Tumhari Pakhi 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jiji comes and says to veer that i have come to take measurements of yours so that i can gift you dress, pakhi will take measurements veer sys don’t do this, jiji says don’t insult, let pakhi take your measurements for suit, Pakhi goes and hesitatingly touches veer, veer leaves after its done, Jiji comes to pakhi and says you have to do whatever i say otherwise Ayan will be hurt, jiji leaves. Nandini says to Pakhi that we are same, my husband cheated on me and you have don’t posses him, these relations are complicated, pakhi says i know who complicate things, you don’t know me well, i am expert in solving complicated things, she leaves, nandini says she taunted me, nandini says when she will try to solve me then she will be stuck.
Charu comes to pakhi and says jiji should have not blackmailed you on ayan, she doesn’t understand that love cant happen with force, what is wrong is wrong, you are nice, why you are keeping this relation who is hurting everyone, remember i am always with you. she leaves, Ayan comes there and says today is parents teacher meeting, you and veer have to come, inform veer too. Pakhi says i will message veer, veer comes there, he talks to Riya and says kumu wants to take admission in college so make list of good colleges, Riya says ok i will do it.
Pakhi comes in her room and writes on note pad about the meeting in Ayan’s school, she puts note near his breakfast, Veer comes there, he read the note in which pakhi has asked will veer come in meeting? he writes the answer and leaves.

scene 2
jiji comes in veer’s room and finds note there, she takes it from there and leaves. Later pakhi comes in her room and sees the note missing, she looks everywhere when jiji comes and shows her note in which he has written yes to come in school, jiji says when veer takes responsibility, he fulfills it, but you are selfish, if you want to take veer in Ayan’s college then veer have to lift you in his arms as its ritual, i love veer a lot, your son have got second father after difficulty, he wont be able to lose another father, do this ritual, veer comes there and shows pakhi time, Pakhi says to jiji that i don’t accept your conditions, i don’t hide things, i have already told whats in my heart, Veer holds pakhi’s hand tightly and drags her out of house, he says i want to go to school on time, do this kitchen fights later, i don’t have time for all this, Pakhi says leave me, i will come myself, veer says your car is not in house, you will have to come by walking , Pakhi then sits in Veer’s car only. her Saree gets stuck in door, she pulls it and saree tears, Pakhi says to veer that now you are happy? i know everything, you are trying to take advantage of me with help of jiji, veer drives the car faster, pakhi get hurt, veer drives more fastly, pakhi ask what are you doing? she ask him to stop the car, veer finally stops, pakhi ask what is this? veer says i am just fulfilling my responsibilities, when i will finish it, i will leave from here, don’t says this lust thing to me ever, he starts the car again.

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Scene 3
Jiji says thisw pakhi have so much attitude, she take veer as her servant, i have to break her ego, i will make her work which she doesn’t like, Kumu comes there and says today is my interview in college, can i go? jiji says yes go? she ask why your hairs are open, she oils her hairs and says you are going to study, not involve in fashion, don’t make friends there, she makes braid, kumu says can i go now, she leaves.
Pakhi and veer comes back to home, nandini comes to Pakhi and says oh you both together, how did this saree tore? she says can i ask one thing, what was in your fist husband which is not in our brother? pakhi says don’t talk to me like this, Veer comes there, jiji calls veer and says eat something before going. Veer goes to dinning table, Jiji calls pakhi too for lunch. They all sit around dinning table, jiji taunts that you serve kids of others, you have only this in life, veer says i do this with my consent no one force me to do this, jiji thinks that i have to break pakhi’s ego, she stops pakhi from eating in separate plate, jiji says you both will eat in one plate, veer says whats the need for that, jiji says i am just saying you, i don’t say anything to you, i am asking for a small thing, do it, Veer eats from pakhi’s plate, jiji ask pakhi to eat from same plate otherwise you talk to your son, Veer says i am leaving, my hunger went away with your your talks, he leaves, jiji ask pakhi to eat, its wife’s fate to eat husband’s remaining food, pakhi get angry, she goes to kitchen and brings red chili powder, she puts chili powder in her plate and says i should make this food poison as i can gulp down this food but can eat poison, she eats food with a lot of chili powder. all are shocked, jiji stops her, pakhi says i am doing all this for my son and i know what you are trying to do, you can weak me with my son’s name but you cant break me, there is not even little space between Ayan, pakhi and Anshuman that anyone else can come in, veer listens all this too.

PRECAP- Riya says to veer that i will help you in putting lights, Veer says you will lit diya only, i will handle everything. Someone puts on the electric current on as veer is working on lighting of house, he is on ladde pakhi sees that veer is about to get the shock, she pushes veer, she falls on veer

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