Pavitra Rishta 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Gauri telling Purvi, so much happened in your life. That is why you were not present in the hospital during Archanaji’s treatment. Purvi says, I was with Onir and he betrayed me. Gauri says, there is no point of thinking about him now. If there is no love, then there is no point living together. Think about yourself.. moving on with the life. Purvi says, there is no reason.. my family doesn’t want to see my face. Soham comes there and says, what? Purvi runs to him and hugs him. She apologizes him. Soham says, everyone was worried so much. He asks her to stop crying and get ready to go home. Purvi says, I won’t because aai is very angry. Soham says, what are you saying? I kidnapped you, asked for money, almost shot aai, and she still forgave me. Why won’t she accept

you? Purvi says, I know she won’t. Soham says, why not? You loved.. and that’s not crime. You’re calling me dada and won’t agree with me? He asks Gauri where is her bag? Gauri says, I will go and get it.

Purvi says to Soham, aai hates me. Soham says, you made mistake so she is angry, but she cannot hate you. Gauri comes out with the bag. Purvi thanks Gauri. Soham also thanks her and they leave with Pari.

Soham brings Purvi home and says, she was living with her friend, but at this time, she needs her family most so I brought her here. Worried Manav asks Purvi, how can go away like this? We were getting so much worried. He then calms himself down and puts his hand on her head and asks her to go and rest. Archu avoids looking at Purvi as she goes in.

Purvi is sad in her room recalling Archu getting angry and slapping her. Archu comes in and really wants to go to Purvi, but she stops as she remembers about Ovi. In end she goes to her and they hug like as if they met after years! Sulo also comes there. Purvi says, I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t as I made such a big mistake. I thought you started hating me. Archu says, have you gone crazy? Is that how you understood your aai? Sulo says, I just removed you from my house.. not from my heart. Purvi says, I cannot tell you how much I missed you both. All three hug and Purvi apologizes. Sulo says, don’t ever think about leaving your aai and aaji again.

Onir recalls party incident and then Arjun slapping him. He then smiles. Shalini asks him, why didn’t you stop Arjun? Onir says, because I wanted this only. Kinsukh says, we did everything that you said, but we didn’t know it will go against you. Onir says, no.. this was part of my plan. I just hope Purvi realizes that she only loves Arjun, not me. Shalini says, what if Arjun and Purvi don’t come together? What if Ovi doesn’t leave Arjun? Onir says, Ovi forgot Arjun long time ago. I realized this when I met Ovi.

It’s late night and raining heavily. Ovi is drunk and finding her phone to call driver. Onir comes there and takes her on a side. He asks her to sit and he will call driver. Ovi asks him to stay with her as she wants to share something. She says, there is no one with me.. with whom do I share all my stuff? Even Arjun is not with me. Onir asks, what is it that you can’t even share it with Arjun ? Ovi says, Purvi. Purvi and Arjun betrayed me again. I can’t take it anymore. I have decided to give divorce to Arjun. I am not telling anyone because I know they will try to convince me. I won’t tell anyone and give some time to our relationship. If I get confirmed that there is no love between me and Arjun, then I will give him divorce and go to Canada forever.
Flashback ends.

Onir says, Ovi gave me swear and asked not to tell anyone about her going to Canada. Before I tell anyone, everyone had found out. I also had realized that Ovi will give divorce to Arjun and then Arjun will get lonely.. he will miss Purvi and Purvi won’t be with him to support him because she would be stuck with me. That is why it was important for me to go away from her life and that is why I made this plan and came to your shooting location.

Onir comes to Kinsukh and says, I thought a lot about this and I want my wife to hate me. I want her to hate me so much so she realizes that she will stay happy only with person whom she loves. Kimsukh says, are you sure? Because as long as I know, you love your wife a lot. Onir says, I love my wife a lot, but she doesn’t love me. It hurts me a lot.
Flashback ends.

And then you came to Mumbai and we executed our plan. Shalini says, and then I became part of it and acted becoming your wife. Onir says, I just wanted Pari to get her parents love and one day I realized that Purvi will never forget Arjun. That day when Arjun left Pari to Purvi saying Pari needs her mother, Purvi was worrying for Arjun that how he will live now. Ovi had already left him and now Pari. That day, I strongly felt that Arjun and Purvi need to come together. And for that it was important that Purvi starts hating me. That is why I made a plan.

Day when she told me that we need to get rid off our differences and she should accept me as I accepted her and her child, I could clearly see that she never loved me. Arjun was her true love and it was impossible for her to get out of it. Then we see how Onir, Kinsukh acted and made Purvi doubt Onir. Onir says, to make her doubt more, I talked harshly with her. I was feeling very bad when doing all this drama because I was hurting Purvi over and over.

Episode ends.

Precap: Purvi tells Archu, I cannot forget what Onir did. Archu says, you don’t need to think about Onir anymore. Forget whatever happened and take care of yourself and Pari.….

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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