Balika Vadhu 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Judge informing Vivek that only min is left and after that we won’t wait for anyone. Everyone wait for witness to come. Anandi comes to the court with Narendra’s friend Anil Manchanda. Rasika gets shocked seeing him. Anil looks at Rasika. Anandi nods him to come inside. Vivek tells the court that his next witness is Narendra’s childhood friend Anil Manchanda who came from Dubai. Rasika’s lawyer says, what might be his association with this case.

Vivek says, Narendra told the shocking truth to Anil before his death and he will tell us what it was now. Anil goes to the witness box and takes an oath to tell the truth. Anil tells the judge that he got Narendra’s call in that evening. Narendra tells Anil that he was wrong. He was mad in love with Rasika, but he was wrong. Anil tells that Narendra saw Rasika and her ex boss in his bedroom and was shocked. He came to know about her illegimate relations from long.

Narendra’s parents look at Rasika. Vivek gives the phone record to the court proving that Narendra call Anil before his death. Anil says, Narendra apologizes to him as he didn’t believe him when he said Rasika tried to get close to him too. He said that Rasika is a characterless women. Rasika sheds some fake tears. Anil says, he was ashamed to blame Shiv. I made him understand to apologize to Shiv. He says, Narendra went to meet Shiv to apologize to him. He says, Rasika is lying. He says, my friend was given scary death. I insist the court to give rigorous punishment to the guilty.

Vivek asks him to sit and calls his next witness, Narendra’s mother Sushmaji. Sushmaji goes to the witness box. Vivek tells her that you just now heard Anil’s words. He asks, do you think Narendra can commit suicide? He says, Narendra might have burnt himself and entered Shiv’s office. Can this happen? Sushma shouts no and says her son was afraid of fire and match stick since his childhood. He can’t do this. She breakdown and cries.

Vivek tells the court that Narendra had arcinophobic, then how can he burnt himself. Vivek calls Brijesh’s driver. Driver tells that he had taken off that day and when he turned up next day, Brijesh asks him to clean the car as it had kerosene oil smell.

Vivek calls Brijesh to the witness box. He asks, why you brought kerosene? Brijesh says, I brought it for home. I use it to clean my motor. Vivek says, I understand, but why you paid 1000 Rs for 5 litres of kerosene. Brijesh gets shocked.

Vivek calls Dinesh, who runs a tea stall and sold the kerosene to Brijesh. Dinesh tells the court that he brought kerosene from his shop and paid 1000 Rs. Vivek asks him, how you killed Narendra. Did someone helped you? Rasika’s lawyer interrupts. Vivek says, you thought to kill Narendra to hide the truth and says we have collector’s office CCTV camera footage. Brijesh gets shocked and tensed. Vivek asks him to tell the truth. Brijesh says, I just gave my car to Rasika. I didn’t know what she did.

Rasika gets up and says he was with me at my house when we attacked Narendra. Everyone is shocked. Rasika realizes that she accepted her crime. Brijesh says, she is mad, and lying. Rasika goes to him and says it was your idea to make Shiv guilty. Rasika and Brijesh hold each other’s neck. Vivek asks Rasika to tell the truth in detailed. She goes to the witness box and says she tried to get close to Shiv, but he rejected her. Flashback is shown. She says, I accused him of molestation.

Narendra called the media and I told them that Shiv molested me. One day Narendra heard my conversation with Brijesh. Narendra wasn’t ready to listen to us. We had to somehow stop him and that’s why we killed him. Flashback is shown, how they burnt him. Vivek tells the court that he don’t want to call anyone. He says, I will file defamation case against Rasika as she accused innocent man.

Judge says, after hearing all the witness and Rasika’s acceptance of her crime, this court is freeing Shiv with respect and orders the police to arrest Brijesh and Rasika and file the fresh case. Shiv hugs his mom. Narendra’s parents leave. Ira says, I knew my son would be proved innocent.

Anandi talks to Dadisaa and tells her about Subhadra’s leg pain and says she is coming to Jaitsar for treatment. Dadisaa tells Gehna that Shiv’s bua is coming and asks Makhan Singh to clean the room. Dadisaa splashes water on Subhadra by mistake. Subhadra gets angry and introduces herself as Shiv’s bua.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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