Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK trying to run. The other men aim gun at RK. RK smiles and throws the table at them. He beats them up and uses the chemical gas on them. They faint. Zakir comes out and RK hits him with the gas. Sandhya aims the gun but is stuck inside. She tries to shoot RK. Everyone faint. Sandhya covers her face and goes out. RK makes her gun fall and she still holds him getting into a fight. Zakir faints. Sandhya struggles to stop him. RK pushes her and falls too. RK gets up and she holds his hand. Rk wears the face cap and leaves from there. Sandhya tries to extend her hand and coughs. She faints. RK comes outside and uses the PCO to call Disha. She is shocked hearing him.

He tells her his plan. Sooraj looks at Disha and asks what is the matter. Sge says its my cousin’s call Prachi and talks to RK. She asks are you fine, where were you, I tried to contact you. RK asks her to keep the doll safe and send it to the field. She is shocked as she kept the doll. He says don’t make any mistake this time. He does not oay and leaves. Disha thinks she has to get the doll. Zakir gets up and looks at everyone fallen. He tries to wake up Sandhya. He moves her and she wakes up. Zakir says get up. She says RK…….

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Zakir and Sandhya look for RK. RK comes back to them and acts like fainting there. Sandhya is shocked seeing him. Zakir slaps him and says we have to call doctor today. RK says you can’t beat me, I have to be healthy, its your responsibility. Sandhya thinks RK has gone when she saw him leaving before she fainted. She gets a doubt. Disha looks on to get the doll. She keeps her purse. The doctor checks RK and says he is fine. Sandhya asks the doctor that she is feeling strange and will chemical gas affect us too. He says yes, mind gets confused and you will remember everything once the affect is gone.

RK says congrats for Dusshehra. Zakir asks doctor to leave. He leaves. Zakir asks what is she thinking, RK has failed twice. RK thinks you are fool to think I failed, I have won, you can’t think even in dream what I have done. I have gone out and came back. He smiles. Sandhya comes home and Sooraj asks what happened to her eyes. She says she is fine and asks Babasa shall we start the rituals. Babasa says no, one member has to come. Prema comes and Babasa says now the family is complete. Everyone is shocked.

Sooraj and Sandhya greet Babasa and he blesses them and gifts them. Sooraj says sorry, we can’t tale this gifts this time, as if its injustice happening with someone, we can’t be happy. Sandhya says yes, I also think this. Mohit says even I will support Meenakshi and refuses o take the gift. Vikram and Prema greet Babasa. Babasa gifts her saree and asks her to get ready. Prema thanks him and says she is afraid of crowd so she can’t come in the fair. Vikram says yes, she is right. Prema leaves. Vikram goes after her.

Prema tells Vikram that Meenakshi loves him a lot, and she did all this to get his love, its still time, he can change his decision. Vikram says relations are made my love and trust. I felt all this only by you. Prema says I will leave. Meenakshi asks Babasa that he gave good gift to her on Dussehra, he has accepted Prema, and did not think about her. She says if Bhabho was here, this would have not happened. Babasa says yes, I got a gift for you, I called your mum here so that she can take you with her to your Maayka. Everyone is shocked. Disha sees folk dance going on and asks Sooraj to get Pari and Misri saying they will be happy seeing this. Sooraj says yes and brings the kids. Disha cleverly takes the doll from Misri and smiles. Meenakshi’s mum comes and Babasa asks her to take Meenakshi. Meenakshi says she won’t go, only her dead body will go from here, this is my house, I will not do anything, I will stay in Chaturi’s room, don’t kick me out please.

Meenakshi goes to commit suicide again. Her mum asks her to come down. Sandhya thinks hot to save her and shouts Meenakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i hate this serial… It is being dragged like shit…. Stop this serial… Dont know how this gets high trps… Even when i asked my frnds if they watch this serial, they declined

    1. If yu don’t like then don’t watch. No problem

  2. oey.. Hello.. Mrs know it all… Shut up…. Its my wish whather i watch this serial or not.. Stfu snd go fly off

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