Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Disha coming to RK and slapping him. Disha says she always wanted to slap RK. She would have come to jail and beat him. She says she is waiting to kill him. She says he has killed her family in bomb blast. Sandhya asks her to stay far. Disha says you all are giving him security who has killed thousands of people. She says he should be given to public, we will disappear him. RK looks at her. Zakir takes RK and goes to the car. Disha looks at Sandhya and leaves. Disha and RK look at each other and smile. Zakir asks RK to sit inside. Disha throws her fake tears and smiles.Sandhya tells Sooraj that Rajkumar has to be hanged in Pushkar. Sooraj is shocked.

She asks you here. He says we came here to have food, she is Disha Madam, my coordinator. She leaves with Zakir and staff taking Rajkumar. Sooraj comes to Disha. Disha acts like crying and says please come, lets go. They leave. Emily tells Mohit that she got big orders and many customers. Mohit is glad. She asks Mohit to find out the website, which is that site which the customer told me. He checks it and they see the website. Emily likes it. Its named after her shop.

She says its really good, but who made it. She reads that he made it. Mohit smiles. He says your work ended because of me, I was guilty and feeling to do something, so I made this. She thanks him and says this is best Teej gift. Mohit says he wants to give a special gift to Sooraj and Sandhya on their wedding anniversary. Emily is happy and says I love you Mohit. He says I love you too. Rajkumar is brought to Pushkar jail. He thanks Sandhya for bringing him back to Pushkar.

Zakir looksa t him and asks him to come. The senior officer says he did all paper work. Rajkumar looks outside and sees other prisoners. He smiles. They take his fingerprints and palm impressions. He is taken for physical test. Rajkumar says my all tests are done, you can ask them. He asks Sandhya to tell Sir that he is fit and they are wasting time. Zakir says we have lots of time, you don’t worry about out time.

Rajkumar is taken to the cell. Sandhya asks the jailer to help them and have full security. He says don’t worry, we have CCTV cameras everywhere. Disha likes Sooraj’s sweets. He says he will drop her to her hotel. She says its still time for her checkin, she will see his shop and they have to start the work here. Sooraj goes to meet a man. Disha looks at his shop. She thinksa bout Rajkumar keeping bomb in the bag being in this shop.

She thinks how Sooraj and Sandhya caught her and says she will not leave them. She gets angry seeing Soorauj’s pic there. She takes his pics and acts friendly. She says its really nice shop. She thinks its still the same, lets see their house now. Sandhya says there should not be any mistake, we need your full support in next 15 days and we want his every min detail. Zakir says yes Sir, like she said, we want to know everything, as he is our responsibility, for next 15 days, anyone of us will come and check security, we have to get this criminal punished.

Sandhya says security should be tight that he can’t even dream to run. The jailer says we have special security like laser doors, he can’t run. Sandhya says its good to know, but we are taught in our training that w have to be alert. Zakir asks Rk to be here as a guest. RK smiles. All the prisoners talk about RK having much security. RK is taken away. Disha comes to Rathi house and smiles. She sees everyone there doing some work and thinks nothing changed here. But now everything will change here.

Disha takes everyone’s pics. Sooraj comes and says Disha ji. She gets tensed as he asks how do you know this is my home.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Who is this Disha n how does she know about rathi family ????

  2. Disha is raj kumar thr terrorist sister..she is here to take revenge…and i think prema is also included

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