Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya showing the letter to SP Sir and saying this can’t happen. He says we have to find out, our work is what our duty reminds us to keep emotions aside. She says yes. Vikram brings Meenaskhi to her Maayka. Sudha says maybe he got you to apologize to your mum. Vikram says yes, right. Meenakshi asks him not to apologize. Vikram says no, for what I m going to do now. Meenakshi asks what. Vikram tells Sudha to tell her mum that he is leaving Meenakshi here. They are shocked. Vikram asks Meenakshi to keep her promise to agree to him, and understand that they are not made for each other. He scolds Sudha to be like Meenakshi and asks them to be together and do what they want, and he can’t his family be troubled by Meenakshi.

Meenakshi says don’t leave me here. Sudha asks her to stop it as they will decide how to handle this after mum comes, if Vikram does not care for her, why is she crying. Meenakshi hugs her and cries. Sandhya and SP come to Zakir’s house with the staff. Zakir asks whats the matter. He asks is there any emergency, I was coming at police station. SP says we came to talk about RK. Zakir says we should not take anything light. SP says you agree that we have to investigate well. Zakir says yes. SP tells Sandhya to hear that Zakir don’t think they are wrong and asks Sandhya to do her work.

Zakir asks what. Sandhya says we got some clues that you helped RK in running from jail. Zakir says what are you saying. SP asks Zakir to cooperate and they came to raid his house. Zakir agrees. The staff looks for the clues. Zakir asks on what charges Sir. Sandhya says the constable did suicide today, as we had a doubt on him for misusing his post. She says he was having duty in the hail where RK was kept. Zakir says whats my relation with this, what did I do. She says he wrote your name in his suicide note and write that he worked on your orders. Zakir says you think i did this, do you believe it.

He says see my track record, I m honest, is my honesty less than this paper, it’s a trap. Sandhya says handwriting experts told he wrote it. Lohya brings bank papers on Zakir’s name and says he got a big amount recently. SP asks Zakir whats this, we suspend you from your services. Zakir is shocked. SP says you will have enquiry. Zakir checks the papers and is shocked. He says this is not mine. SP says we don’t believe this, but we have proof against you, and enquiry will be done, you will be suspended till enquiry ends. You can’t go out of Pushkar.

He asks Sandhya to take Zakir’s service revolver and badges, this is an order. Sandhya looks at Zakir. Zakir nods hyes. She says I m really sorry Zakir. She removes his badges from his uniform. Sad music plays……………. Zakir cries. He gives his gun and cap. Sandhya sees him crying and asks him to understand the situation. She hopes he will clear the enquiry. Sooraj says Vikram and Meenakshi are not here, don’t know where they went. Bhabho says Vikram was worried. Kanha comes and they get glad seeing him. Babasa takes him and asks them to see Kanha came home. He asks how is he and did he miss then.

Bhabho asks will he have laddoo and did he come alone. She says I think he came by hiding from Taisa, take him back, else she will be annoyed. Taisa says no, not now, I told you the day when you kick out Meenakshi, I will come to your house, and you really did this. So I came with sweets, have this. Vikram comes home alone. Sooraj asks what happened, whats Taisa saying. Vikram says yes, I dropped her at her home. Bhabho asks why, I mean how, did she do anything again. Vikram says whats there left to do anything again, I can’t bear her now. He says Bhabho was right, I can’t be with Meenakshi and Prema and I chose Prema. Bhabho says yes. Vikram sees Kanha and asks Taisa to let him spend some time with Kanha, he will drop him soon. Taisa says yes, you can play with him. Babasa says how will we unite them now.

SP asks Sandhya to read the constable’s suicide note and makes Zakir hear it. She reads it and it has Zakir’s name in it. Zakir is shocked. He says all this is a lie, I m saying again, it’s a plan against me, they know very well that Sandhya and I are close to fulfill this case, so they planned to make me away from this, believe me. SP says we hope the enquiry result is in your favor, till you are out clean, you are suspended. Sandhya says she has a request, see Zakir’s service records and his contribution in the case. She says Zakir caught the arms in Kawachauth plan, maybe its their plan, we are close to victory. SP says I totally agree with you, but we can’t neglect the proof we got against him.

He says till the result comes, Zakir can’t go out of city and will inform Sandhya. Zakir nods yes. SP asks Sandhya to take Zakir’s passport and keep case away from media, as they don’t want police image to become bad.

Sandhya talks to everyone and says like Vikram decides to start new life with Prema, we will do Meenakshi’s second marriage. Bhabho says is she mad. Sandhya says Meenakshi has a right to marry too. Vikram is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Felt really really bad for zakir.

  2. Bhabo is perfect

  3. i really love this one

  4. yup ! she is hum

  5. Everybody acts well. Meenakshi, babasa acted very well, zakir is the best. Hats off to him! Good looking , good acting, he is.

  6. Hope Zakir get his position back

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