Bigg Boss 13 25th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Salman asks Asim and Sid to leave the house for a fight

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Bigg Boss 13 25th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Episode
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says these inmates keep confusing others with their fights, we don’t know who is poking who. Himesh Reshamiya entered the house and see what happened.

In the house:
Day 119
9 AM
The inmates wake up to see Himesh there. Aashiqui mein teri plays. Himesh sings and greets everyone. Himesh says I am here to promote my movie.
Himesh asks Mahira to make tea for him. Mahira says I don’t find the tea. Himesh asks Rashami to give the tea that she had hidden. Mahira says she had hidden it? Shefali says Rashami does it all the time. Rashami brings tea. Sid says why you do it Rashami?

Sana tells Himesh that Shefali is a lion here.
Himesh tells the inmates that let’s try my singing. They hold their noses and sing his songs. Himesh says let’s do laughing exercises, they all laugh. Himesh says let play a game. One team has Asim, Arti, Paras and Sana. Team B will have Sid, Shefali, Mahira, Vishal. Asim and Sid will take out the juice from a machine. Team members will collect sugarcanes for them. They all get some sugarcanes and use a machine to make juice. Paras helps his team. Himesh says Team A made 4 glasses of juice.
Sid’s team starts working. Sid rolls the wheel while Vishal holds the machine for him. They have got 5 glasses. Himesh says Team B won the task so they will get jalebis. Himesh thanks them and leave.

Sid asks Asim why Rashami had to steal the tea? Rashami says I was keeping it stored, it’s not a big deal. Asim says she didn’t steal it.
Shefali says Sana was taunting me by calling me a lion. Sid says all she does is poke. Sana says I didn’t say anything wrong about her. Sid has to taunt me. Sid asks her to remain in limits. Sana says I don’t want to fight with you so don’t talk to me. Sid says I am not going to come to you even if you bring your father here. Sid leaves. Sana says to Asim that he has made an issue without any reason. Asim asks Shefali to move the table. Sid laughs at him. Sid tells Shefali that when Parag meets him then Asim will have fun. He wants to have fun, we will take everything out of him once we are out of this show. Asim sits in front of him and says dogs can bark all the time.

Asim says that Sid is getting too much, I will show him outside the house, we will see each other. I will get you. Sid says yeah right. Paras says he is doing it for cameras. Sana tells Paras you people to think that nobody can do anything once you go out.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Himesh on the stage. He sings with him. Salman says Himesh is a fan of Bigg Boss. Himesh says I did a mistake by asking for the tea. Salman says now I will have to bear them. Salman says you were 14 years old when you came to me as a producer and we used it. Himesh asks him to sing a line with him. He sings tere naam. Salman sings with him. Himesh greets him and leaves.

Salman sits on a horse and says two tasks were rejected this week too. Salman says let’s talk to the inmates about these small issues. Salman connects the call to the house. He sits on a horse. All inmates laugh. Salman jokes about the sooji that Vishal ate. Salman asks Vishal did you get down from the horse? Vishal says I did. Asim says Vishal did get up from the horse but he was touching it. I didn’t see him moving away from the horse. Salman says but when people were telling you that he got down. Asim says I asked Vishal and he said he didn’t get down. Salman says you were not looking at him but Vishal should have told him the truth. Vishal says I didn’t know that you can’t get down from the horse. Sid asked me and I said I didn’t get down, I lied because it was not important, Rashami gave me her place. Salman says what if you had told the truth? Vishal says I didn’t want to lose the place. Salman says the drama started with you lying and then your personality came out in the spider task. You can’t stay on your decisions, your lies came out. Why did you lie so blatantly? You think we are not looking at you? If you want immunity then why you said you don’t care? Why do you want your friends to save you if you think you are not weak? Rashami says I think Vishal didn’t have a strong base because he came later in the show. Salman asks what about against you? Rashami says he is weaker than me. Salman says Vishal what you think? Vishal says she is strong. Salman says what about between you and Asim? Vishal says it must be a tie. Asim says he is a strong player. Salman says let me tell you breaking news. Vishal is SAFE. All clap for him. Salman says Vishal has got more votes than Rashami, this is not a lie. It’s a wake-up call for Rashami. He asks Vishal to change his habits, we saw you washing your hands in a swimming pool. Vishal says no, I never did it. All laugh. Paras says I saw you washing the hands. Salman says don’t be unhygienic. He says don’t go in the pool if Vishal is there.
Salman says to the inmates that two inmates want to leave the house desperately. They keep asking to meet outside, we can’t have violence here so we will open the door, go out and beat each other, then you can come back. Salman says I want to open the door for these macho men. Sid says calm down.. calm down.. Salman says if I was in your place, I would have gone out. The doors open. Sid gets up and asks Asim to come. Asim says I don’t wanna fight wit him. Sid says you have been dying to do it. Salman says to Asim that you keep fighting with him, I am giving you both a chance. Asim says he threatens me all the time, he doesn’t care about his career but I do. Salman says you both are saying dialogues like villains. You both are spitting poison against each other. Asim said that he can throw Sid down with a punch so why are you not going? Sid says I want to fight so come with me, let’s have a fight. Salman asks Sid to sit back. Sid says I have told him to not talk to me here, we will meet outside but he keeps poking, he is so irritating. Asim says he taunted me in task too, cursing my father. Salman asks Sid what you said about Asim’s father? You said that your father did two mistakes by giving birth to you and your brother and then he had to throw you out. Sid says no, let me explain. Salman says there is no explanation for it, you would look like a fool in this, you went to that level, he is a 25 years old guy, who are you to say that his father did a mistake? Paras says I just want to say that Asim was taunting my sister and about standard. Asim says I just told him that I don’t want to be a person like him with money. Salman says Asim did taunt Paras’ family. Salman tells them if you both do this again then I will throw you out of this house. Asim says I will not talk to this guy. Sid says not even Paras. Salman tells Sid that if you look at yourself from outside, you will be shocked. If you want to beat each other so do it, I ask all the inmates to provoke them so they can fight and go out. Sid says I had fights with Paras and Vishal. Asim gets on your nerves. He comes on face. He says so much rubbish. Asim says I am controlling myself. Salman asks Asim if he wants to work like this? You are showing shoes to others? You poke others, this is your talent? Asim says they are calling me a coward. Shefali taunts me so much. Salman says if they are taunting you so you taunt their families? Salman asks Shefali she wants to be seen in this light? Shefali says he keeps poking me. Salman says you all are wrong here. I can’t go on that level, you people can fight as much as you want. Salman tells Asim that if I say something here then that topic is finished. If this happens again then I will not be here. All are wrong here except Arti, she is going right. Salman tells Asim that poking others is not fun. You keep asking her to bring a table. Salman tells Rashami that Asim taunted Shefali, calling her that type of a girl but you didn’t stop him. Asim says Shefali keeps poking me, I am sorry, I won’t do it again. Salman says you say that you are going for showtime and then you go and fight with them. Salman asks what’s fixed deposit? Asim says they are Sid’s friends so we call them that. Sid says Sana started that taunt. Shefali says Arhaan and Rashami started taunting Arti and Sana by calling them a fixed deposit. I didn’t want to talk about it so I never brought it up. Salman says Asim called Shefali a fixed deposit in front of Sana. Rashami says Vishal has started this word. Salman says why are you taking the wrong meaning of it? Vishal says it means that Arti is loyal to Sid as a friend. Sana says Paras said that I ran away from my house and I am fake and I am a flip. Paras can say anything to me? Paras says she was taunting my personal relationship. Sana says he started it. Sid hints at Asim to come out. Salman asks Sid what he is doing? Asim says he is poking me in front of you. Sid says he is giving points to Sana. Paras says Asim is not letting Sana talk. Sid says a fixed deposit means that you invest in it and use it when you need it. Salman says a fixed deposit here means that you will use them when you are in nominations. Sid says they taunt that I have a relationship with Arti and that I am using her for my game. Sana says I just asked Arti if she had a relationship with Sid. Arti says she was asking me but then I got to know about that term. Salman says that term was not said in a wrong sense. Salman tells Asim that when you talk in this attitude then it looks wrong. Asim says Sid is poking me to no end. Salman says I don’t care if you want to show these personalities. You disrespect girls, nobody thinks before speaking here. He ends the call.

Arti tells Rashami that I told Shefali I will clear in front of Salman. Shefali and Paras said that it means a wrong woman so then I reacted.
Mahira hugs Vishal and says you got more votes than Rashami.
Sana tells Rashami that I never thought Sid would go against me like this. Rashami says you are a contestant so he will do it. Sana says you too, don’t make fake issues now.
Sid tells Vishal that I don’t have any fixed deposit here. Sana says Sid I didn’t say that word. Sid says I am not talking to you, I am a cheap person, you must have told them that I played a game with you. Your friends must have told you that I was playing a game with you, you show your game now. I will become a villain now. I am a loser, I am a gutter. Sana says I never thought you would go against me. Sid says you don’t need to know what relationships I have outside. Sana says what I find wrong, I will talk about it. I am not here to make teams. Sid says your eyes are open now? You know me now. You know everything. Sana says I am ashamed of myself. Sid says good, I have shown my reality. Sana leaves from there.
Sana says my expectations are gone now.

Sid tells Paras that I wanted Asim to come outside. My mom said that everything is fine outside, she said everything was fine and nothing to worry. I hope she is not getting ******, I hope my sister is fine. They talk about their struggles. I was there when I am 26 years old. Shefali says he got scolded.
Asim tells Vishal that they kept calling me a follower, they can’t bear me standing here on my own.

On the stage:
Salman says we had a contestant Pooja Bedi. Her daughter Alaya and Saif Ali Khan are coming here. He welcomes Saif and Alaya here. They promote their movie. Salman connects the call to the house. Salman shows them Saif and Alaya. Saif talks about his movie. Mahira says Kareena is my inspiration, I wanted to do what she did. Salman says you are doing what she did? Kareena did Saif but you are doing Paras. All laugh.
Saif says Asim and Sid have to drink lassi bottles. They both start drinking it. Asim can’t drink more. Salman says the honest Vishal will decide who has won the task. He will change his decision 15 times now. All laugh. Saif says it’s a tie.
Alaya tells the inmates that they have to use the hair-spray. Salman praises Arti cutting her hair. They apply color hair-spray on their hair. Saif says it another tie. Salman ends the call.

Caller of the week:
Saif and Alaya leave the stage. Salman connects the call to the house. He says we will talk to the caller of the week. The caller asks Sana that you supported Asim and Vishal in the captaincy task when they poke Sid so much so why do you expect Sid to be with you? Sana says our game was different, we never discussed it. He chose Arti in the pawn task. Asim saved me in that game so I wanted to return the favor. Now it’s clear, I have taken a stand for Sid always. The caller says that Sid has always stood with you. Sana says I am close to him so I do get hurt, he can play his game. The caller says that you are playing a game with him, you go to him when the task is finished. Sana says I am comfortable with Asim’s group. I am with Sid irrespective of the game. The caller says love you to Sid and ends the call.
Salman says Mahira and Asim are safe. All clap for them.

Sana tells Rashami to not take Sid’s name from now on. Rashami says we don’t talk about him, I am getting irritated.
Shefali tells Sid that they are liking you. Sid says feelings are not related to the game.

Sana tells Arti and Shefali that I am worried about Shefali and Rashami. Arti says Rashami has a big fan following. Arti says but Bhau had a lot of fans. Shefali says Bigg Boss’ fan following is different.
Paras tells Mahira that I might go because of last week. I want to leave before you otherwise it will be difficult for me.
Sana asks Shefali and Arti if her answer was clear? Shefali says no. Sana says the caller was right but my vibe with Sid is very strong, I love him a lot, I have an attachment with him but I have to stay in this house, I like to talk to Rashami, she makes me happy so I sit with them. Shefali says it was not an issue, you sit with them all the time. Sana says I told Sid that they might have faked it but they did save me from the nominations so I will be with them in the task. Then Arti mistakenly added the eggs in my basket so Sid got angry on her, which made me hurt. Arti says because our strategy was different. Sana says if Sid was in the task then I would have supported him. Shefali says you were supporting Rashami so why should Sid think about you?

Mahira tells Paras that I can’t have hope from Sana. She makes such a good friend and then she is not loyal.
Sana is talking to Arti and Shefali. Sid comes there and asks Arti why she is here? Sana says I am going. Arti says he is just asking. Sana says Arti don’t talk to me, people don’t like it. She leaves. Sid asks Arti what’s wrong with her? Arti says she came to me.

Salman signs off from the show.
PRECAP- Varun Dhawan comes there with his movie team. Salman connects the call to the house. Varun says we have a way to bring the heat down. He lies on floor and dances. Paras and Sid follow him. Salman follows the dance step too. All laugh.
Remo and Varun enter the house. Remo asks them who should leave the house? Mahira says Sana. Shefali takes Rashami’s name. Sana takes Paras’ name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wonderful. Everybody deserves it what they got today. Every word. Fair to leave aarti as she doesn’t know to play mind games.
    That’s what called standing on your words and accepting it without any hesitation, whether its good or bad. And rightly stopped by Salman without giving any clarification. What’s the use of it ? No one cares ! What’s done is done and all have used it very well for the negative promotional.

    You may think the show is biased which you are spreading from the beginning and now its all being proven from their mouth only. And some HM’s are proving themselves whom you had full confidence that they are deprived of what they are capable of. This is all they are capable of when everything comes on face.(not about challenge, rest of the discussion)

  2. When a lion is hunting, everybody takes the side of the prey and hopes for its survival. That doesn’t mean lion is wrong, its the nature of it. And it doesn’t mean you are taking wrong side, you are just having mercy and showing your humane side.(Logic is about biased viewing only, don’t take unnecessary meanings)

    Game is game everywhere whether its good,bad,logical,illogical, smart, innocent, dumb, arrogant, attitude. But when it comes to facing the reality, you need to accept some things which shows your personality, clarity, State of mind, game playing style.
    One who cannot confess his/her own words even when there is full evidence (nothing to do which is against your words, first confess your own words) don’t know what will they call that person as.

    And for those who says its biased, when a person cannot stand on his/her own words, leave it standing on words atleast has to accept what was said by them. If not who the hell will take side of such a personality ? He/she will dump against them also some time for their safety.

    Bottom line is
    Be loyal to yourself, you can fool the world but not yourself. No need to mention names, you all know who are that players.

  3. Shukla had some strong rivalry with each HM at certain stages.
    Statements given by those rivals themselves.

    Rival 1 : i like to play differently and cancel the tasks. It’s fun to watch getting fights. Now is a strong supporter and friend.

    Rival 2 : i misunderstood him to be gossiping about our issues n me, shukla is intelligent n childish. He is possessive and likes to have some space. I will give him some space and not involve our personal issues in the game.

    Rival 3 : i like to get poked, instigated. That’s my game. I know Shukla’s weakness, he can’t withstand attitude and arrogance. So i will show him that only always. Once a staunch supporter, now became a staunch rival.

    Rival 4 : i love to flip sides and i go to them who gives me attention and Entertains me. I am always loyal to him but he never was loyal to me. He only betrayed me. My mood swings decide my game.

    Rest all rivalries are short and not has any big reasons to fight with Shukla, other than taking sides of these above 4.

    But still people say, show is biased even after the rivals self declared about them and their game plan.

    Who is biased actually now ?

    1. You really are in a dream world Fully scripted your dialouge

      1. Thank you for the reality check !!
        Happy that you came in reality atleast on my view.

  4. Himesh’s “chai” issue was definitely scripted, lol he is not that great of an actor.
    I am glad that Salman cleared it out that Asim really did not see what happened in the horse task, it was Vishal who lied. Again, Asim had no reason to believe anyone else because they are his “rivals”.
    What Salman Khan said was true, if Vishal believes he is strong… he shouldn’t expect his friends to always save him. But there is no way that Vishal got more votes than Rashmi… I don’t believe that at all. I am sure the only reason why that was said is to make Rashmi more involved.
    Sid and Asim have major ego issues. Sid was ready to go outside, but Asim stayed back. Asim was smart. If they were to have gone out, reputation for both would have went down big time (even though they need to fight it out at this point).
    Yes, Salman is also right…. everyone is wrong in the house is wrong. Everyone looks so bad in this house, let’s see how their futures look after this show.
    I feel that the fixed deposits issue was blown out of proportion. They definitely made it a bigger deal than is actually is.
    Shefali is the biggest instigator, Paras and Mahira are SO happy that “Sidnaaz” broke up.
    I was hoping to see Saif host, but I guess not:(
    I heard Shefali is out, thank God. I hope Mahira is next to leave!

    1. Yes, totally agreed. Asim is smart, he definitely knows how to play smart in GAME only
      Some comments are boomerangs like aisi ladki, FD. They test our level too.

  5. Amal

    LMAOOO colors tv we see what you’re doing here but it’s only making your baby Sid look like the crybaby that he is by favouring him , once he comes out his going to have field days with Twitter folks cos they’re going to roast him since he always wanted colors tv to have his back. What a big Biish Sidharth is 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    BB13 seems biased towards Sid… No comments for him…
    Feeling bad for Sana… Well tortured mentally… She’s disturbed… Yet nobody consoles her… only aggravating her broken-self… Viewers loved her original comic personality in initial months… But that’s long gone… Now viewers expect her to go emotionless no matter what and follow Sid, even if that stubborn guy is wrong…
    #CongratsMakers… This show may actually destroy the contestants’ true self…
    I hope these whole events make her virtuous in future…

  7. Mahira not being in the bottom is the biggest joke of the season. Why won’t they kick her out? Unworthy girl.

  8. Yesterday episode …i m still wondering how shukla can speak so much ..his continually instaling of Asim father . Ge is not at all sorry for his words …..and just some word by salman …is is Enuf to clear his image?

    Shukla is too equally responsible for poking others …
    Poor Asim he is been poked by shukla well as paras Mahira n that stupid zariwala…he is alone always ….

    Shukla is being favoured by chennal

    Heard .. zariwala is gone ..thank god one bully is out

    Plz throw Mahira too asap ..wondering how she got mroe vote than rashmi

    Kal ka episode sirf or sirf Asim ko sunaney ke liye tha shyad ..

  9. This is a game everybody playing their roles, but obsession to someone is also not a good thing , everybody is right at some points and wrong at the other ,but you also seems to be obsessed with a single putting the statements of all the is necessary how you respond to different situations. .

    1. Muskan Agarwal

      Salman is so biased I hate this season The season is all about sid why the are proving sid right everytime and rashmi in bottom 2 seriously it’s all fake No one should watch big boss # stop watching bigboss13

  10. SSELlover

    Gosh I hope there are no more SidNaaz shippers now. Even after all these humiliation if some one wants Sana to go to Sid then they seriously needs some class on self respect. Sana joined Asim’s team bcoz they are valuing her. Even Sana’s father is against SidNaaz now. Sid who is 40 years old don’t have half the maturity of his juniors. He and Paras are openly threatening Asim which is totally wrong. Sid had done more wrong things to Asim and today’s episode was so lopsided that they concentrated on small things Asim said so that they can make him look equally wrong as Sid. They are maligning Rash, Asim, Sana image for their damaad Sid. Even the COTW was from sid fan grp. How dare he say that Sana never supported Sid. Sana was always there for Sid and hez the one who turned her down. And the FD matter was stretched out of proportion by Sid and Paras. Disgusting that they emotionally fooled their friend Arti by giving the word a twisted meaning. Sid who has said the worst things in the show and Paras who said “if Asim dies i ‘ ll buy perfume for you” are acting as saints. Four of them Sid paras mahira shefali are DiSGUSTING. Such a biased season.

  11. Bigg boss 13 viewers MAX thoughts.

    1.Sid is not correct all the times as they promote in the show.

    2.Sid is the undisputed King and he can never be wrong.

    3.This season is fully scripted and biased always.

    4.Sid is given more importance than any other contestant in this season.

    5.Sid is personally good but has aggression issues and no control over tongue when he is angry.

    6.Sid is the best player out of all the contestants this season.

    No other thoughts will come across in viewers mind except these. And these impressions are stamped in our mind. No changing that, what so ever happens.

    Like they say rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. (Our view always develops as it is, no changes)

    Some are spreading more negativity and some are spreading more positivity. No looking in reality.

    People who try to get reforms in these views are stamped desperate and has no business.

  12. Just one thing who took stand for Rashmi so that she should take stand. Why SS was not asked about Sana being disloyal to her parents.

    1. Bcz No one can never know, what’s her problem is actually and where she is taking it the situation to. So no one takes stand.
      Shukla didn’t disrespect shehnaz parents but said his view ON HER OWN impression which she gave it on National TV.
      Now this is your n my own version of viewing. So, truth is truth only be it yours or mine.

      1. Mostly I don’t answer back to anyone but SS demeaned Sana to another level by saying what he said. That was way too personal and beyond his limits. Had it been any other girl, she would have given him a reply which he would remember for life. No one was asked for why they didn’t take stand for Sana or when mahira calls Rashmi mummy to vishal. Zari has been going on father but probably that is normal for shoemakers and fans. When no one stood for saying that why they denied food made by particular person. These issues are to be addressed as are way cheap.

    2. Artifromiran

      Shahnaz showed disrespect by saying that his mother beat her during the fight. Isn’t that enough?

  13. I now know one thing bigg boss 13 will always be remembered for being partial and for violence. Even if Shukla wins the trophy, he will never get the same respect and love as the past winners. And probably get trolled for being the fixed winner. Makers have been really biased this season and they didn’t even bothered to gave the strict punishment required for violence. And not only that they also unraveled the personal life of the contestant on the show for trp. It’s a shame.

  14. This show has reached the peak of being biased.Oh my God everything is so biased and fabricated it feels like you are watching indian daily soaps where villian seems nice and good but actually is not. Siddharth is big time bully. He literally has crossed all his limits. He doesn’t respect women and elders. He is not even good at tasks. He can’t survive alone, he always needs someone. Just take yesterday’s example rashmi did not provoke sana, what ever sana told was what she felt. But no, now that rashmi is ignoring him he is finding a way to fight with her. I dare those ppl who support this abuser, will they be ok if someone says exact same words he used for your parents, sisters and anyone in your family. Atleast asim and rashmi has the nerve to accept their mistakes and say sorry. This guy has never apologized. He even wanted to clarify words he talked abt asim’s father. That is outright cheap. A guy who called a girl thuki hui ladki, tujh jaise ko ghr me lena chod diya, goa tak peeche anewali,aisi ladki got offensive when someone used fixed deposit. bematlab ka mudda..

    Shefali, Paras and mahira: total flops.. they dun even deserve to mentioned.

  15. I guess I am done with BB and Weekend episode’s
    Like seriously all the freaking polls Mahira was in the bottom.
    And she is SAFE wow
    For TRP even BB is using the wrong card now
    And Rashami didn’t get votes as much as Visha
    Bro you must be kidding us.
    I just one day check this place, go through Twitter she is trending not against her but FOR her. Check the stories and post and polls on Instagram.
    And yes! Though I support Sid; he was wrong to say Asim Father did a mistake.
    But I don’t want to comment on anything
    My main and only point is How on earth Mahira is saved and she is will taunt Rashami saying so

  16. Again a one sided wkw…. expected salman to be more strict with sid n condemned paras mahira shef for bullying the hms. Some points were good like salman cleared the fd topic, cleared that asim didnt see vishal changing sides, confronted sid for his remarks on asim’s father. Some points that should have also be cleared were sid’s remark on sana’s loyality towards her parents, sid n team giving dirty meaning to fd word, violence in spider task, fights over food, shef paras mahira bullying around, elite club task. Now the makers want us to believe that vishal, mahira have git more votes than arti rashami n paras which is quite impossible. I understand that it was actually a wakeup call for rashami to get more involbed in the game but the way it is said is just not done. Now mahira who is already on cloud nine as she beleives that she is contributing more to show will again become overconfident as she got more votes than rashami arti paras. Himesh reshamiya was just invited to reveal that rashami had hidden tea n revive her thief tag.

    1. Problem is you just watched an hour of episode and come to conclusion. Asim’s friends only told him you always stretch the fight too long and keep on saying the same thing. So, you have to understand from where it is coming from.

  17. According to me sidnaaz was really getting irritating n glad that it is over. Sana was becoming an obsessive lover n had to be stopped before it took an ugly turn. But the way sid had stopped her was wrong. As i said earlier it could have ended on a better note. Sana’s comment on her parents csn be termed as disrespect but questioning her loyality towards them was wrong. How can sid question her loyality when he himself said that sana is that type of a kid who expose the secret of their parents in front of others. Again comparing her with cigarette was also not done. Glad that sana decided to leave him n joined other team. Any girl with self respect should have done it but if she choses to retutn to him then it will surely ruin her game. Sid had himself distanced sana then how can he act to be a victim of her betrayal. Both sid n sana have been loyal to each other it was just that sana became more attached to him which could have been harmful for both of them so sid distanced himself which is fair enough. But the way he is behaving as if sana had used him for her benefits n ditched him is completely wrong.

    1. Artifromiran

      Shahnaz is not a girl who respects herself. I bet if Sidrant gets him back Shahnaz loses his respect again

  18. Who is the big boss?is it siddhartha shukla?
    Such a biased season…even salman khan hesitate to go against shukla….and even the caller of the week was favouring him only…
    Everything seems so fixed.
    I dont think sana has ever used the term FD for arti…but siddhartha was so admant on his statement..he just want arti to go against sana and asim and rashmi…he is so self obbssed , he cant see anybody above him.
    Such an aggressive personality…so much of negativity…extremely egoist…revengeful attitude..and a dictatorship nature…what else not. He and is group is the one who constantly poke others and want a real fight..every second they provoke other team members.
    After watching all the episodes i can say he really needs behavioural theray.
    And this must be the reason why he is single in hi late 30s or early 40s..whatever.

    1. I just wanted to say thank you for this observation. Sid is so obsessed and don’t want to see anyone above him. Even Salman khan can’t scold him properly.

    2. OMG!
      Did you just throw your hatred and frustration on Shukla or really you don’t have any fav person in the house to take the trophy ?
      Second reason will be more satisfying to hear, so that first reason will be automatically justified.

      1. Ignore them… they are not watching or IQ level is too low

  19. Think shefali is going today. Hope so. Rashmi is safe.

  20. Where was the crybaby topic……loser sid can’t tolerate scolds from salman but enjoys when other gets bashed….

  21. “If you both do this again then I will throw you out of this house” ……. Salman Sir, you let the venom spread more??? you should hv thrown them out, if they were to listen they would hv done it long ago………… well now that afew weeks remaining, when will ur “again” come??
    Anyway, I think they’ll have nothing to show us other than Cat fights
    Same Old Story
    I’m Done…🙌

  22. Important issues were cleared. 1st the “fixed deposit” and also about how Asim didnt see Vishal getting down. Also Sid talking about Asim’s family was brought up. Asim’s mistakes were also brought up.
    Also Arti has never foul mouthed anyone or brought anyone’s family. That definitely needs appreciation inspite of her shortcomings.
    Mahira got more votes than Rashmi?? Sounds unbelievable. But maybe Sid fans voted for her this time.
    Its very bad that time & again that both Asim and Rashmi are demotivated on WKV.
    And look at Sid’s audacity that he’s still poking Asim in front of Salman. That was bad. He definitely considers himself to be a king or something.

  23. All you people are talking about big boss being biased towards asim, rashami and Sana. And what about you people being biased towards sid.
    When asim pretend to be a gentleman also try to look innocent because other celebrities are praising him having a six-packs and also rashami pretend to be mature and to look innocent but always demean people. She likes gossiping about other team members.
    When Aryana is around she always looks strong and challenges other team members but now she is using asim, Vishal who is confused with everything and tell lies last is sana who is loyal to anyone she always someone who will give her attention and someone to use for the game for her to win.

    Sometimes I don’t like sid using personal word to fight his opponent but because the always poke him to react and also the know his weakness. If they want to be in the game and get attention from audiences they use sid to get it Because when the poke him. He will react.

    So please you people should stop talking about big boss biased and also Salman khan.

  24. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Do you think-
    Sid may face same fate as Shilpa?
    And Sana may face same fate as Hina?
    Winner goes less popular & bag minor projects unlike the runner-up after bigg boss.

    1. Salman Khan himself said no one will tolerate her behaviour and tantrums on the set… He has quite a lot of influence in the industry, so unless he changes his stance or his statement, its difficult to say. We’ve seen how he’s both made and broken careers.

    2. Its actually not necessary to be like that. Dipika bagged a brand new tv show with a stellar cast, whereas Sree’s career is still stuck on the same place. It all depends on the person’s hardwork, his relationship with fellow colleagues and a little bit of luck too.

  25. One line the sooner bb13 ends the better for all of us. We all know from day one it’s scripted. We dot the footages 24 hrs. So they all are made aware whats the next topic and the reactions they must give. All acting. We all will relax and not write any more comments as no one cares what Views we have. And salman can relax as well.

  26. So much happens during weekdays to be discussed on weekend. Comes weekend and they send Himesh for bringing up tea issue. So was that most important thing to show and has it happened for the first time in a season. Aaj se pehle kishi season mein ishe first crime nai dikhaya gaya tha. Why are they wasting time of celeb guests for these things.

  27. Rashmi did not admit that she hid the tea. Sana is hurt now as Sid ignores her for good. Her father had warned her to keep away from Sid but she still wants to get close to him. Why did Asim did not go out to have a fight with Sid when Salman asked big boss to open the gates??? Sid had the guts but Asim did not budge as he is a coward. Hope Vishal gets more confident to stay in the house till the end.

  28. We watch tv for entertainment not to take any stress or shit from these type of reality show. How disgusting bigg boss makers n Salman khan playing with true emotions instead clearing difference between sid n sana they ate creating mess for them by giving stupid task n sending those guests n old contestants who are enemy of their bond. We really love to see sid n sana together because sid n sana both love each other but feeling hesitate to confess their feeling. Sid think maybe sana will not want committment n sana think maybe sid is very intelligent if she seriously tell him n maybe he will say no. Both scaring for rejection but they should speak up now because everybody in the house are jealous n insecure of their bond. This is the first season that all housemates are so cruel disgusting n cheap. They have no mercy n humanity in their heart many time sana told everyone that she is missing sid n want to do patch but nobody listen gave wrong advice then she herself try to convince sid. Sid should also understand that they both are in a game show in previous season nobody play with team that much n involve deeply as sid is doing. Both should give preference to each other the way paras n mahira doing they are cheap too to save their bonding they created rift between true bond n what bigg makers is doing if you want to bring back old contestants again n again then why evict them. They irritating us why should we waste our time n money for this mess. Now kashmeera himanshu devoleena n again shefali jariwala coming to bigg boss for staying why doing this to sid n sana if you want to break their bond then why got so much trp on their name tilte sidnaaz. You all know sidharth nature n sana again will do mistake because she is talkative person n she doesn’t know how to speak when to speak n react. This is mentally torture for them i think nobody would ever participate in this type of bias show who make your life hell. They are already have misunderstanding n hurt don’t play with their emotions. That is their life they will decide what they want nobody should interefer n give speach that they are good or not good together.

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