Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya demanding Daadi that she should consider Tanu as a family member and let her sit and dine with them. Daadi says she accepts her demand and asks what else she has to do. Pragya gets nervous and asks if they are okay with her demands. Daasi says yes. Pragya runs out. Daadi and daasi think their plan is working and they should know why Pragya is doing this.

Abhi thinks Pragya brought Tanu home so easily but look unhappy when he hugged and invited her to his room. she may not want to leave, so to provoke her, he he should plan something. He thinks of asking Pragya to take her clothes out from cupboard and let Tanu’s cloth in. Pragya enters room and he clashes with her. She says she wears specs, but he is acting blind. He asks why did she come in. She says it is her room until she is in this house. He says it is Tanu’s room now and she should give her cupboard to Tanu. Their nok jhok starts..

Sarla sees Rachna with Akash and asks what is she doing with her. Rachna says Pragya got them married and even went against Daadi. Sarla says she is very happy seeing her settled and blesses her. Rachna says Pragya is behaving weird now a days and does not leave even a single chance to insult daadi. Sarla asks her to explain clearly. Rachna tells her all the incidents happened. Sarla gets tensed.

Aaliya’s male friend asks her to come out of room, else he will drag her like he did and pushed her into swimming pool the other day. Aaliya gets an idea, asks him to act as raping her to get closer to Purab. Friend says it is very risky and hotel staff may get him arrest. She says she will take care of everything and asks her female friend to call Purab. Friend calls Purab and tells Aaliya misbehaved with their friend and he dragged her into room, so he should come there right now. He asks where is Aaliya’s room. She says it is right opposite to his room and asks to come right now. Purab rushes.

Tanu comes to Pragya’s room and requests her headache pills. Pragya goes to changing room to get it. Abhi enters in and even daadi comes calling Abhi. Tanu hides under Pragya’s veil. Daadi enters and asks Abhi where is Pragya. He says she is hiding under veil like bride. Daadi asks him to open veil. Abhi gets into veil and is shocked to see Tanu. He says she is looking like chudail. Daadi insists, but he hesitate. He sees Pragya coming out of store room and starts chanting mantras to stop Daadi and Daasi notice her. Daasi says if his prayer is finished, he wants to see chudail. Daadi asks her to remove Pragya’s veil. Daasi tries to open veil, but Abhi picks Tanu and says she may get heart attack seeing chudail face and takes her to changing room.

Tanu asks Abhi why did he call her chudail. He asks her to shut up, dorns veil on Pragya, and makes her face like chudail’s with kaajal. Daadi calls him and he says he is coming. Tanu sees Pragya and shouts. Abhi brings Pragya out and says even after washing her face, her face is like chudail. Daadi opens veil and is shocked to see such an ugly pragya. Both she and Daadi shout in fear.

Precap: Tanu says Pragya if she tells Daadi that she was stealing money from begging and is planning to buy property, daadi will kick her out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I have become mad on this serial. Always thinking wat will happen next.
    Oh gosh !plz make it fast unite abhi &pragya and put a full stop for this tanu. If it is going to be like this having such a lengthy and dragging episodes we “abhi and pragya fans ” will lose their interest. So plz seekirama seriala climax kondu vaanga. Waiting for Monday and also waiting for good episodes.

    1. naanu athuktha wait panra

  2. Wer is the update ??

    1. Oops wrong comment …..

  3. what will happen to mitali raj no body doubts her, when she will be caught?

  4. Anamta Sayyed

    Yaar seriously……we are not allowed to see television……humare ghr me TV tk nhi h….but still….I didn’t missed any of this serial’s episode…sbse pehla episode maine apne ek dost kiya dekha tha…..n tb se ab tk….yserial ke written episode padh rhi hu

    1. U r d dumbst person I hv come across

  5. U guys are sick…..what a fal2 episode

  6. Any new updates

  7. what is the truth??? is tanu really expecting ? how abhi and pragya get togther ?when the problems end………….. in their life………………..

    everyone wants to live a beautiful life in which they have some larayian and khusi …………………..which shows the loyality ………………………….

    if they will be together then they may get the true love for their whole life……..

  8. Actually Friday’s episode was little cute when that knok jhok starts between abhi and pragya the way abhi hits pragya back and says I love you was really very very cute.

  9. Any new promo

  10. http://www.serialgossip.com/gossip-1728-a
    Pragya is pregnant – New serial gossip.

    1. This is the latest update Priya

      1. Really she is pregnant ah semma Waiting for tat episode 😀

  11. Wat is this? Anyone can guess the story line. OMG! I am really puzzled. Any updates plz share friends

  12. i think so this should be the plan of abhi (or) pragya to know whether tanu is really pregnant with abhi’s child .this is my thought

    1. May b it’s rit

  13. Even I am also thinking like that only. I think they will keep many suspense and damn sure that we have to wait for one more month. I think mostly by July first week only they come to a conclusion. Don’t separate abhi and pragya plz unite them fast waiting for some lovely episodes.

    1. yeah you are right and please don’t separate the couples , join them as soon as possible and show the true face of alia to abhi and abhi should give her a severe punishment when he comes to know about her and i am waiting for that day.

  14. Really pragya is pregnant ah. No she can’t but y pragya doing all this. Pragya only did sumthing to change her report. To help tanu ah or to throw tanu out ah. Iyo I m going to b mad. Anyone knows what is behind tat. Always thinking abt this only so sad

    1. same here . always thinking of this serial . rhomba illukuraanga pa mudiyala the episodes are really very very slow ….. dragging…. plz make it fast . to much of suspense too much of twists but one thing i want pragya to find out the truth . kathi stylela sollanumna “I AM WAITING…..”

      1. Me too Divya…. One month aakiduvangala ena…..

      2. i think like that only bcoz think of that kidnapping episode that itself took nearly one month . so then wat abt this . avanga eppadiyaavathu drag paniduraanga namma enna panrathu wait panratha thavira vera vazhiyae illa .

      3. U r rit Divya but already nearly 2 weeks they showing this. Apo inum weeks thana unmai theriyum.iyo iyo

  15. LOL just 2 funny (stupid way ofcoursez) Pragya is wanting to see Tanu an Abhi 2gether but she burn ther photos, plzzzzZ, so stupid an dat Tanu is a total nut case as I had predicated tat Abhi will need a DNA test not pregz test!!!!!!!! She is so crazy to bag Abhi tat she had to sleep wit anotha man !!!!!!!!!! What shame , this woman (Tanu)) is actually not even interestd in ABhi , its all about MONEY, status!!!!!!!!, n this Pragya can’t see that this woman is a greedy Devil (((SHAITAAN)))). Ill hav to watch till next month an sEe if ther is an interestin twist but will continue to chekout the craziness, can’t help it u knw. ‘Stupid’ written on my forehead’ LOL

  16. yah sa agree with u totally

  17. ennamma neengalu ippadi panreengala ma suspense mudichuvidunga ma

  18. Vry boring episode

  19. Very very boring!!!!this serial is becoming mokkkaaa!!!!

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