Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajkumar saying he has to go to loo. Zakir says he will stop the car. Rajkumar agrees. Sandhya says we can’t stop midway. Zakir says we have to hear him. The driver says there is no Dhaba here. Zakir sees a Dhaba. The driver says it was not here before, maybe its new. Sandhya says fine, stop there. Vikram stops Prema where will she go in this state. She says I m educated and I can take care of me and my daughter. I will work somewhere. She leaves. Vikram looks on. Sooraj tells Disha that they got the Dhaba and stop here.

Disha and Sooraj sit to have food and see the menu list. She says her orders and says lets taste everything. She acts innocent. Sooraj is worried thinking how will she eat everything. She says we will team up well. He says he will give the order and asks her to sit. Meenakshi gives money to Vikram and says she got much money today, she can’t manage shop alone Vikram says I don’;t need you from today. She asks why. Vikram calls Prema. Meenakshi is shocked seeing her. Vikram says she will take care of our shop, I have hired her. Meenakshi says why, whats the need, it will cost money, I will manage.

Vikram asks her to go home, he does not need her now and Prema will take her place. Sandhya, Zakir bring Rajkumar to the same Dhaba. Zakir removes his handcuffs. Rajkumar (RK) looks at Sandhya. Sandhya covers RK with a shawl to hide his handcuffs. RK goes to loo. Sandhya buys the mahendi cones. She goes ahead to see RK. Disha says you said it will take time, but it came soon, lets have food together. She says our choices match. Zakir and Sandhya stand near the bathroom. They all guard RK. Prema greets Meenakshi. Vikram says go home and insists.

He taunts her for cheating with him about babies swapping. Meenakshi leaves. Prema says I know I need work, but this way I can’t take anyone else’s work. She is old worker. Meenakshi hears this and cries. Vikram says you are thinking about others. Prema says she can’t become reason for someone else. Vikram says she is not the reason for someone’s pain. Vikram says he will talk to his friend and get a home for her. Prema says you did a lot for me, I know you don’t get burdened. He says if you have any problem, tell me, I will take care. She says yes. He says think this shop is yours and take care.

Disha fools Sooraj in her sweet girl’s act. Sandhya thinks it will take much time to reach Pushkar. Disha comes to clean her dress as curry falls on it. She sees RK and goes to slap him. Zakir asks what is the matter. Sandhya and Sooraj meet there. Sandhya is shocked seeing him. Zakir asks Disha why did she slap him. Sandhya stops her. Sandhya sees RK and thinks of his crime. He is shocked. RK looks at Sooraj. Emily and Mohit start their beauty parlour once again. The customer comes and Emily welcomes her well.

The lady says she has to do her facial. Emily and her assistant treats the customers well. Emily gets a call and Emily is happy that she got a new big order of college function girls, she will book their appointment. She thinks she is getting many orders, when Mohit knows them, he will be happy, she will do work and then tell Mohit. The lady says its better than the website. She says she came to know from there. Emily thanks her.

Disha says she always wanted to slap RK. She would have come to jail and beat him. She says she is waiting to kill him. She says he has killed her family in bomb blast. Sandhya asks her to stay far. Disha says you all are giving him security who has killed thousands of people. She says he should be given to public, we will disappear him. RK looks at her. Zakir takes RK and goes to the car. Disha looks at Sandhya and leaves. Disha and RK look at each other and smile. Zakir asks RK to sit inside. Disha throws her fake tears and smiles.

Disha walks into Rathi Family. She says nothing changed here, everything is same, but now it will change. RK thanks Sandhya for bringing him to Pushkar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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