Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD following Kabir’s car. The driver stops Kabir’s car. Kabir asks what happened. The manager asks him to sit and goes to check the problem in the car. The manager and the driver get down to check. Kabir waits and thinks why they didn’t come till now. He comes out of car and sees them missing. He turns and sees goons standing pointing gun on him. The goons ask him to do as he says. Kabir asks who are you? They ask him to sit in the car and come with them. Kabir obliges and sits in the car. LD comes and takes him out of the car. He beats the goons and shows his pistol. The goons start beating him on his head. Radha gets restless and thinks her Papa is fine. She worries about LD. Kabir rushes towards LD. The goon asks Kabir to count his last breath, and shots at Kabir. LD comes inbetween Kabir and the bullet and gets hit. Radha panics and gets tensed. The ring falls from her hands. She manages to get it back and gets hurt. LD gets up with much difficulty and targets pistol on the goons. They run away. Kabir asks are you okay. LD says bullet touch and left him. Radha looks at her injured hand. Sadhna comes and asks about her injury. Radha says it is a small wound. Sadhna sees ring in her hand. Radha says she got injured while saving her ring. Sadhna gives the ring back and says you are really made. She bandages her finger.

Jhanvi sends message to her boyfriend that she is ready and the way is clear. She comes out and goes with her boyfriend. Radha sees her going and thinks why she is going with that boy. LD comes in his car. Radha gets shocked seeing blood stained clothes. LD says he is fine and asks her to leave. Radha asks what happened? LD asks her to go. Radha says she will bring Sadhna aunty. She asks him to sit. She removes his shirt and sees bullet wound. She asks him not to argue, as she will dress his wounds for sure. Mere Rang Me Plays…………she nurses his wounds……..LD thinks he don’t want to believe that she still cares for him. LD says he has to leave. Radha tries to stop him. LD asks her not to interfere and move from his way.

Radha prays for his recovery. Kabir calls Radha and asks her to leave for the party. Radha says she is leaving now. Kabir says he is leaving and thought to pick her up from the way. Radha says she will come there. Kabir says why you are behaving formally. He says he is thinking to stay in Mathura. Radha makes an excuse and disconnects the call. She thinks Kabir wants to stay in the hotel, and thinks to inform Sadhna. Sadhna tells okay, call me whenever you are free. Radha asks are you in tension? Sadhna says LD didn’t come. Radha says he came, but went somewhere. I asked him, but he didn’t reply. Sadhna says you might be thinking LD will return to his job or not. She says LD will take back his job. She says LD won’t leave you alone in a bunch of strangers. He will do something to be around you.

Kabir comes to the party and thanks the host. He says film is superhit and goes to bring mask. Kabir takes the mask and wears it. Radha comes to the party. Kabir welcomes her and says you are looking ravishing. Radha looks at the scar on his hand and asks about it. Kabir says it happens in his profession. Radha is confused. Kabir asks her to turn and see. Radha sees LD and gets surprised. Kabir says he is back on the job, which no one can do better than him. He calls LD and asks do you want to say something to her. He says I know Radha has problem with LD, but today he saved my life. He thanks him. Radha asks what? Did somebody attacked you. Kabir says yes and thanks LD. Radha thanks LD too. She asks him to take care of himself. The host Malhotra holds Radha’s hand and tries to flirt with her. Kabir asks Radha to be careful. Kabir makes Radha wear the mask. LD gets jealous.

Jhanvi and her boyfriend come to the same party. Jhanvi sees LD and hides. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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