Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram and Meenakshi getting angry knowing Ankur’s offer to sell the house. Vikram says lets leave, how can he ask us to sell our house. Ankur stops them and asks them to take for what they came. Meenakshi says lets see what he says. Ankur says he will give them two luxury flats along with the money, as his friend wants a land to make a big building, if you agree, a building can be made at your home’s place, and you can get two flats. Vikram and Meenakshi are shocked. Meenakshi likes the idea and asks Vikram to say yes. Vikram refuses and she insists. She asks him to say yes for Bhabho’s treatment. He says never, it has Bhabho and Babasa’s memories. She says we won’t tell them, when we see the flats, they will praise us.

Ankur gives an advance cheque. Meenakshi says she will keep it. Vikram says this is not easy. Ankur says I don’t want property papers, I will make power of attorney which will show that Bhabho has give house selling rights to you, just take her sign and I will do everything. Vikram says but… Meenakshi says leave it to me, Bhabho is ill and I will get hr sign, I mean she is ill and we won’t tell her now, we will tell her later, we are not doing this for us, we are not greedy, we are doing this for her treatment. She asks Ankur to make papers, and thanks him. They leave. Ankur says Sooraj Rathi was proud of his relations, see what are they in real, I will break your pride, I will prove Sandhya is much better than this selfish family.

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Vikram and Meenakshi come to Bhabho and see her sleeping. He says I don’t like doing this. She says our house problems will end, we can’t earn big amount ever. He says yes, money can end problems. She says yes, but when money comes, don’t divide money with brothers, I will handle everything, as I m working hard. He says fine, come. They come to Bhabho and the stamp pad falls. Bhabho wakes up and Meenakshi asks her to sleep. Vikram says be careful. Meenakshi says I m doing this for the first time. They hold Bhabho’s hand and tries taking her thumb impression. Someone stops them. They are shocked seeing.

Its Mohit and Emily. They take the papers and read it. They are shocked to see power of attorney papers. Mohit drags Vikram out and asks how can he do this, how can he take Bhabho’s sign like this, selling house? Great, you are using Bhabhi’s state, and Babasa is wandering for money, you are preparing to make him homeless, I hate to call you my brother. Emily asks Meenakshi how can she cheat them in such time. She says wake Bhabho and call Babasa, they should know what they are doing. Meenakshi says yes, call Babasa, I will tell about you. She asks where does he work, who is his boss. She asks about Ankur.

Vikram asks Mohit to tell now. Meenakshi says we are doing this to save home not like you guys to join enemies. She says I will tell Babasa, we have to get Bhabho’s treatment done and we have to sell house, we are not selfish like you. She says I will call him, I will say I was doing this for Bhabho, you think what you will say. Mohit stops her and says you are right, we need money. Sooraj does not have kids, and his wife also left, but we have families, lets do this. Meenakshi says yes, she will give them one flat. Mohit asks about 60 lakhs and says 50-50. They agree.

Meenakshi divides the responsibility of parents also. Chavi comes. Mohit says if she sees us, she will take full property, hurry up. They take the thumb impressions of Bhabho. The inspector arrests the man for running illegal kidney racket. Sooraj says in ethics and motherly love’s fight, a son lost but humanity won. The man says lets see who saves your mum now, be ready to give shoulder to your mum’s funeral.

Sooraj tells Bhabho that he can’t save her life risking other’s life. She asks did she understand Sandhya, when she has hope from him.

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  1. Hope today serial both of them reunite….
    god bless
    Sooraj must ask forgiveness from sandhya because really test her true love …. she is good wife

  2. I very much like this story…I love u sandhya and suraj…Bhabhoo u are a great mum…but ur children except Suraj are selfish and very much spoiled…how did this happen???? they have none of ur qualities…

  3. Sooraj finally stop Sandhya going to Scotland. Rathi family once again welcomes Sandhya in the house. Sooraj also accept Sandhya whole heartedly and romance once again takes place between them…

  4. stupid story, stupid family. Sandhya, a well established police officer cannot even fight for her relationship. on the other hand, her in-laws who threw her out of the house, forget everything she’s done for them.
    Arun is a very inconsiderate and selfish character, who can only see his wife. I hope he gets a hernia and only sandhya can help him, then he’ll realise that only sandhya can keep his family together.

  5. lol..the selfish sense of people in modern time ,makes in todays episode ,conversion between two selfish brothers and their wives.they don’t care own parents.

  6. No.1 Selfish person is ankur, not suraj

    1. Every one is selfish except Sandhya

  7. I like this serial very much, good lession.

  8. I think tomorrow Sooraj will stop Sandhya but don’t know how he will show his face…. Wow Vikram and Mohit you guys are rocking….. I am glad that you guys did not kill Baboo for money instead you just took her finger prints….

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