Pavitra Rishta 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th June 2013 Written Update

DK receives a call from manav, regarding the divorce.. manav tells him, ovi is adamant on her decision, and that he wants to meet him.. DK says he’l meet them home and that arjun is also there.. manav then tells archu he cant accompany her, coz arjun will be there n he wont be able to control his anger, he tells archu to meet them n try n stop the divorce.
as archu leaves, purvi tells her, to talk to arjun n convince him against the divorce, she says ovi loves arjun n lot n is not thinking straight now.. archu assures her, whatever decision is taken it’l be for the good..

sulo ayee n varsha are walking in d market n some ladies comment on varsha, sulo goes up to them n says, varsha was the one who gave tuitions their kids n now they are talking abt her n her past.. she warns them that she is always with her daughter n will help her.. sulo then tells varsha, she should not let ppl dictate her life n take her own decisions n be strong..

teju is playing with pari.. she n purvi have a chat abt ovi’s divorce.. teju says ovi is a fool, she is taking a wrong step, purvi says, ovi tried hard to make the marriage work but in the end just gave up.. but says ayee will fix everthing.. soham also joins them n says surely archu will find a solution to the prob.. teju says ovi needs to come back n have a good discussion with arjun..

arjun is home n recalls what DK n purvi had told him.. he looks at the papers n wonders what to do.. archu comes there, she then questions him, why he didn’t tell them abt this.. so he says he wanted to talk to ovi, convince her first n then tell them.. archu says ovi never found any love in the relationship, it was just a compromise, even the child was not fruit of their love but again just compromise, she goes on to say, how was ovi to react when she got to knw abt pari,
arjun is speechless, he doesn’t knw what to say, archu then says she knows very well that he only loves purvi, n purvi him.. she says purvi is a emotional girl she took a wrong decision n got ovi n him married, but she says, arjun should have made the right choice then n not married ovi.. arju says he will go to canda n make everything right.. archu says if he wants to set thingd right, he has to sign the papers, arjun is abt to tear the papers, but archu cries n begs him to sign them n free ovi from the wedding.

arjun says if ovi has given up n sent the papers, he has not, it his decision to not sign them.. she then sees ashana’s photo n tells him, that ashana had told her to treat arjun n as her son.. archu tells him, she is begging him to sign the papers n just let ovi go.. the right thing to do, is not to go n convince ovi to fix the relationship but instead, set her free.. both look at ashana’s photo.. arjun then finally signs the papers…

a very sad, defeated archu comes home with the divorce papers.. purvi looks at her n asks what is wrong.. she questions her if arjun agreed.. archu says today she had to this for the happiness of her child, n that she got the signatures from arjun.. purvi is shocked n asks her, she was supposed to talk arjun out of it.. archu says, she wanted ovi’s happiness n this is the only way.. purvi tells her, ovi now will truly think that arjun wanted the divorce.. archu cries n says this had to be done..

PRECAP: onir n shalini are in a temple, in wedding attire, and a photographer is clicking their pics..(looks like they are getting fake proof of their wedding) arjun n purvi are outside the temple.. purvi looks at the couple getting married( she cant see them coz they are backing her)

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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