Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th March 2013 Written Update

Bhabho was grinding haldi(turmeric) with stone n other ladies also dng thr wrk, maa came n observe them, one of them was working slowly, maa saa ask another to massage her legs n she sat thr, after a moment she throws sumthing on the one who was wrking slowly n shouts to wrk fast.

Meanwhile chavi was trying to get signal n was disturbed as she hvnt talked with dilip, bhabho dnt like it, she want her to stop before maa sa noticed but before she stop her maa saw her playing with ph. She called her n in her louder voice ask her to put the phone aside n help bhabho in grinding haldi, but she refused saying that her hands get yellow with haldi n looks dirty, as massa hear it she gets angry, stands n shouts joining her hands saying ‘Jai ho thari kabeele me’, n touches her feet n then scolds her n ask to help bhabho, bhabho was also scared, chavi brings sill batta n starts grinding it.

Emily Came n ask maasa that she also want to help, masa makes fun of it n ask her to bring a ladder n catch birds n free them after catching, all smiles, she continues saying that she’s a guest n thy wont tk help from guests n ask her to sit n enjoy, but she says that she dnt like sitting like this, she really needs sum wrk, before maasa say anything she starts sneezing, which worried all, one ask to bring tea, another kadha, bhabho ask to bring adrakh’s (Ginger’s) kadha but she stops all, meanwhile emiley goes closer to chavi n says that in cold brandy is the best medicine, bhabho dnt understand wat she says but chavi did, she got scared n shocked n ask to stop, but emiley continues n says that whenever she fell ill her mother gave brandy in hot water.

Massa hear them murmuring, she ask them abt it, chavi lies that she was asking abt village but masa says that she’s very intelligent, her ears are very sharp which can hear longer distance sounds also , she heard she was talking abt Brandy, it shocked chavi, maasa inquires abt it, her beendnies says it might be sum sort of kadha in cities, thy’ll take the receipe later, chavi n emiley dnt hv any answer n at the same moment, sandy came n maasa ask abt BRANDY, it gave a big shock to sandy, she dnt hv any answer, before she explain anything maasa says that she’s very intelligent she knows its sum sort of medicine but now she want tulsi n ask one of her beendni (DIL) to make tea with tulsi leaves.

Maasa then ask sandy to inform men’s side that the ritual time is around 10, sandy was leaving n maasa stops her n goes closer n says that she’s sending her to meet suraj, he might be getting desperate to meet her, thy r just like TOTA-MAINA who cant live apart, sandy shy, bhabho was trying to hear it but its of no use, masa remove sare from sandy’s head n ask her to go, bhabho dnt like thr closeness.

Other side, Men were brushing thr teeth, as suraj came vyas exchange the toothpowder, as surj starts cleaning teeth, his head starts getting heavy, he was not feeling gud, n thy were njoying it, dadusa came n check the powder n ask suraj to clean the mouth asap, its not normal toothpowder its tobacco mixed toothpowder which is not gud for him, he scolds them saying that suraj has never taken such things before, thy shud think before doing anything like this, n took suraj from thr. Suraj was feeling dizziness, he was trying to control but its not working, he was having water again n again, he saw sandy coming towards him n then its not one but 2 sandy coming towards him, he thought its just a beautiful imaination on him, he was thinking abt her thats y seeing her, as she came closer, she dnt understand wats wrng with him, y is he smiling looking at her, he try to touch thinking its imagination, than sandy holds his hand n says that she’s in real he’s not imaging her, n ask her if he has taken any sedative or alcoholic, suraj swears that he never taken such things, it was vyas who gave him tobacco toothpowder, its only sideeffects, he was not able to stand properly so sandy takes him inside to take rest.

Maasa’s room, she was looking for an apt dress for haldi function n heard sound of bells from temple, she shouts to put bhog to thakurji(Prasad to Lord krishna), emily hear this n thought its a good opportunity to impress maasa, she goes n ask if she can do this, masa denies but she insist a lot so masa agrees n she leaves to kitchen. She took a plate n put sum dish(cooked vegetables) in it but it was looking empty so she put sum salad with it.

Sandy came to maasa n told that she has conveyed her message to other side, masa ask her abt emily, that y is she so much interested in thr wrk n family, she dnt like any outsider interfare like this but she’s her frnd so she allowed her to put bhog when she insisted, as sandy hear it she got shock.

Precap: Emily goes to men’s side n gave the bhog plate to thakurji(men not god ), sandy n maasa were shocked.

Update Credit to:Amor

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