Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th March 2013 Written Update

Maasa compliments Sandhya for taking good care of Suraj. She then goes to Bhabhasa and wonders why he has lost weight and also looks very tired. Bhabhasa agrees with her. Maasa taunts Bhabho for not feeding Bhabhasa well along with trademark poking. She asks why she is wearing such a big ghoonghat when she has allowed her beendanis from wearing it last time on Sandhya’s suggestion. She lifts Bhabho’s ghoonghat and asks her to press her leg. Bhabho does and gets taunted and then does again. Emily watches Bhabho pressing Maasa’s legs and thinks of impressing Maasa. Maasa looks at Chavvi and asks why she does not visit village often. Chavvi says she is studying and has no time. Maasa says she knows how well she studies and knows that she does not like village so she does not come. To escape from Maasa, Chavvi reminds her about Mohit and drags him to the front. Maasa appreciates him and tells she will find the best girl from their community for him. All the Rathis does not feel good. Maasa then introduces the thakur as the sarpanch and her brother and last time during the wedding, he had gone to Jaipur. Sandhya and Thakur have some talks regarding the street performers and Maasa’s husband diverts them that they are getting late. All get into respective carts. Maasa asks Sandhya to come in her cart. Sandhya excuses and goes to call Emily. Maasa asks about her and all are shocked and Sandhya says she is her friend. Emily presses Maasa’s legs who stops her saying it is only done by her beendanis and she is not a beendani but guest.

Meena sleeping on the cot in the hall and Sudha is massaging her fingers. Meena appreciates her for coming. Sudha tells she came because Chavvi was not there, otherwise she would not. Daisa knocks the door and Meena hides the apple and welcomes her. Daisa asks for chapathi board and rolling pin. Her daughter-in-law wished to eat some type of pappad and she is going to prepare them. Meena’s mouth waters listening to it. She asks Sudha to bring them for Daisa. Daisa thinks of teasing Meena. She says she will also give some to Meena. Meena is happy and asks Daisa to sit and have apple. Daisa says she is busy and takes the board and rolling pin from Sudha. She again says now that Meena’s mother and sister are there, they would take good care of Meena, even better than Bhabho and so she need not give any pappads for Meena. Meena is broken at Daisa’s words and asks Sudha to prepare some for her. Sudha gives excuses and goes to sleep. Seems like Meena’s mother is also sleeping. Meena is thinking of how to get some pappads. Chathuri comes down with the clothes and one of the kurta is dirty. She ask Chathuri how it happened and Chathuri says the kurta flew to Daisa’s chchath by wind. Meena plans to go to Daisa’s chchath and take some pappads.

All have reached Maasa’s house. Bhabho is standing. Sandhya is sitting with Maasa who calls her daughter-in-law by her usual phrase “daakan ke saasre me janmi kulachchan” to bring some snacks. Emily asks Chavvi about why is Maasa calling “daakan” and Chavvi explains the meaning of it. Emily is shocked and Chavvi says it is the speaking style of Maasa but she really does not mean that. Maasa offers snacks to Sandhya. She then takes mirror and taunts her daughter-in-law to give lipstick. After applying lipstick, she asks Sandhya and Sandhya compliments she is looking good. Maasa notices Mohit is sad and calls him and asks him to tell. He says he is alright but Maasa tells she knows her grandson and even if he does not tell her, she will find out about it.

Meena is on the chchath watching Daisa drying the pappads. She waits until Daisa is gone and goes there and takes some pappads. She tastes one and finds it delicious. She then thinks Daisa would not find who took the pappads and takes all the pappads from there. While leaving, her toe ring sticks to the cloth and she does not notice it.

Suraj gives laddoo boxes to Maasa and Thakur. They praise and enjoy eating them. Thakur’s son comes there and takes laddoos. Chotu and he leave for playing. Maasa asks everyone to get refreshed. Thakur asks all the gents to go on one side and the ladies on the other side as per ritual during weddings. SurYa look at each other and Maasa observes it and asks them to take their respective bags and not to get into trouble as last time and laughs.

Precap: Maasa is coughing heavily. Emily says to Chavvi that it is good to have some brandy in hot water. Maasa overhears and asks what is brandy. Nobody answers and she asks Sandhya what is brandy.

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