Divya Drishti 28th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Pisachini arranges a party

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Divya Drishti 28th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shekhar comes and says Pisachini I want to tell you something. Pisachini says are you falling for her? He says okay I wont tell. Pisachini says you aren’t helping anyway. Shekhar leaves.

Bichu comes to Ojaswani and says Mausi has arranged a party for everyone. she sent this dress. Ojaswani says thank you.
Roomi and dovya are looking at the start. Bichu comes and says Mausi sent these dresses. She wants you two in party.

Drishti says aren’t you ready? He says I ready for your lies. She says I am talkin about the party. He says I am not going. She says everyone is waiting for you. Drishti says you accused me so many times. Drishti is leaving. Raskhit says don’t dare doing. Drishti says so should I stay here? I am leaving for the party. He says why don’t you leave forever. So we don’t have to see each other’s face. Drishti is leaving.

Everyone comes downstairs. The party starts. Pisachini says we will be celebrating love today. I want to arrange this party for the newly weds. Pisachini says Drishti why are you alone? Drishti says he has some work. Pisachini says we will have so much fun today. Lucky says I will dance toda too. Lucky says Rakshit isn’t here. Who will dacne with Dristi. Mahima says to Pisachini I have taken the body tere. Sunny says I can dacnce with drishti. Divya says we can all be individuals. Shekhar says I have to keep an eye on this Drishti. They are upto something.

Everyone dances. Sunny says to Drishti drink? She says I don’t drink. He says once please. drishti shoves him. The glass falls on his foot. Divya says this is what happens to people like you.
Lava comes to Rakshit and says hi. Do you need compnay? He says what are you doing here? SHe says what are you doing here? Rakshit says this is my house. Lava says my partner is with you only. Rakshit says that’s why you ran from the party. I am married now.

Drishti and Divya are upstairs. Shekhar sees Divya and Drishti together. He says what are they doing together. Lava says my foot hurts. Rakshit says go to party and dance. Lucky comes. Lava says can’t you knock. Lucky says he isn’t your husband. Your husband is waiting downstairs. Lava leaves in anger. Lucky says rakhsit drishti is alone. She is upset without you. Rakshit says I am busy. Lucky says I love Drishti like my daughter. Rakshit I recognize people. You only love her for your selfishness.

Divya and Drishti are looking at the star. Shekhar looks at them. Roomi comes and says what are you doing here? Keeping an eye on your wife? He says no I was just here. SHekhar leaves. Divya says let me see. drishti says let me see first. The star falls and gets stuck in Pisachini’s clothes. Divya drishti run downstairs.
Rakshit comes downstairs too. Pisachini dances. The son dil bara bayeman plays. Lava dances with Sunny. Divya dances with Shekhar. Pisachin says come on rakshit your trun. Rakshit says I don’t want to. Mahima says let him be. Pisachini says drishti come one bring your husband. Drishti says he can’t dance. He will embarrass me. Rakshit pulls her. Rakshit and Drishti dance.

Police comes to the party. He asks where is this girl? Rashi says that’s maniya our friend. Inspector says we found her body. He says we have to investigate in this house. Her body was found in carpet that was from this house. Divya wonders she saw Mahima taing the carpet. Mahima says I took the carpet to change it. Rashi says someone must have gotten it there. Rakshit takes the inspector outside. Divya says see.. Her son is trying to protect her. I knew Mahima would do this. Drishti says why would Mahima do this.

Lava finds Maniya’s ring on the floor. drishti saw that ring when Mahima was leaving.
Divya says to Drishti I told you this mahima and rakshit are susipicious. She killed that girl. Drishti says calm down. divya says I will tell police.
Dviya goes downstairs. Drishti follows her. Divya says sMahima killed a girl right in front of me. I couldn’t do anything. Drishti says we have to calm down. Divya says someone killed our mother and we couldn’t do anything. that woman comes here. That woman is Mahima. I will kill her. Divya goes to Mahima.. She throes a sword towards Mahima. Drishit saves her. Everyone comes. Rakshit comes and picks them both. Chachi says you shoved mahima why? Rakshit says she saved mom from that sword. Shekhar says the stuff must have fallen with them. Shekhar looks at Divya on the door.

Precap-Divya says Mahima is the killer. Why are you trying to save her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why romi didn’t told that the girls will be saved because of drikshit he isn’t make any dangerous for them

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