Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aur pyaar ho gaya
Abhaas says to Arpita that you and Akshit bhai lied to us and did love marriage. He asks why Akshit bhai not spoke to family about it. He says he shouldn’t have lied to everyone at home. He calls Akshit but Arpita says she will talk to Akshit when he will come. Abhaas says he is going to tell the family. Arpita says that he won’t get anything by this. He promises he won’t tell anyone about it. Arpita takes Abhaas to kitchen to make his favourite paratha.
Sanvri was standing outside her room; she listened to what Arpita said about her relationship before marriage. She resolves she will disturb Arpita the way she and her parents disturbed Pratab. She thinks how once she saw her hand to hand with a guy in a concert and the next day Arpita accepted she went to a concert with her cousin. Sanvri thinks now Abhaas is also with her but somehow she will make Arpita spit the truth herself. She calls Arpita and in a change voice says that now your secret is no more a secret. Arpita gets worried at the call. Sanvri says that this fire had to be lit and now the bomb will blast one day, she will now talk to Arpita after match.
Jiji scolds Raj what he did to himself for love. Raj says Avni was going to tell him the truth. Raj says he will play the match and win. Bhawna comes there and asks Raj is this match so important for him. She tells him she brought an ointment for him her mother taught her to make. Raj says he thought she would support him. Bhawna says that she still support Samarth but didn’t want that Raj loses the match.
Raj was leaving for practice when a girl comes to him and asks him to allow her put a stall on his match. He allows her, she thanks her and says she listened jija talking to each other and she wants to say that he won’t lose because the love never loses. She says she will support him with her samosa and chattni and her hoots.
Avni was in garden talking to Devika on phone. She tells her she couldn’t sleep at night to think what raj might be thinking about her. She is worried had he disliked what she said. Abhaas comes there and she hangs on the phone. He comes and asks was she talking to Raj, is he alright. She asks what happened to him. He tells her he had an accident with his car yesterday, although he had put a break. He turns around to see Avni wasn’t there.
Raj was sitting with Payal in the restaurant. The waiter brings a special drink for him. Payal says you have made such strong team, now you can’t lose. A guy comes to say that add a new name to the list. Payal gets up to hug Siddhart, and introduces him as her boy friend. Raj tells him to sit. Siddhart said Payal told him this match is important for him so he came here to support him. Raj says I am so happy that you came here and I am sure you will keep Payal so happy, as she is a good girl and she will become a good wife. Siddhart asks will the girl friend’s drama have to be continued. Raj says they might not need it anymore. Avni had come there and listened to all the conversation. She remembers all about Raj and Payal and cries.

Raj sees Avni standing there; he is worried and stands up. Avni runs away, he follows her. He takes her hand but she shouts saying not to take her name. She asks why he lied so much to him. She says she considered him his best friend but he hurt her a lot. He tries to explain but she denies to listen and runs away crying telling him not to talk to him again. Raj is depressed. Samarth comes there and says to him he told him not to lie. Raj says you told the lie to Avni’s family about match. He gives Raj his list, he tears it. Raj says it is more important for him to win the match and win Avni. Samarth says Avni will be with me while Raj says he was given a new life only to live with Avni. They both go by challenging each other.
Raj practices for the match.
Jiji packs Raj’s things. Jiju was doing something with balls. He hides it and tells Raj to use these balls. Raj Jiji asks what he did, Raj tell her Jiju did tampering to balls so that Samarth cannot make runs. Raj says he has the ability to win and his love will make him win the match by playing it fairly and will win Avni’s heart. Jiju hugs him saying he is proud of him.

PRECAP: Raj and Samarth will play cricket to win Avni’s heart.

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