Qubool Hai 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil comes back busy on his phone, razaak gets him juice, extremely concerned for him, which puzzles ahil. razaak leaves, and ahil drinks the juice nevertheless, but soon has a dizzy spell, and falls on the ground. Razaak says that ahil is right as he never does anything for free. Meanwhile, in her room, while seher tries to walk, gazalla springs from behind and hits her on the head with an iron rod. Then she drags her out of there. tanveer thinks that seher is unconscious, now its time for the other to gain consciousness.

Later, rehaan comes back with the mousetrap and is tensed to find the room empty, and blood stains of the feet leading out of the room. He rushes out.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
On the road, sanam gains consciousness, after razaak gives her an injection. He leaves. Sanam wakes up, startled wondering about ahil. She hurries from there.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While sanam enters the house, searching for ahil, rehaan too goes after her, searching for sunehri. Sanam rushes to ahil’s room, and is shocked to find seher lying on the same bed, with ahil, baretorsoed, both completely spent and exhausted and peacefully sleeping away. rehaan too hurriedly comes and they both are shocked to find their lover in such a compromising situation. Gazalla, razaak and tanveer enjoys from a distance. sanam and rehaan are distraught. sanam almost collapses, and accidentally breaks the vase on the stand. The noise wakes up seher, who wakes up with a dizzy head. both sanam and rehaan eye her accusingly. Seher eyes ahil and at their positon, and then at sanam and rehaan, boggled and confused. Tanveer is amused at their plight, thinking that she worked so hardfor all this, as they remember how they had placed ahil and seher like that. gazalla applauds tanveer, for her brilliant mind, to come up with such evil plans. tanveer thinks that there were two people who sanam loved the most, and they both betrayed her, seher and ahil. tanveer says that love can bear anything, but not betrayal, and sanam wont be able to forget and forgive either ahil or seher. She says that she is already hurt with ahil, and now she would distrust seher too. rehaan too would be under the illusion that seher betrayed him, and that she ruined the sister’s life in one go, and both the sons shall be within her control. tanveer comes out to find sanam sitting sulken. tanveer pretends to be sad and heartbroken, and taunts her that she now has to face two stepwives, one the new bride, and the other, her own twin sister. she says that she know about her sister too. sanam is surprised. tanveer enjoys as she narrates that she knows everything. she pities sanam for trusting people blindly, and getting betrayed in return, as seher took away her husband, and that there was such a huge misunderstanding that they both had of being more smart than tanveer herself. She says that she trusted her own sister, and she betrayed her, and even ahil, who is her life, and he too betrayed her terribly. tanveer glaots that she ruined everything, for both the sisters. She asks her to atleast introduce her to the new sister, and taunts her if her sister is still in ahil’s bed. tanveer guffaws. sanam asks if she is done, and says that she would tell her what a mad person she is, as the girl who she told such a long story and wants to be introduced, is actually seher. tanveer is boggled. Then sanam comes saying that they know each other for a long time, and that today infact she wants to thank her, for having given the oppurtunity to spend a night with her husband, ahil. seher starts taunting tanveer, saying that she knows that they are twin sisters, and that they are connected by the heart, and hence would be alarmed if the other is in danger. Seher remembers how she got concerned, for her sister, and when she comes out of the house, she finds sanam, lying unconscious in ahil’s car. She breaks into the car, and wakes her up. sanam says that when she woke up, she understood that gazalla gave her chloroform, and then she joined the rat incident and this together, she knew that tanveer was at play, as she had understood that they are two and not one. So they decided to outsmart her, as per seher’s plan. Sanam took over the role of seher, and they switched places. Tanveer is dumbfounded, as she stands speechless. Seher taunts her at her defeat. She says that she got so enraged, but then she thought that this is what is expected of her, as she can even keep her own son away for money. tanveer stands frustrated.

Scene 4:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya finds rahat’s call, and thinks that he is asking her to relax, whereas he himself is calling her every ten minutes. faiz speaks saying that she is okay, as he wants her to be okay. she is terrified and she wonders how he got rahat’s phone, and where is rahat, and if he hasnt harmed him. He says that noone can separate them, and that rahat is an idiot, to save her, and go himself around, unattended, and that he thought that faiz wants to hurt her, but the easiest way to hurt her, is by hurting rahat, as her life is in him, and that once Rahat is out of the way, then noone can stop her from becoming his. He cancels the call. haya is in shock. She rushes out, and asks the security to go look after rahat, while they ask her to go inside and calm down. haya gets berserk but the security guards tell her that rahat called a few minutes back from the PCO, saying that his phone was stolen. haya is boggled, as she goes inside.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam taunts tanveer that she is unfortunate to have never fallen in true love, as then she would have understood the trust level, in such a relation, and hence she knows her sister, who can never do this even in sleep. seher asks tanveer, that she wants to give her one last chance, so that she can go to ahil, and say the truth, otherwise they shall go and expose her in front of ahil, as when he sees them together, then he shall believe. tanveer says that they may try all they want, but can never separete ahil from her, as he may trust sanam blindly, but she shall ensure that they both forever leave ahil’s life, and thats her promise. In front of tanveer, sanam shakes hand with seher, while she stands frustrated. She says that they arent two, but eleven when they are together, and she is just alone, hence she shouldnt even dream of defeating them. she remembers their promise to Dilshad, on their parents’ grave. the screen freezes on her face, while tanveer is frustrated.

Precap: The new bride comes determinedly, in front of tanveer, saying that she wants ahil and wants to make him hers, if not by love, then by any other means, and now that they both are aware of each other’s plan, which is to get rid of sanam, from ahil’s life, and hence they should have an equal partnership now. The new bride says that she knows that tanveer has gotten her sight back. tanveer is surprised yet amused too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. such a nice episode

  2. Nyc epi and i lv both sisters and both brothers

  3. Way to go Twins..defeat tanveer at her own game…wats up with d new bride. .shes also mentally ill.like tanveer

  4. Exciting episode

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