Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th January 2014 Written Update

Bhabho asks Suraj why he is curious about hair growth and is he planning to grow his hair long. Suraj denies it but Bhabho is suspicious and asks whether Sandhya has cut her hair. Suraj is dumb but Emily defends Sandhya. Bhabho tells Emily that the place where Sandhya has gone is totally different and everyone fears Inspector Singh and whatever she orders will have to be done by all including Sandhya. Mohit offers to help Bhabho by video chatting with Sandhya. Suraj is scared and he excuses she might be in training at that time and he cannot call her. Mohit advices to SMS her. Suraj reluctantly messages Sandhya.

Sandhya is getting ready with her boxing dress and she hears the message sound.  She reads it and switches on the laptop.  In RM, Mohit informs Bhabho that Sandhya has come online.  Suraj is nervous.  Mohit asks Sandhya to switch on her camera and she does.  Bhabho and others see her in boxing dress with boxing hat.  They cannot see her hair and Bhabho asks her to remove her boxing hat.  Sandhya agrees but Roma comes in there.  She hurries Sandhya saying they are getting late.  She wishes Bhabho and excuses
saying they will be late and will chat later and switches off the laptop.  Sandhya and Roma run to the ground.  Suraj asks Mohit to leave the laptop there so he could chat with Sandhya later.

In the ground, cadets are ready.  Inspector Singh comes with two other officers and introduces one officer who is going to be training the cadets.  She also explains the significance of self defence to the cadets.  The other training officer takes the cadets to the boxing ring and gives instructions to them on reflexes and tests each of the cadets reflexes.  He appreciates Sandhya.  Inspector Singh thinks Sandhya
is good now and hopes she will improve herself. 

The officer asks the cadets to make two groups and fight with each other.The cadets form 2 groups and one from each group comes forward to fight.  First Zakir and Rahul fight.  Rahul kicks and Zakir falls down.  He then gets up and they both fight with each other.  In the end, the officer declares
Zakir is the winner.  Then, Roma and other cadet fight and Roma wins.  Next, Sandhya and other cadet fight.  Sandhya falls twice but fights up and she wins.  The officer declares her winner and Sandhya is pleased.  Zakir and Inspector Singh are impressed.  Roma is happy.  The training session ends there.
Zakir and Rahul say sorry to each other for fighting and appreciate each other’s moves.  The cadet who lost to Sandhya comes to her and appreciates her. Sandhya has trouble removing her hat and takes Roma’s help.  Roma helps her to remove it but it was so tightly fit that when Roma applies more pressure, the hat falls off at a distance in front of Inspector Singh.

Inspector Singh is angry and asks whose hat it is.  All the cadets are tense.  Sandhya says it is hers and goes forward to take it back.  Inspector Singh notices Sandhya has not cut her hair. She scolds Sandhya saying she needs to sharpen her senses too along with her reflexes as she is unable to understand what was told to her and what she needs to do.  She tells her that she remembers she ordered Sandhya to cut her hair.

Precap:Inspector Singh warns Sandhya that she needs to be serious with her training and stop her girlish behavior.  Inspector Singh turns to leave but Sandhya asks her permission to say something to her.

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