Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting ready in the kabaddi team jersey. Avinash says he will smile when he wins over Prakash and his team. Babban says Aditi will announce team captain today. They all smile and go out. Bhabho tells Babasa that all this is done by Lord, but I m a mum and does not have patience. Babasa asks her to have patience. The kids come saying kabaddi. Sandhya smiles and tells Meenakshi that they will also play kabaddi. She gives the good news that Sooraj got selected in the team. Bhabho asks is this true, did he pass. Sandhya says yes, very soon he will play from the Rajputana team side. Bhabho gets glad that Sooraj proved everyone wrong, and they all get happy.

Prem asks Aditi how do they look, its their pride to be here. Aditi says how to tell them. Mahendra says but you have to say. She apologizes to all of them and says there won’t be any kabaddi mahasangram match. They all get shocked. She asks them to go back to their home. Sooraj thinks how to go home empty hand. Ved says he is missing dad a lot. She says he will win and come. She says Meenakshi that Zakir showed Chavi a new way and she is doing catalogue shoot. Chavi says her Bhabhis will be the models. Meenakshi thanks them, and takes a coslt dree.

Emily comes getting ready and Chavi says wow, you look like a bride. Zakir says praise this bachelor groom too and comes wearing Chavi’s design. Sandhya praises Sooraj. Zakir says yes, Sooraj will shine for you, and asks Chavi to tell Sandhya that he is not less than Sooraj, how is he looking. Chavi says he is looking handsome. She asks Zakir who will be his partner, Emily or Sandhya. Misri says no, he will suit you, its perfect match. They smile. Meenakshi says he will look good with me, but this dress is not fit to me. Chavi says she got fat. Meenakshi says I m not fat, I m healthy. She asks Zakir to be with Emily, they will suit. Emily thinks if Mohit sees this, he will create a scene. The photoshoot starts and Chavi asks Zakir to sit beside Emily. Sandhya smiles. Zakir jokes to make Emily smile. Mohit comes and sees them smiling and posing together as husband and wife. Zakir holds her hand. Mohit gets irked.

Sooraj comes to talk to Aditi about her decision. He says we all came from far and she gave them the dream, and now she is asking them to return, they have right to know the reason. He says we proved we are the best, this will be injustice. She says I took the decision so that injustice does not happen with you all, I know you are best, if anyone forces me to compromise, I can’t bear it, I have taken this decision that my self esteem and your hardwork does not get hurt. FB shows Aditi asking Mahendra about the call. He says minister called his son should become part of the team. She says how is this possible. He says its politics, he want to give good message to people that they are linked to soil by this game.

She asks them to refuse to him. He says we can’t refuse, if he gets angry, he will cancel our team. She says this is blackmail. He says we have to agree. She says I won’t agree. She tells Sooraj that she can’t take any new player directly. She asks him to say what she should do. He asks her to agree to the minister, its wrong with them in both ways. He says atleast we can get a chance to play and our hope will be alive.

Aditi announces Sooraj as the team captain and everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice episode. ..Kabbadi player’s selection over.So now “Captain” drama

    But how many episodes will it take for husband selection process

  2. chavi zakir is perfect match?

    1. Director will complete your wish of zakir-chavi becoz …Director made this track to unit zakir-chavi and mohit-emily

  3. nyc track…
    nyc episode…

  4. pyare lal bihari

    badhiya episode raha,chavi jakir ki jodi jamat ba

  5. I wnt emily zakir

  6. Emily have right to happy I prefer Emily and zakir

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