Suvreen Guggal 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 19th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 19th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Mumbai. Suvi sees Ira and leaves the room. Ira says that tomorrow is shoot. RC says I know. She says I want that we show our best soo logo is important. Did you think about that? He says yes.. She says that he has to be faster.. and then she goes. Rehan sees a paper what suvreen has designed. He smiles when he sees the designs.
Suvreen walks down the stairs. With happy face She talks to herself: Should I tell it to Mumma? No.. mumma could cook food. Vikram asks Suvi what do you wanna eat? She says that she is going with a friend for lunch. RC designs something..
Suvi is sitting on the stairs and eating a burger. She sees a telephone box and calls Tannu. Tannu asks how are you Duggal?? Suvi tells that the office has been shifted and that the new office is nice. Tannu says that she has to meet anyone for her internship. And then they hang up. Suvi goes to Rehan. He says that he has to go soo she has to design everything alone. That’s why he had choose her. She says that she will do it. And then RC goes. Suvi is designing the clothes with flowers and all. And then she fall asleep. Yuvraj comes and says TOPPER. Suvreen gets up and says YUVRAJ!. She is very shocked and asks you here??? He says I can come everywhere for you. She says I left you! He asks really?? You would not leave me topper. You are angry with me. You are topper.. you are my best friend! You are suvreen guggal! Can’t you try to forgive me???????? I’ve tried to forget you but I can’t. do you know why?? What everything happened.. It’s not easy to forget everything what happened between us. Look at me.! She says: Because of you Puppa slapped me. He says I know. What did you think?? You would leave me I would not come?? You are crazy!!! THEY ARE AGAIN FIGHTING (missed them yaarrr) Yuvraj is looking to Suvi while she is fighting (A song is playing) He says I LOVE YOU SUVREEN!!! I will promise you. Whatever happens I’ll protect you.! Please forgive me.. He comes closer.! She says it’s my office please go.. he is still saying please forgive me. She says It’s ok. I LOVE YOU SUVREEN!!!! They are looking to each other. She says I LOVE YOU!!!! And then they HUG each other.. He says thank you soo much.. (how cuteee)
It was her dream!!! She wakes up but nobody is there.. she is alone in the office. She goes to the door but the door is closed. She wants to phone RC but he will be angry.
In Delhi. Mumma guggal is watching suvis picture. She cries. And then the phone rings. It’s suvi. Mumma asks how are you?? She says I’m fine how are you? Mumma says How can I be fine?? You didn’t call me.. Mumma asks how is your new home?? Did you eat something? Did you make new friends? Suvi says that she has eaten something and her room is very nice.. The family where she leaves they are really nice.. they are Punjabi. Suvi says that she has to hang up coz she is late..

PRECAP: Ira says to everyone that she has a surprise for them. She brings them down the stairs. She says that this is their new logo. RC has worked on them. He says Suvi has designed it. Suvi gets shocked.. and Ira too.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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