Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th April 2013 Written Update

Thakursa with Emily’s chain. Wonders whose chain is that. Someone tells he would find that. Bhabho asks what happenned why sandy is silent. Asks her to call ems parents. Says that maasa has accepted em on her saying. Now she will get to know about ems parents. Sandy is thinking abt kajs words. Starts crying & hugs bhabho. Bhabho asks her to say something. Suraj says everything abt how he saved kajiri. & her saying that he will lose his brother like she lost her son. Sandy tells that they will not allow anything to happen to Momily. Bhabho shouts to stop. Its all becoz of her. Bhabho breaks down saying she made the situation difficult.
Thakursa investigates abt the chain to everyone. No one is aware.
Suraj sayRP & they will leave the village.
Bhabho tells that no one should know that they brought em for getting married to mohit. Adds that before kajiri informs anyone they should leave the place. Thakursa calls suraj. Everyone shocked to see ems chain on his hand.
Thakur asks abt the chain.

Meena asking sita & gita abt their payment. Sudha says the wall clock is repair. Meena asks dhaisa the time as she has bought new watch. Dhaisa looks at her watch which doen’t work. Meena wonders how it didn’t work. Dhaisa shocked. Meena sudha smiling. Djaisa ticks the watxh on the cot which gets broken. Meena laughs at her & says that dhaisa advised her earlier that always one should buy quality products not cheap one. Now asks what happened to her costly product. Dhaisa tells meena stole her watch. Meena denies that. Dhaisa not ready to leave her. Meena promises on her and asks her not to blame her & says that she is pregnant & what will happen to her child. Dhaisa tells that it will be a thief too. Dhaisa tells that she has made a mark back of the watch.

Bhabho asks why is he here. Thakur says that this is a chain of other religion person. Maasa is a religious person who will never allow all these persons to enter the village. Everyone shocked.

Emily in a room getting dressed up,. Notices her chain missing. Wonders whether it is lost somewhere.

Here bhabho manages thakursa. Thakursa asks them to get prepared for the marriage ceremony of Maasa. Saying thus he leaves.


Dhaisa fails to prove herself. Meena cries and creates a scene. Every one taunts Dhaisa & asks her to think twice before blaming anyone.Dhaisa wonders & is annoyed. Meena & sudha happy. Meena says that she has already noticed that mark & erased & replaced it with her name. If dhaisa is clever then i’m cleverer than her. adds that Poor dhaisa lost her respect & her 3ooo rs worth watch too.


Bhabho says that they escaped from thakur today. Asks suraj to call everyone & they will leave without informing anyone. Asks sandy to pack things. Sandy asks how can they leave without telling maasa. Bhabho shouts saying don argue now. Doesn’t she hear what thakur said abt maasa who will never allow a girl of other religion in her house. Asks sandy that she brought emily for the sake of her child but now she is concerned about her son’s life. She can go to any extent to save him. Adds that whether sandy expects maasa to give her gold bangles when she inform her that she has broughta girl out of their religion to get married to mohit. If she doesn’t oblige today she will be the worst person ever in the world.
Meanwhile kamla calls them to attend a rasam. Maasa calls sandy as ladesar to attend the rasam. Surya bhabho shocked.

Precap: Maasa tells everyone that she has brought something for the new family member that is mohit’s would be bride. Maasa gives a pendant to emily. Ems wear it. Maasa asks her to turn. Maasa notices the + pendant.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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