Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho seeing the lipstick mark on Sooraj’s cheek. She is shocked. Sooraj asks what happened, give the Prasad. Everyone smile. Bhabho gives him the Prasad and looks on. Sooraj says Sandhya went to office early. Meenakshi laughs and says so she forgot to wipe the mark. Sooraj says she had to go early as elections are going on. Mohit thinks when will Sooraj talk to her about parlour. Soorja says Sandhya is fine, not to worry. Sooraj says I will go to my shop. Bhabho says no, Vikram and Mohit explain him. Vikram says that……… Sooraj asks what. Vikram shows him the mirror. Sooraj is shocked seeing that mark on his cheek.

Everyone laugh. Sooraj hides his face and wipes it. Bhabho says he grew up and no sense till now. Meenakshi jokes. Mohit asks its Saturday, is her duty even today. Laxman says its 24 hours, 7 days to serve people. Bhabho says she does not get any holiday in week. She gets angry and says she does not have any peace. Mohit says you are mum, so you are worrying, but its her work.

He says its election time, you don’t worry. Bhabho says I know. Meenakshi understands Mohit’s smartness. Mohit asks Sooraj to take breakfast for Sandhya and talk to her about parlour. Sooraj says yes, I will talk to her today. Bhabho says yes, Mohit is right, you meet her and take breakfast, also talk about parlour. Mohit asks Emily to pack the breakfast. Emily says yes. Meenakshi says if Sandhya was here, Mohit would have washed her feet, I will not let the parlour open.

Chavi comes to a shop to buy handbags. She gets Dilip’s mum’s call and says I reached the hospital now. Dilip’s mum says its fine, its very hot today, come by ac taxi. Chavi says fine, and ends the call. Chavi feels bad for lying to her. She sees a lady buying the purse she likes. The lady says you take another piece. Chavi says I will take this. The lady says I took it first. Chavi argues with the lady. She misbehaves with elders. The lady asks her to talk with respect.

Chavi says I want this bag, she does not know me, my Bhabhi is ASP in police. The lady says I m not thief to be afraid of police. The lady buys the purse and says you don’t have any values. Chavi gets angry. Lohya and Ketan praise Sandhya for ssaving everyone by jumping in fire. Hetal says it was her work, whats great, we lost out two days payment.

A man comes to meet Sandhya. Hetal asks him to write the reason for meeting and then Sandhya will call him inside. Sooraj also comes and hears the procedure to meet Sandhya. Lohya sees Sooraj and tells Ketan to see Sooraj. Sooraj sits to take an appointment to meet Sandhya by writing the need to meet. Ketan says you are Sandhya’s husband, you don’t need to do this. Sooraj gives the name slip to Hetal. Ketan says Sooraj follows rules.

Sandhya reads the slip and says I will come out to meet him. Sooraj waits out. Sandhya comes to him and says come Sooraj ji. He goes inside with her in her cabin. He looks around and likes it. He smiles seeing her table and asks her t sit on her chair. He makes her sit and sits infront of her. She asks how come you are here. He asks her to wear her police cap. She wears it and smiles. He says I had this dream in my eyes, now its fulfilled. Diya………………plays…………..

He says he brought breakfast for her, as she did not eat anything. He says Bhabho has send this. She says I came early, did Bhabho feel bad. He says no, she knows your duty, but your naughty thing has trapped me infront of everyone. He says you kissed me on my cheek, I did not know and everyone saw the mark. She asks what, even Bhabho. He says yes, you went and when I came down, then……… They laugh. He says I came here to talk about Mohit and Emily’s parlour.

He asks her to give recommendation letter to the govt office. She says no, I can’t help them. Sooraj is shocked. She gets a call from SP office. She says I will come soon. She tells Sooraj that she can’t help Mohit and Emily, now she has to reach SP office, and leaves. Sooraj becomes sad and leaves. Bhabho asks Emily not to worry as Sooraj might have talked to Sandhya till now. Mohit waits for Sooraj.

Bhabho asks him to go to bank. Mohit says I……….. Sooraj comes home. Everyone get happy and asks what did Sandhya say. Did she talk to them, when will the parlour open. Sooraj gets tensed.

Bhabho asks Sandhya why did she refuse to help Emily. She asks her to help Mohit. Mohit folds his hand and requests her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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