Divya Drishti 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Pisachini attacked by lal chakoor

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Scene 1
Divya and Drishti come to past and see the lal chakoor. They go back. Shekhar comes to Divya and says thank you. She says I did all that for mom. He says do you like books? Divya says go from here. Drishti locks the door.
Rakshit says I don’t know if this is real Shekhar or not. My heart says he is but I don’t know what to do. There’s nothing easy. Mahima says let me get you your fav chocolate shake.

Drishti says never show him this book. Divya says why would I? Drishti says everyone fooled us. Everyone that we trusted. We have to be careful. Drishti says he only said truth when he was caught. They hear Pisachini screaming. Everyone comes downstairs. They see Pisachini all injured. They hear a bird. Rakshit says how did this happen? Drishti says you got scared of a bird? Pisachii is crying and scared.

Drishti brings Pisachini to a room. Romi says someone attacked him. Drishti says I heard a bird. Romi says I did too. Divya gives her water. Rakshit says who attacked you? She cries and says save me please. Rashi and the girl come as well. mahima says where were you? She says we were playing chess.

Raskhit says Romi checked. Chinki was playing chess with Rashi. So we can’t doubt her. drishti says yes you find every girl innocent;. She says I found this red feather there. Divya says is ot of lala chakoor? Pisachni throttles Ojaswani and says you did all that. Who planned all that? Who attacked me.
Drishti says we have to find out who this lal chakoor is. Divya says we found lal chakoor in the past as well. We have to find more about it. Rakshit says I will go to that cave. Mahima says I won’t let you go there. It’s very scary. I won’t let you go there. Mahima says I lost my father in that cave. Pleas don’t go there. Drishti hugs her and says ma please don’t cry. We wont’ go there if you dont’ want us to.

Rashit says to Chinki let apply medicine on your hand. Are you scared? She says what I saw here was even more scary than jungle. I want to go from here. Rashi says don’t worry you’re safe here.

Scene 2
Drishti and Rakshit are leaving. Drishit says don’t tell anyone that we are going. Rashi says take care. They leave. Shekhar says I know you all don’t trust you. Drishi says we need to keep you in front of our eyes.
Pisachini is sleeping. Chinki gets up at night. Pisachini screams. Mahima says what happened? She says he will kill me.

They all come to the cave. Mahima finds out no one is home. Pisachini says you will all die. Mahima asks Ojaswani to bring Pisachini to her room.
They all put hands on the marks and the cave door opens. But it closes. Rakshit says it didn’t work. Drishit says you fooled us by glowing your hand. shekhar says divya saw it. I didn’t even see it. Please stop saying all this about me. I am Shekhar. Ojaswani calls Rakshit and says something wrong is happening. We can’t find Rashit. They all scream.

Rashi is hanging on the pool. Everyone screams and cries. Drishti brings her down and Rakshti catches her. Rashi isn’t opening eyes. Mahima cries and says Rahsi open your eyes. Is she sleeping? Everyones cries seeing her condition. Rashi is dead. Everyone cries. Mahima says nothing happened to her. she slaps Rakshit.

Rashi’s funeral is arranged. Everyone is crying and upset. Drishti tries to console her. He says I should have been here. I couldn’t be a good brother. I couldn’t save her. Drishit says don’t blame yourself. Everyone is upset. Shekhar comes to Divya. the book falls down. Drishti says why did he come here? Divya says to console me. How is rakshit?
Rakshit comes to Mahima. She is crying. Raksit comes to Drishti’s room and cries. Ojaswani says why did you go to that cave? Raskhti says we had to stop that power. Ojaswani says could you find anything? He says no. Rakshit says mom is mad at me. SHe isn’t talking to me. Drishti says lal chakoor is more powerful than Rashi,
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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