Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking everyone to watch the video film. They say we are in hurry, we have to go. She says we have the keys, till you see this, I will not let you go, else go without the vehicles. They asks whats this, how can police force them to watch the film. They start watching the video film and get bored. They give them popcorns. They feel they also lied like this, but what to do, they can’t follow every rule. They are shown some accidents. The man says our time is getting waste. She says 30mins. The guys say we are going. Sandhya says no, you can’t go out till you watch this film. The man says whats this, you can’t force public. They ask her to take challan and let them go.

She says rule breaking is very easy but to follow it is tough. She says challan is not equal to your life, if you meet any accident, will you not regret, can that challan give back your life. She asks them to value their life, as they are very important for their families. She says accidents can be prevented by following traffic rules, so we have started to make the films, so that you can see it and understand, she says we won’t take challans, but your time. She says you will have to spend time here, as you break traffic rules to save time to be in hurry and reach somewhere.

She asks them to decide what they want to do now, spend time here or with family. The men really start thinking. She asks them to continue watching the film. They understand how accidents happen when one breaks the signal in high speed and other side vehicle coming and hitting them. She thanks them for giving their valuable time. They leave. Laxman talks to Vikram and praises his bike. Meenakshi smiles happily Laxman cleans the bike and says what a body, great. Vikram gets glad.

Everyone asks about Sooraj whats the result of the film. Vikram says we did this for people’s good, so it will really affect them. Sooraj says don’t know whats going on there. Vikram says if Sandhya succeeds then you should take all of us to have kulfi. Sooraj agrees. Meenakshi says then take much money. Emily says yes, Meenakshi is a good actress. Meenakshi says I understand what you want to say. I know whats going on in your heart, if you think you will take gold chain by praising me, I will not share you. Bhabho scolds her.

Sandhya comes home and says we will see till tomorrow how our try is affecting people. Bhabho prays for her and says its 6th day tomorrow, don’t worry. She says come, lets go and make food. Vikram gets a letter that I know all your secrets, you are a big thief. He says what, who wrote this. Meenakshi comes and shows her bangles. He asks why are you wearing gold bangles. She says I m wearing in room. H/e says if Bhabho knows this, I think she did. She says how did she know. She removes the bangles and asks him to hide it.

Meenakshi says its not his mistake, I like gold. Bhabho says I know you are mad about gold, but think about house work, you did not close store room door, cat went in. Meenakshi and Vikram are relieved.

Meenakshi comes back to Vikram and romances asking did he write this letter. She reads it. He says don’t do this drama, he gets annoyed ad leaves. Meenakshi says what was he saying, if he did not write me a letter then who wrote it. Its morning, the same traffic rules follow. The man is asked to see the video, and not pay challan. He apologizes and says I will not do this again. Kavita leaves for conference. The driver stops the car and says signal. Kavita sats break the signal, I m getting late. The traffic inspector stops the car.

They ask them to come with them. The driver says my madam is in hurry. Kavita says take the fine and let us go, I know this film thing, I don’t have time. Some people praise Sandhya as they are trying for their lives. Sandhya thinks its good when people understand this by heart, not to save their time here. Kavita meets Sandhya and starts taunting her for this new drama. Sandhya gives her a good reply and says we treat everyone the same, even the VIPs. Kavita says I will explain you this very well.

Bhabho comes to meet Sandhya and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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