Chanchan 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 28th March 2013 Written Update

Umaben tells everyone to go after having dinner.

On the other side, Himanshu and Manav return to wedding venue. They see a dog and Himanshu pulls Manav’s leg saying a dog usually pee where another has peed. They then go inside and don’t see anyone there. Umaben is mad and tells them she was waiting for Manav since so long. They leave now.

Outside, Umaben is annoyed with Himanshu and tells him to go on his own and asks Manav to sit down in her car. Manav then gives his car keys to Himanshu and tells him they will meet later.

In the car, Umaben is still angry and upset. Whereas Manav is laughing. He says he cannot believe the wedding broke. Umaben says girls father didn’t care about her happiness, but only cared about saving his money. Manav is still laughing. Umaben gets angry and asks drive to stop the car. She gets out the car. Manav now gets serious for a moment and asks how did this happen. Umaben says that she went on innocent face of girl’s father.. but in end “small” people are small. She says, I didn’t find enough information about the girl.. but for your rishta.. I will make sure I found out every detail about the girl.

Purvi and her dad are at Chanchan place. Uncle is sad. Chanchan’s mum says whatever happens.. happens for good. And Purvi will find a nice guy. After their conversation, Chanchan asks uncle if Purvi can stay there for few days. Uncle says whatever Purvi wants. Purvi decides to stay at Chanchan’s place. Uncle leaves.

Umaben comes to her house and calls out her 3 bahus. All get worried knowing she is angry. Umaben then gives them a 100 gram’s silver chip. All bahus get surprised. One of the bahus asks if Purvi’s dad gave that because of Purvi’s marriage. Umaben gets angry and says, small people don’t get such good thoughts. And it’s good that we found out their real face on right time.

Bahus ask what happened.. if they said no for the marriage.

Umaben says that it was her who said no for that rishta because small people have small thoughts and by doing rishta with them it is like a slap on their status.

She now praises her 3 bahus and says I am giving you this silver chip because today you made me realize how good my choice is. My bahus are so understanding and always listen to me. People are right when they say, bahus should be like Umaben’s bahus and saas should be like Umaben. She asks bahus to write down that she gave silver chips today and with that write down a reason too so she always remembers her lesson from this. She says, I always knew what kind of daughter-in-law to bring for Manav.. but today I learned what kind of daughter-in-law NOT to bring.

Manav hears and asks then what they are talking about him.

One of the bahus says about his wedding. He asks with whom?

On the other hand, Chanchan says to her friends.. “with me”. He (manav) was messing with me, but Puchpuch gave him a nice lesson. She then tells Purvi how other other friend was all crazy behind Manav’s friend. Her friend says, he was so cute and tells Chanchan.. yours wasn’t bad either. Chanchan asks mine? He is an idiot.. He is not my type.. he has an allergy with dogs. Mine will love dogs and says a shayari.. “Mere wale ko hoga kutte se pyaar.. tabhi to hoga Chanchan ka dil bekaraar”.

Next day, Chanchan, her mum, and one of her friends are in a garden. Chanchan’s friend is telling aunty how good is her tea and Chanchan’s dead comes from jogging.

They all ask Chanchan where is Purvi. Chanchan says she is sleeping. She didn’t sleep properly in night and I saw her crying. Her mum says, it’s understandable.. so much happened and she must have shattered. However, everything will be fine as time passes by.

Chanchan’s father then says that he brought gujarati snacks and they are laughing. Purvi comes and all get quiet. Purvi asks, why did you stop laughing? You don’t have to take too much tension.. I am fine. Chanchan hugs Purvi. Chancha’s mum says she will make breakfast for everyone. Chanchan’s dad and Chanchan’s friend go with her.

Purvi and Chanchan alone now.

Chanchan again asks Purvi if she is fine. Purvi says, I am fine, but I am worrying about dad as he is alone there.

chanchan now gets a call from Purvi’s father who asks her about Purvi. He asks why she is not picking up the phone. everything is alright? Purvi now talks with him and says her phone is in the room and she is in garden. Uncle then tells her that he is going to meet Umaben. Purvi says, but she is so angry.. and asks him if he wants her to go with him. Uncle says, no.. you stay there. I know she will be angry but I will manage. If she scolds, then I will take it.. in end I worked for 35 years for her and she has rights to scold me. He tells her not to worry and he will call her later.

Chanchan remembers Umaben telling her that she will never forget her. She prays that Umaben forgives uncle and no problem comes in Purvi and her dad’s lives.

Episode ends.

Next episode on Monday: Chanchan gets shocked and asks Purvi what? She fired him from his job? Purvi says, not only that.. we don’t have any place to live anymore.
Chanchan decides to go to Umaben and talk with her. She is hoping that Umaben will listen to her.

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