Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with suraj telling bhaboo that he bought these papers for sandy. He adds that sandy must read these. Chavi tells that exam is after her results. Suraj tells that IPS preparation is hard & everyone does years of hardwork. Chavi mocks him saying that he is halwai. Suraj tells that he knows everything as DSP informed him & adds that Pushkar competition is also there next month. Meena tells that there is no need to spend money for getting news which can be done by gossiping. Suraj tells that it is not related to gossips. Bhabo tells that no one is knows abt that competition & asks him whether the competiton holder take care of the expense like WTC.. Suraj tells that he has to spend not those people. everyone getss shocked. Meena adds fuel by telling that

5 news papers & 5 Rs per paper means 25 Rs & 1000 rs on other magazines. Suraj stops her by telling that by eating food one can develop their body & by reading u can develop ur intelligence.

Bhabo tells suraj that he has now become like sandy & this is the same person who was making wrappers with that newspaper & adds that she can’t afford it now as she has her daughter’s wedding. And asks him to do bhajan pooja instead. Suraj tells that sandy has to take part in that competition in order to prepare for her IPS. He adds that DSP suggested the same. Bhabo tells that she will ask the DSP to take care of the epxenses. Bhabo denies saying that she can’t afford & earlier babasa dropped his paan habit for the sake of newspaper. Meanwhile the cable operator asks bhabo to show him the hall so that he can fix the cable. He tells that Everything comes to 30 after calculating. Bhabo tells its fine. She will give Rs 30. The operator tells that it is Rs. 30000 & Bhabo gets shocked & shouts at him. Vikram inspects the cable & asks him what is this. The operator explains 27000 for TV & other accessories cost to Rs3000, in total 30000. Bhabo asks himwho asked him to deliver TV. Vikram suspects Mohit. Mohit denies that & blames vikram as meena likes serials the most. Meena also seconds him. But vikram denies that saying that he can afford only to a gol gappa. The operator tells that it is suraj rathi. Everyone gets shocked.

The cable wala leaves by telling that he will fix the tv once they pay th e amount. Chavi Meena & mohit feel happy. Bhabo taunts suraj by telling that he is giving shock after shock. Adds that she taunted babasa in vain earlier. Suraj tells that he went to the shop but he didnot order & adds that he can’t take such decision without referring her.


Chavi tells bhabo that suraj will not lie & adds that suraj asks her permission before for everything. Babasa seconds her by telling that suraj can’t do anything without asking her. Chavi tells that if suraj thinks that TV is good then it is only good. Adds that she will watch tv until she get married & also he must have bought this for her. Meena seconds her by telling that they can mock dhaisa.
Bhabo tells that she can’t afford 30000 INR. & tv is a medium which corrupts people. Meena asks who will get corrupted. Bhabo taunts her telling that she will forget kanha if Tv is bought.
Bhabo tells that she can’t change her decision & a tv can never enter RM.

Precap Break: Bhabo tells that she wants to remind sandy that only one matka is left & if that gets broke then all these expense would go waste.….

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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