Naagin Season 4 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Manyata waits for Nayantara to become Naagin

Naagin Season 4 28th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev trying to rescue Nayantara, while the snake stands outside. Vrinda gets inside the fire and pushes Nayantara out. Rajat shouts Vrinda and tries to go inside, but others hold him. The snake comes inside and makes the carpet fall on the fire so that Vrinda can come out. They rescue Vrinda. Nayantara comes to Manyata. Manyata asks if she is mad to risk her life. Nayantara says I wanted to see who is the black snake? Manyata says tomorrow you will get the powers and will become icchadhari naagin. Manyata says you will come in your real avatar of icchadhari naagin. Akash gets worried about Dev and asks why did you come? Dev asks if there is any business rival? Akash asks him not to worry. Dev says I will not worry. Akash says he has called doctor for Baa. Dev says Baa will get unwell seeing Doctor. Nayantara asks how this will happen and asks if it will come suddenly. Manyata says same thing is happening with her. she tells that she met Keshav and fell in love with him. She says she didn’t listen to her parents and got punished. She says a human is the most poisonous creature on the earth. She tells that just as you becomes naagin, there sun will drown.

Vrinda talks to baa. Baa says I am inauspicious and this thing happened with Dev because of her. Baa says she will tell everyone that Dev is badluck and not her. Dev hears her and thanks her for making Baa sleep. Baa says she slept due to medicine effect. Dev asks if your boyfriend haven’t applied medicine. She says Rajat is her fiancé and not her boyfriend. Nayantara and Manyata talk about revenge in the temple. Dev applies medicine and asks why Rajat haven’t applied it. Vrinda tells that she gets many burns and she applies medicine to herself. She tells that Rajat is busy, and works hard. Swara scolds her husband and tells that Vrinda is hurt, but went to see Baa. Vrinda comes home and asks about Golu? Swara asks about her injury? Just then a girl comes there. Vishali asks Rasik why he didn’t keep eye on Dev. Ketki and others come there. Khyati asks her to think about Manas’s marriage and the money which they will get after marriage. Vishali recalls Manyata’s threat and tells that this marriage will not be postponed, thinks who will stop the naagin. Vrinda’s friend comes there.

They leave. Vrinda comes to Dev’s house and hears Manas, harsh, Rohan and others talking. Dev comes to vrinda and asks about her fiancé. Vrinda says he don’t cheat like others. Dev asks why is she making others as villain. Dev calls Nayantara. Nayantara thanks him for saving her. He says I thought at once that you had planned to kill me. Nayantara thinks she will come in her avatar tomorrow. She thinks she saved him for Kanika. Vrinda thinks if she shall tell about Manas to him. She thinks against it. Everyone asks her to bring juice.

While the youngsters are practicing to dance. harsh suggests that Vrinda shall dance with him, but Manas says that she is a servant. Baa hears and gets upset. Swara comes to Vrinda and wakes her up. Vrinda asks about Golu. Swara says she didn’t come. She asks her to go. Vrinda leaves and promises that she will make kheer after returning.

Pandit ji tells Vishali about Ashlesha puja. Dev comes home and drops the flower by mistake. Vrinda asks him to take it. he asks her to keep it with herself. She says she don’t want flowers which is for someone else and tells that she wants unique flowers. Dev jokes on Rajat and tells that these flowers is for Baa.

Manyata and Nayantara are in the temple. Manyata dances there. Vrinda comes to the party. She dances standing far. Dev admires her. Vrinda sees Baa and hugs her. Manyata continues to dance. Nayantara comes to the party and dances with Dev. Song plays Krishna radha ke sang….Vishali appreciates Nayantara’s dance and takes off the bad sight off from her. harsh says some moves were of naagin. Nayantara says she don’t only dance like Naagin, but can bite too. Dev stops Vrinda and asks where is she going? Vrinda tells that she is going home and tells that you don’t know about my mum. She teases him for dancing with Nayantara. He asks if she couldn’t keep an eye off him. Vrinda says no. he reminds that she has a fiancé.

Manas’s girlfriend comes there and asks him to inform his family members about her. Manas tries to stop her and slaps her hard. Vrinda sees him and tries to rescue the girl, but Manas takes the girl in her decky. Vrinda tries to tell Dev, but Manas takes her away. Dev talks to Nayantara. Nayantara thinks she has to reach the temple. Vrinda calls help while locked inside the car. Dev tells Nayantara that Maa told him that she is his savior and asks her to turn around. He sees Nayantara on the magic board. She asks when did you do this? Dev says this is my favorite place and I brought the stars here for you. Nayantara thinks the moon came fully and tells that she needs to go. dev says all my cousins are planning for your birthday along with Kanika. Nayantara says I have to go and asks him to understand. he asks her to call her friends here. Manyata gets worried. Manas takes the girl to the hut. They threaten to kill her. Vrinda manages to come out of the car. Manas and others get alerted. They come out. Manas asks them to wait there and run behind Vrinda. Vrinda comes to the temple and hides. Manyata doesn’t see her and feels Nayantara is in trouble.

Precap: Nayantara comes to Manyata and tells that she is feeling some warmth and movement in her body. Manas hits Vrinda with something. A snake comes infront of him and is about to hit him. The snake comes to the captive girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Who is the real daughter or she have twins

  2. Shesha485

    Nice Episode

  3. Verma4

    Who the f is this manas wanker. hope the naagin stings the shit out of him.

  4. I think vrinda is the real daughter or manyata have twins

  5. Vrinda is the real snake

  6. Nayantara is already a naagin right. Then why her mother waiting for her to become naagin?

    1. I am having the same doubt.. In the earlier episodes we saw her changing her avatar right? Why is this so confusing?

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