Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th June 2013 Written Update

Suraj tells that he has got one important thing to share & he adds that he has bought guarantee. Bhabo forces out his hand from her hand. Bhabo asks him where is that & adds that she finds his hand empty. Suraj moves on near the matka… Everyone watches him closely… On seeing the matka he remembers his words to sandy that they will not allow this matka to break before her b’day in the pond side. He picks up the matka left over. He gives it to bhabo & tells that it is his guarantee. Everyone gets shocked.

Suraj tells that this is the third matka of sandy & it is his guarantee. Bhabo & sandy remain speechless for a moment

Shooting spot:
Vikram talks with kanha saying that what has his mom done to him. Meena tells him to prepare for flying over flight.. The assistant come sin. Meena asks him whether he will teach kanha but stops & corrects radha. Kanha passes susu(urine) on the assistant. He asks meena abt diaper. Meena tells that she will do it now. But the assistant denies saying that it is her duty. Meena gets scared.

Bhabo asks how can he give this matka as guarantee as this is the chance for sandy to carry on with her dream. Suraj tells that he knows that & adds that it has a high value for him too & there is nothing valuable than this to give as guarantee. Bhabo says its ok & adds that she will take it as guarantee & asks him to understand the fact that if sandy fails in the competition she herself will break the dream of sandy. Suraj gives a confident look whereas sandy is worried.

The assistant tautns meena for lying but meena tells that she got a boy baby instead of a girl baby that too at a low cost. The assistant taunts her again saying that there is no diff btw a girl & boy. Another assistant comes & tells that they have got another girl baby. Meena tells that it must be a so so girl baby. The assistant tells that the baby is cute. Vikram taunts meena for making mockery in front of everyone. Meena blames bhabo for all these & her buri nazar.

Suraj tells that he knows that it is the last chance & he adds that he has full faith on her. Babasa seconds him telling that faith & belef in one can achieve great things & adds that in singapore competition even suraj didn’t have faith on himself & everyone were mocking him. But it was only sandy who had faith in him & he achieved great heights with that. He adds that hubby wife faith has lot more meaning & now suraj hasfaith in his wife & says that he is sure sandy will win.

Shooting spot.

The actress act with the baby. Vikram dentifies her to be Dhaisa’s grandduaghter. The actress tell that she is very happy & feel that her life is fulfilled with her baby. No matter whether it is a baby girl or boy. She adds that when will the difference btw girl & a boy vanish.. She adds that only a girl can take forward the generations & boy can fill in the family. Vikram wishes that god had given them a girl baby like this. MEena is shocked.

The director praises Dhaisa abt her granddaughter & everyone take photo graphs with her. Meena tells in mind that dhaisa is enjoying all these in free. Someone tells that the baby will become a great artist one day. Vikram asks meena to take a photo with that baby but meena refuses.

Bhabo tells that if everyone has faith in sandy then she has no objection to this. She asks suraj to bring tv & subscribe to magazines too as he wish. Suraj nods. Bhabo keeps the matka back in place.

Suraj looks at bhabasa . Bhabasa nods him in such a manner to give confidence to him. sura nods back

Suraj tells sandy that (happily) bhabo has given permission for tv & adds that now she can achieve her dream. He leaves for shop saying thus. Sandy wipes off her tears. Bhabasa feels happy. Emily tells sandy that she is fortunate to have a hubby like suraj who cares & loves her so much. Mohit calls meily upstairs. Bhabo stops him telling that she has some impp thing to discuss. Bhabo sends sandy in. Mohit asks what is the matter. Bhabo tells that she is not going to ask any guarantee from him & not to get scared. Bhabo adds that she is the head & they have some rules & can’t break it for him. She adds that acc to RP rule they keep all the jewels & money at one place & no diff btw the same. Emily tells that she will get that now. Bhabo also asks her to bring the money which she got as gift during the wedding. Saying this bhabo leaves.. Mohit & emily stare at each other

Precap: Sandy asks suraj what if she fails to stand up to his expectation as he has given guarantee to bhabo that she would win the competition. Suraj looks at her

Update Credit to: Shobhana_Dabh

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