Divya Drishti 25th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahima and Ash die

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Divya Drishti 25th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Monty says why did we even come here? Sweeti says you asked me to. He says don’t pick lawyer’s case. I don’t want anyone to know about the case. Ojaswani hears and wonders what care are they talking about.

Rakshit is worried. He says where is the doctor? Mom isn’t well. Drishti says please calm down. Nothing would happen. Rakshit says I lost my father and sister. Drishti says I know the feeling of losing a loved one. We lost our mom and dad too. Rakshit says stop talking about death. He says mom would be fine. Simran says the doctor is here. Pisachini opened the door. Divya saw no one came in. The doctor checks Mahima. She says I have already checked. Shekhar says what happened to her? She says I am sorry.. She is no more. Everyone is shocked. Rakshit screams. Everyone screams and cries. Pisachini asks the doctor to leave. Rakshit breaks stuff in anger. Shekhar and Drishti calm him down. Rakshit says this can’t happen. He screams and breaks stuff in anger. Drishti slaps him and then hugs him.

Monty says I am so sorry Rakshit. Drishti says I know this house is weird. Divya says you all have to believe. Monty says we are locked here. Drishti says we have lost our mom. Lal chakoor did this. He’s one of us. Simran says I am so scared. Divya says don’t worry. Remember where were we all. Drishti says I was with Rakshit. They ask Ash. Ash says are you doubting me? Drishti says no. Divya says we are only trying to understand of lal chakoor is controlling someone. Ash says I took the box to Mahima’s room. I saw Ashish and Nisha on the bed. She said what is all this. You guys aren’t married. Mahima won’t like it. Come out. Drishti says so they never came out of the room? Simran says no. Ashish came to my room. He tried to flirt with me. Nisha says shut up. Simran is in tears. Drishti says what? Ashish came to her room and tried to force her. He said I have my eyes on you since I came to this place. Rakshit hits him and says how dare you. Shekhar says I will kill you. Romi says Simran isn’t lying. When I went to her room she was really scared and Ashish was there. Why didn’t you tell me Simran. Romi asked her what happened. She left. Romi asked Ashish what happened? He said it was a lizard. Ojaswani hugs Simran. Simran says let’s not waste time on him. Let’s focus.

Drishti asks Sweeti and Monty. She says I was on a call with my friend. Ash says I saw Monty in corridor. He says I was a balcony. I went there to think about. Rakshit says think what? He says I was smoking. Romi says he’s lying. There are no ashes. Monty says you’re all crazy. I am leaving. Shekhar says no one would leave. Monty says okay.

Scene 2
Ojaswani says to Simran stay with us so that Ashish can’t be around you. Ojaswani tells Ash about the case thing she heard. She says Monty would be lal chakoor. Divya says to Drishti why don’t you tell everyone about your pregnancy? Drishti says there’s so much going on there. Romi sees Ashish drinking. He says what are you doing? Ashish says don’t tell me what to do. Divya and Drishit see someone in red hoodie.

Rakshit hits Ashish and says say sorry to my sister. Romi says we trust Simran more than anyone. He says I am sorry. I won’t do that again. Drishti tries to follow lal chakoor. She is about to fall. Divya saves her. She says you have to be careful. Ash steals Monty’s phone. Ojaswani opens his phone. THey open his messages and are scared.

Divya asks Monty did you see lal chakoor? He was coming towards your room. He says I didn’t hear anything. I was in the restroom. Monty says you two misbehave all the time. Drishti says shut up. Come with me downstairs. Ojaswani says this Monty has a case of hitting and killing people with his car. Drishti says we asked him if he saw lal chakoor. He said he didn’t. Sweeti says it’s a fake case. Monty says first your sister accused Ashish and now I am being accused? Shekhar says that wasn’t a false accusation. Sweeti says enough. They see Pisachini falling from the roof. Everyone is shocked. Her eye glows. Drishti checks her. Pisachini is alive. She screams. Pisachini says why is it so dark? I don’t see anyone. She screams and says what? I can’t see. Why can’t I see anyone? They see lal chakoor and his feather. The feather floats. Divya says it says a letter. Pisachini fooled me and I punished her. Another person has to die at 11. Everyone is shocked. Ojas says what will we do now?

Scene 2
Sweeti says trust me he didn’t do any accident. Drishti says Monty wasn’t anywhere and he couldn’t say anything where he was. Monty says you have lost your mind. rakshit says you were here when something bad happened. Sweeti says he’s your cousin. Rakshit says that’s why I haven’t hit him so far. Rakshit asks Shekhar and Ash to keep an eye on him. Divya says he’s very shady. Please be careful. Shekhar says I am with her. Ash says Divya, I kept your fav chocolate in the fridge. Take care. Divya says I love you mom.

Divya says to Rakshit why were you running. You could fall. Rakshit says what happened? Drishti says he doesn’t know. Rakshit says what is it that I don’t know? What did you do? Divya says she is pregnant. Rakshit is shocked. Divya leaves. Rakshit says your test? It was negative. Drishti says yes it was. Then I checked again and it came out positive. Rakshit says such a big news. Drishti says I know how you feel. HE hugs her. Rakshit says I hated when you used to share things with Divya but I am not mad today. I am just happy. You have to take care of now. I will get you new shoes. He changes her shoes and says you will only wear flats. Rakshit says thank you for showing me this light in this darkness. I am so happy. He hugs her.

Pisachini says I will kill. Don’t come near me. Divya says it’s me. Pisachini screams. Shekhar says Divya is screaming. Ash says go and check her. She hugs him. Pisachini uses her powers. Divya stops her. Simran is in front of Pisachini. Shekhar shoves Pisachini. Divya hugs Simran. they hear music. simran says someone would be attacked. Divya says where is mom? Sweeti says where is Monty? The tune becomes louder. Shekhar sees light. He sees Ash dead. Shekhar screams mom. Rakshit brings her down. Shekhar and Divya are screaming. Shekhar says no mom. You can’t leave us mom. They place her next to Mahima. Ojaswani says what is happening. Drishti says we will fight him. Drishti says where is Monty? Romi says he ran from the store.

Rakshit says let’s look for her. Drishti says we have to find Monty too. Shekhar and Divya cry seeing Ash’s picture. He says I will find Monty and lal chakoor and kill him. Ojas is crying. Drishti gives her water. Rakshit says you need rest. Ashish comes there. Romi says what are you doing here. He says Simran I am sorry. Nisha slaps him. Sweeti says Monty isn’t lal chakoor. Divya and Shekhar see Pisachini. Divya says is she pretending? They throw water on her. Divya says so she can’t see? Do Drishti and Divya wonder who is killing then?

Precap-Rakshit says it’s Monty who killed everyoen. They see monty dead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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