Bigg Boss 8 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 1
all are sleeping on seats of plane, sukirti is walking in garden area, suddenly music starts playing, all wakes up, sukirti starts dancing, all ladies starts dancing and comes out of plane, all contestants say good morning to each other.

all are cleaning plane, diandra jokes we should go from here after cleaning the mess, Karishma says It will work for me, I want to go from here, I will clean the mess, arya says I find aero plane romantic, diandra ask what romance, arya says see when you buy a ticket then some stranger comes and sit beside you but you don’t know who is going to sit beside you but its all written in fate, Karishma jokes what if a old man sit beside you, Arya says its my thinking, Minissha says once there were old couple sitting beside and they were every ice, Karihma says its not Hum Tum movie that Saif and Rani will sit beside each other in plane.

society members are watching the contestants, bigg boss says praneet hasn’t find his bags, he is asking for it. he ask society members to give his luggage bag, he ask for it cutely, praneet talks about his character in show that my character had cut his foot so that he remember that something wrong happened with his sister, praneet says the thing that matter is that whether you do something fro yourself or for others in life, lord Karishna served his life for his family.

Sukirti is sitting in plane, upen comes and says lets talk, she says tell me what to talk, upen says you start, Sukirti says this is good, you are tired so want me to talk, I don’t have key that you fill and I will start talking, Upen is sweetly talking to Sukirti, he ask sukirti to say something, Sukirti says no I wont, you say something, she smiles to him, upen says talk what you want, whats in your heart, Sukirti says no I am feeling ok now, Upen says so you wont ask for tea, Sukirti says no, I will drink if it comes but no desperation, he says this is our second day, sukirti says what you are counting after somedays we will forget counting.
outside Gautam says to Karishma that you were skinny before but now you look good, Gautam says its important to work on body, Karishma says I am very strict on my body.

praneet and arya jokes seeing lambi(Karishma)/tall and lamba that are standing together, Arya jokes that lamba who is standing with you that tall, Karisham laughs, Arya says you have to be ok with my bad jokes, Karishma says no problem, Arya and praneet talks about society members, they say that their time will also come.

upen and Sukirti jokes, upen calls her suki, she sys suku, he says my bad accent, sukirti says yes you are bad, he says see I am good to you and you are saying that I am bad, sukirti says I am telling all to be good with each other and don’t fight and you are making base for fight, you should be given vamp clothes, sukirti ask will you fight with me? upen says no suki, she says suku, he says ok I will call you suku, sukirti ask why not skiurti? he says no suku is good

bigg boss says to society members that while all contestants were sleeping on chairs, you 3 were given beds, this is all for you are ruling our contestants but bigg boss is watching you all the time if you deserve to be on this place so be careful while ruling the house, now bigg boss is giving you responsibility that is we are giving you luggage of all contestants and you have to decide who will be given his/her bag, society members decides that Sushant, minishha, diandra, praneet, Karishma and upen will not be given bags as they are particular about their looks and we will question them.
the luggage of other contestants starts coming in house, contestants are happy to find their luggage, they question each other as to where should luggage be placed, society members starts conversing with contestants, they say some members are not given their luggage and they have to impress us for luggage to be given back and we will tell you after sometime what you have to do.

Arya is imitating all the contestants, all are laughing at Arya’s joke.
Arya, praneet and Natasha are sitting in garden area, praneet says Sushant is very intelligent, Arya starts talking with Natasha, Natash says I was sharing water with Minissha, Arya says oh huggy huggy now and after sometime you will fight.

Dirnadra does horrer make up of contestants for time pass, Gautam starts walking like a dead man, Sukirti comes out of plane in saree and acts like ghost, Praneet comes out as pirate, Diandra acts like a witch while others are enjoying their horror make up.
Praneet jokingly says to society members that you all should come out in open to us, its enough of hiding, the game has begun.

society member announces that those who couldn’t get their luggage, we are giving them chance to earn their luggage, we will ask you questions and you have to answer it honestly, don’t try to lie to us, society member ask diandra first question that whom she didn’t like in house, diandra is confused and says Sonali, she says I couldn’t converse with her so her name, society member ask did she ever break any rule? diandra says no, society member says you lied and you wont be given luggage. Society member ask Sushant who he hates in house? sushant says Minissha as I couldn’t connect to her much, Society member ask upen to tell beautiful girl one by one and whom he finds less good, tell her name in last, Upen says 1st Natasha, sonali, karishma, suku, minishha, soni and diandra. Society member ask Karishma whom she think that their can be any fight with her, Karishma says there is a tie, I have two names, Natasha and sonali, society member ask Minishha whom she think is not good in house? Minissha says I think its Natasha, I think she is shy and couldn’t connect much, lastly society member ask praneet whom he think is least intelligent in all, praneet says Gautam, I mean he is a fun man and I think we all are at same metal frequency and all are good for title. Arya ask society member can I ask one question, society members says good bye and ends conversation.

Minissha says to Karishma that you were asked for one name only and you gave two names that with whom you can fight, Karihma says I wasn’t sure, Minissha says but you should have said only one. society member announce that Sushant, Minishha, Karishma and upen can get their luggage.
in plane Diandra is angry for asking stupid question, she says it was very bad question to be answered so I didn’t get my luggage.

Soni is talking with Arya, he says I felt good that they asked question boldly, he says with due respect, I think that society members to tell their stance.
Arya talks to praneet and says I think society members are liking your clothes so they are not giving you luggage, Arya talks with him and says here this happens that you become friend of someone today and tomorrow they will be b*t*hing about you, diandra comes there so arya changes the topic, diandra ask to borrow clothes from someone else, praneet jokes that till when I will live on clothes of others.

bigg boss announces to society members that now its time for sacrifice, you will ask them to decide two members among themselves but you have the privilege to replace one name whom you didn’t find much convincing.
Society members talks to contestants and ask them to decide two persons who will be awake for night, they decide upen and praneet will be awake for the night but society memebers replace one name and replace Gautam with praneet so now gautam and praneet will be awake whole night, society members says that if they both fall asleep in night then whole house will be punished.

PRECAP- society members ask contestants that if they want to have water then they have to fetch it, diandra and Arya runs the cycle so that all contestants can get water, they are tired. upen and gautam are sleeping in day time, Sukirti wakes up upen, Upen gets miffed and ask her to go out of plane and he will come after sometime, Bigg boss says that waking up whole night was costly for contestants.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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