Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a scene in Delhi. Few guys get to the other building to get a glimpse of the girls in their balcony. A girl Chandu makes a painting being on call and the guy falls as she is not seeing him. They fight for the girl. Another girl comes and they say she is the eldest daughter of judge, Anji, she is married. Binny comes and talks to them. They say she is very sweet, she is my mum likes types. The other guy says she has two kids. The guy says he will complain to his mum that they are seeing judge’s daughters. They ask him to go, he is kid. H says my one will one, the last one, sweet 16 Eshu.

They laugh on the other daughter, who spends time with animals and flowers. They say they have to notice us today and hits them, and a pigeon falls down by the stone paper. Debjani holds the pigeon and says we have to help the bird. She makes it fly and asks to come for dressing. They get the chit to do friendship with them. Debjani says so this has hurt the pigeon and scolds them. The guys say the note was not for pigeon. Chandu gets angry.

She beats them and it misses out. She scolds them. Binny says they are Gulati’s sons and they all run. Debjani asks her not to throw girls. Chandu says we are Thakur girls, anyone can’t say against us. They smile. Their mum Mamta asks Anji and Binny to make Debjani/Dabbu ready and takes tension. Their dad asks them to chill. The girls leave. He gives Mamta the key and says it looks its not made good. She says no,m I m thinking something else. She tells Milind about Dabbu always getting hurt every day and they are fed up taking her to doctor eveytime.

FB shows they meet an astrologer and show her kundli. The man checks it and sees Dabbu’s hand. He says about the yogya and problems, by the stars movements etc. He says the stars are not in good place. Milind says what nonsense. Mamta asks Shastri ji about her future, studies and marriage. Shastri ji says not before 15 years, she will always face problems, but later on, she will get very lucky and get a prince. Mamta in present says Dabbu’s fate will get bright today. The girls make Dabbu wear saree and walk.

Dabbu falls and Mamta says how did she fall today. Dabb says by the heels and returns heels to Anji. Anji asks Dabbu to let her hair loose. Dabbu says they will see my face, news should look write, even if I look wrong. Milind says all the five are different and even then they are happy together. Mamta says I should get the credit. The door bell rings. Mamta says the car came for Dabbu and Milind sees out. He says I think it was stupid guys, who rung bell and left. He is stunned seeing Shastri.

Shastri says he came to talk about Dabbu and sees her kundli. He tells about some stars and Mamta worries. A neighbor comes and says ts big day for Dabbu, so she has bribed the Lord. The lady taunts them as she has a son Kunal and says she knows how she feels where they want to see a girl’s proposal, it becomes hindrance for the younger one. Mamta asks her to stop it. Milind says my daughters are not burden, they are my support.

Shastri says Dabbu will not get any job or marriage in next one year. Milind asks him to go and shows the exit. Shastri goes. Mamta gets sad and Milind pacifies her, asking her to encourage Dabbu, and not fill fear in her mind. He says he does not believe in this astrology, and he can’t see his daughter getting sad, the stars and astrologer will not decide it. Mamta cries. Chandu consoles her. Milind asks her to think, so many girls are Manglik, don’t they marry, a person’s deeds make their fate.

He says person existence is by her hardwork and he trusts her. He says its her big day and they should say her all the best to that she can get the job. The car comes. Mamta asks Dabbu to go and give her best. Dabbu goes in the car and they all ask her not to be nervous. Binny says they did not do her bidaai in her marriage too. Milind asks Mamta not to worry, as Dabbu will get a good job and good guy. Debjani is asked to come for interview. She sees so many people and thinks to find a peaceful place for rehearsals.

A guy/boss comes there and walks to the office. Debjani sees a dark room and goes inside. She starts rehearsing. The ladies talk about the news anchor, famous man…. He stops hearing Debjani make sounds. He comes inside the room while she says Om…. She does the rehearsals and he smiles seeing her silly things.

The guy sees Debjani across the aquarium, and smiles. He comes to the either side and sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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