Rab Se Sona Ishq 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 27th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sahiba putting ring in Daljeet’s finger.When she’s about to put ring in Daljeet’s finger,Ranveer reaches there and calls out her name slowly,nd Sahiba realises that if Raveer is calling her,and she stops suddenly,everybody asks her to hurry up,and then Daljeet asks Sahiba that what has happened,y has she stopped suddenly,then Sahiba tells her,that she felt lyk Ranveer called out her name,after the conversation,she’s again about to put the ring in his finger,Ranveer comes near to them and again calls out her name loudly and then falls down,then everybody notices him,and Sahiba and Ranveer’s family rushes to him quickly.Ranveer gets unconcious in Sahiba’s laps,and then Daljeet comes running and check Ranveer’s heartbeat,and advices his family to take Ranveer to the hospital as soon as possible,and then Sahiba says that dun take him to the hospital,call the doctor here only,as she dun want him to get away from her eyes,and Daljeet notices Sahiba ,then Daljeet goes back to his family sadly,and they’re about to leave but then only Sahiba comes to him and hands over the ring which he has mut in her finger,and then she again rushes back to Ranveer,and Daljeet and his family leaves.And then Daljeet goes out and he’s really in deep shock and he asks the almighty(god) that y he always keeps on doing this thing to him only,y he always takes Sahiba away from him,he cries and said that he can’t live without her and says that he dun believe in the God anymore.After one week is passed…Sahiba and Ranveer’s mother are talking to each other that how Sahiba is taking care of Ranveer since he came back.Then Ranveer is sleeping in his bedroom and sees Sahiba in trouble in his dreams,he sees that Sahiba is in bathroom which is filled with water and she’s shouting for help,he sees Sahiba dyeing in her laps,and he also sees a lady(Sahiba’s friend) who comes and says that Sahiba is no more,then he comes downstairs calling out Sahiba’s name,and asks everyone that where is Sahiba,everybody says that Sahiba is ok and she ‘s in the kitchen,then Sahiba comes out of the kitchen and says that I’m ok Ranveer,in the mean-time Daljeet comes and asks Sahiba that tomorrow u have an appointment for medical check-up,and Sahiba says that if Ranveer wud be well,then we’ll be goin otherwise they’ll be goin on some other day,then Ranveer comes to Daljeet and thanks him for taking care of his family in his absence,in the mean time the lady which Ranveer saw in his dream comes and asks that if its Karnel Singh’s house,and after realising that he saw that lady in his dream,he stops her to come inside the house,and starts shouting,and then the lady goes back after Ranveer says that get her out of this home,then Sahiba’s mother asks her father to keep his Kirpan so that bad dreams can be stopped,then Manmeet goes inside,and Daljeet comes to him and says that Ranveer is not a gud person as he can do anything for money,and he also left Sahba to go to london,and that now he has become mental,and he’s a threat to Sahiba.

Precap:-Ranveer realises that he saw Sahiba drowning in his dream,and then calls at home and asks that where is Sahiba,and is she ok,and his father replies that she’s taking bath,and then Ranveer rushes to help Sahiba,and other side Sahiba is drowning in water.

Update Credit to: Alia.tamanna

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