Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahendra saying about the bad food. Aditi comes to know the food has something mixed in this. Mahendra says it means someone tries to harm everyone. Aditi asks who did this cheap trick. The man says someone came and was holding a bag. Prem says he has seen Lakhan with the bag and Balwant goes to get Lakhan. Lakhan is brought there and he says he did not add anything. Mahendra does not believe him. Soraj says sorry to say but he can’t do this, else he would have run away. He says we don’t have prove that he has done this, and if he is innocent, then the culprit will be in our camp and can harm us again tomorrow.

Aditi asks Balwant to call the cooks team. She says I agree maybe Lakhan did not do this, but we have to find who did this, he will be punished. He asks the cook about the food. She says she will check the CCTV footage. Sooraj asks Lakhan not to worry. A cook gets tensed and apologizes to her, saying he was asked to do so. She asks the man who told him this and she will forgive him. The man names Abhay and they are shocked.

Prem says the one who is angry on Aditi, he wants to do bad with us, how will your new team be formed. Aditi says relax, nothing will happen, I will give guarantee that Abhay will be behind bars now. The goon says he likes ginger tea and says Chavi should not travel alone. Bhabho says she does not hear anyone and Chavi asks her to listen. She says everyone is busy and she has come alone. He asks does Sooraj play kabaddi. Chavi says no, he is playing to make his hotel dream true.

Bhabho says he bought a land to make the hotel and asks him to have samosas. Chavi asks about the kids. Bhabho says they went in friend’s birthday party. Sandhya comes and hugs Chavi, asking is she fine. Chavi says yes, see him. Sandhya is shocked and says you. He smiles. She says how dare you come in our house. Babasa says he is good man, he helped Chavi.

Sandhya says no, he is not good, he is a goon, who has snatched Sooraj’s hotel plot. They are shocked. Chander asks her to arrest him, what crime did he do, he should leave now and says he will come again to have ginger tea. The police brings Abhay and Mahendra scolds him, for playing cheap tricks. Mahendra apologizes to Aditi. Aditi says its not his mistake, he can make anyone a good player, but everyone does not have good character.

Aditi scolds Abhay and Mahendra asks him did he teach him this. He asks inspector to arrest Abhay and punish him severely so that no one can do this again. Abhay gets away and sees Mahendra. He holds his ear and signs sorry. He leaves with police. Mahendra says whatever happened today, I m very sorry, but I want you all to forget this and just focus, aim on and this will not happen again. Aditi gets sad. Everyone leave.

Mahendra sees Aditi upset and comes to her. He asks her to relax and not worry. She says I m very scared, and feeling to lose in the start, I know Abhay wants to fight with me, but if anything happened to me, what would I do. He says he can understand her fears, he knows its her dad’s dream of this kabaddi club and he wants her to make it reach on top, he wants her to achieve this, she will win this fight, whatever Abhay did, he will be punished. She nods.

Sandhya asks Chander not to come again. Chander threatens her about the family. She says threaten this to someone else, she manages Pushkar, if her family is hurt, he will be in jail. He says he will be not afraid of her and he is very adamant. The kids come and she sends them to meet Chavi. She shuts the door and sees Bhabho hearing everything. She asks Bhabho to trust her, nothing will happen to anyone, she will not let anything happen to them. Bhabho nods.

Mahendra says Avinash and Sooraj look the best players, and tells Aditi. Prem thinks it will be just him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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