jealous as Vikram went to Meenakshi again, you got your anger on her. Prema asks Babasa to trust her. Bhabho slaps her. She says you treated Misri like enemy, why did you do this. Sooraj says no need to slap her, she should be given to police.

Prema gets worried, as she will get into jail, she has to go for hijack after two days. She says Bhabho, forgive me, I did not wish to do this, I m hurt by all this, but I can’t do this with Misri, even I have a daughter in my womb. She folds hands and says don’t give me to police. Bhabho says if you are pregnant, you would have thought of mum, if anything happened to Misri, Lord would have not forgiven you. She says now Vikram and Meenakshi will decide. She asks Sooraj to call them. Prema thinks she has to leave. Sooraj says no, Vikram did not take the call, I think he is in hospital. Prema starts leaving. Bhabho says Sandhya is coming, and till she does not come, I will not let you go anywhere. Prema is shocked.

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Vikram and Meenakshi are happy after checkup at hospital. He cares for her and she smiles. They see Sandhya’s car. Sandhya meets them and asks how are they together. Meenakshi tells everything. She says Prema will go soon. Vikram says where will she go. Meenakshi says she is not simple. She says the good news, that she is pregnant. Sandhya smiles and says its great news, congrats. She gets the same perfume smell and asks does she use it, Meenakshi says ask him, he has gifted her this perfume and it looks like she had it a lot and it caught on us. Sandhya says I m going home, come along, is Prema at home. Meenakshi says yes. They leave.

Sandhya comes home and asks Bhabho about Prema, was she here when you cooked food. Bhabho says yes, Prema filled the tiffin, I had doubt on her, that she has something hidden in her innocent face, now I m sure. Sandhya asks what do you mean, what did she do. Vikram and Meenakshi are shocked knowing Prema gave drugs to Misri, Vikram says is she mad. Bhabho says Misri is fine now. Vikram asks what did doctor say. Bhabho says no need to worry, she will be fine. Meenakshi says yes, it means she always gave her drugs to make her not cry. Vikram says I will talk to her. Sandhya asks where is she. Bhabho says I have locked her in store room. They all go there and see the window open. Meenakshi says she has run away.

Bhabho says see she is so smart. Sandhya run to check her bags. She gets a box and finds the chemicals. She says it is used to make arms, it means my doubt is right, Prema is RK’s gang member. She informs Lohya to seal all routes of Pushkar and describes Prema. She says she should not go out, she is RK’s gang member, arrest her as soon as you find her. Bhabho hears this. She says is Prema a criminal who stayed in our house. Sandhya says yes, you don’t worry, we kept her here being unaware, even if she is smart, police will catch her. Misri wakes up. Bhabho takes her in her arms and asks is she fine.

She hugs her and says don’t worry, Sandhya will punish Prema soon. Sandhya thinks its good Bhabho did not hear Prema is a terrorist, else she would have been in fear. She takes the chemical packets and thinks she was staying here since many days, I will not leave Prema. Vikram apologizes to Misri for giving her to a stranger. Sooraj says its not your mistake, Misri is fine now. Pushpa gives Rs 50000 to Chavi asking her to deposit in bank. She says shut AC and lights when you leave the room, the bill is coming double. Chavi says sorry, I promise I will do as you say. Pushpa says you promise yourself, as you are buying new house, I think I should talk to Bhabho.

Chavi apologizes to her. Pushpa says deposit money, don’t forget. Dilip comes and asks what happened. Pushpa says nothing, I was explaining Chavi. Pushpa leaves. Chavi hides the money. She asks what was mum saying about money. Chavi says leave it, I did not feel bad. Dilip asks whats the matter of money. She says promise me you won’t tell mum. He asks what. She says mum wants me to ask Bhabho for Rs 50000. He says what, but why. She says maybe she wants for new home. He says no, this can’t happen, I will talk to mum and clear things. She reminds his promise and asks him to go to office, I will talk to her. He says sure. She says yes. He leaves. She says Dilip won’t listen easily, I have to make this drama big to make him trust me, what to do.

Maya tells Disha that Prema will leave before roads get locked. Disha says how will we get the arms. Maya says Prema has kept the arms in suitcase rod, you have to just manage it, don’t make mistake. Disha says yes, I will be careful. Lohya tells Sandhya what Prema’s husband told her. He says he said Prema is a coward type woman and has been bearing his torture since 3 years. Sandhya says it means they have been planning this since 3 years, find her soon.

Bhabho asks Emily to get water. Bhabho asks Sooraj did he talk to Sandhya about Prema. Sooraj says she said they are finding her. Bhabho says she should be caught soon, else don’t know what will she do. Meenakshi comes and asks them to come to her room fast as she has to show something.

Sooraj says he decided he won’t go. Disha tells this to Maya. Maya says I want Sooraj on that plane, he has to die, RK will get this gift from his sister Maya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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