Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rubel telling Ayesha that he has to go urgently for a meeting, Payal is much drunk and is sleeping, please take care of her. Ayesha says yes. He thanks her and leaves. Poonam talks to everyone. Payal wakes up and has a hangover. Ayesha gives her lemon water. Payal says stop it Ayesha, don’t act like you don’t know anything. She says you know Rubel and Nafisa’s affair is going on, can’t you explain your sister. Ayesha says Rubel needs her, you are hurting him, so he is meeting her to share his pain. Ayesha says you made him go away. She leaves. Payal drinks it. Ayesha thinks its good she did not hurt her health.

Poonam says she has to go in afternoon and she will manage. Avantika asks Shanky to make Poonam get a car. Avantika tells Ayesha that she could have made Poonam meet Adi, but she did not. She leaves. Sheela says she will become Poonam’s friend and says if she goes with Ayesha, they will think she is her elder sister. Poonam says she will look young if she does dieting. Nani asks Poonam did she meet Adi. Poonam says not yet, I m sure I will meet him soon. Harish and Adi have a talk. Avantika calls Harish and says if you cancel tonight’s dinner, I won’t come again.

Ayesha talks to Poonam. Poonam says her parents died when she was in 10th, she took care of herself and her brother, without taking any help from anyone. Ayesha says I felt strong meeting you. She feels this girl can change Adi’s life. Avantika and Harish have dinner. She asks what happened to him. He says he decided he will not tease her. She says really? I can read your face, whats the problem, tell me, is everything fine at the set. He says yes. He says till when will this go on, I have to do something for me, the film which I made and acted, I m not getting any distributor, the producer ran. I don’t know where to start.

She says everything will be fine. He says this is real world, that film is my dream. He looks upset and Avantika thinks. Adi comes home and hears sound in outhouse. He goes inside to see who is in there. He sees Poonam standing on the stool. She falls and he holds her. Ayesha comes and is shocked to see Poonam in Adi’s arms. She says I m really sorry. He asks are you ok. She says I m fine, I damaged two bulbs. She says I was trying to beat the lizard and the bulb broke. He says he will tell Shanky.Ayesha says Adi she is……….. Adi says Poonam. Poonam says you are Aditya. They shake hands. Adi says its really nice to meet you. Ayesha tries to make us meet since morning.

Adi says lets have poker competition at home. Ayesha says good idea, we will call Poonam also, you both play and I will enjoy. Adi says we don’t play with money. Poonam says she knows, but not so cool. Adi says he thought he won’t get any company today, but he got her. He smiles. Poonam comes in Adi’s room and is glad seeing drums. She asks does he know to play it. He says ofcourse. She says even she knows to play it, she loves it. Adi says seriously, I don’t believe this, and says he saw one girl playing drums in a competition. Poonam says it was me. Adi says no………. It was you. He asks Ayesha to learn from Poonam.

Poonam says can I please try. Adi says yes, sit. Poonam plays the drums and Adi is bowled over by her. Ayesha looks at them and gets tears in her eyes. Adi enjoys hearing the drum beats. Avantika says she will invest in his film, its not a favor, dreams are priceless, I know what this film means to you. He says why big investment. She says lets have a meeting and I will clear all formalities. I will be the producer and I want double profit. She says please let me do this and holds his hand. Harish says ofcourse Mam, I promise the film will do very well. He says he will inform his team and leaves happily.

Ayesha gets sure that Poonam is right for Adi. Adi and Poonam play pokers. Ayesha looks on and thinks Poonam is perfect. I should have studied well hearing Amma in childhood. Adi wins and laughs. Poonam says she likes Adi. Ayesha is shocked.

Ambika tries to tell Adi that Poonam is like Pankhudi. Adi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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