Satrangi Sasural 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As the family gets to arranging the house, after the hawan, granny comments that everything went on ultimately successfully, and then arushi comes in. granny says that she too was more or less okay. Arushi and geeta are happy, but mini and priyanka continue to instigate granny against her, pointing out her deliberate, unintentional and careless mistakes. Nilima however stands fort arushi, saying that she understands thed work pressure by the end of the financial year. granny tells them all that neither is arushi wrong, nor are they, as she should have ideally prioritised her work, since she kenw the implications of both, and instead of trying to juggle, she should have preferred one over the other. she gives arushi quality advice, which she takes in whole heartedly. Arushi goes inside, and garnny too retires for her room. mini and priyanka are upset that granny didnt scold her much.

In her room, arushi is upset thinking that granny was right, as she doesnt know her presentation fared at the pffice, and she almost caused a debacle here too, with her divided attention, jugglinmg between her personl and professional lives. She is in tears. Just then, nilima walks in saying that she is being called down for lunch, and finds her emotional. She asks her to be strong, but not to assume that she favoured her, its just that she understands her work pressures, and hence supported her, that doesnt mean, she approves of her, as the bahu of this house. She again gives her advise regarding her trying to prioritise her works, instead of juggling between the two. When nilima walks out, arushi is thankful that she got a mother, who can even in her scolding give her invaluable tips. She too comes down. Granny finds her tensed, and amusingly asks what now. Arushi says that its nothing. Granny says that with time, everything shall normalise as its already on the road to improvement. Arushi gets very happy when she recives the message that her presentation was awesome. She expresses it. granny smiles, and everyone is happy excepting mini and priyanka. vihaan comes, and arushi expresses concern at his disappearance and her father’s health. Vihaan calms her down saying its nothing serious. granny then again reminds arushi that everything would be alright soon. Arushi goes to hug her, but controls herself just in time, mcuh to everyone’s amusement. Vihaan happily retires for freshening up. Granny asks her to go after him, to ask if they should lay out his food too. She rushes after him.

In the room, arushi asks if he would eat food. he complies. she begins to leave. He apologises for being late, as he was busy in advising prahlad. Arushi smiels emotionally and then hugs him, and he is taken aback. she thanks him, and he too responds back, and then turns her away, asking if she remembers granny’s promise, and taunts her. she cringes, and he is amused. Just then, narmada comes in anrgily that he should go to her house only, as this is what she wants. They both get into a heated verbal arguement, where vihaan gets frustrated and Narmada uses this too against him. Vihaan tries to assure narmada that arushi didnt send him, but it was his descision as arushi’s father was sick, and her family needed him. Narmada says that all his descisions are his these days. While narmada and vihaan fight, arushi begs with folded hands not to fight for god’s sake. Arushi says that she shall resign from her job, and wont give them another chance to complain about her. Vihaan asks why would she do this, and asks her not to take it further and stop it. She says that she is doing this out of her responsibility. They try to convince the other of the correct thinking, where she says that he shouldnt carry her burdens, while he says that he is just reciprocating what she does. She tries to tell about how careless she was, and how priyanka saved her, at her own hands’ burning. Narmada listens to all this tensedly. Vihaan gets tensed at priyanka, and then asks arushi if this is her solution to deal with her professional and personal crisis. She says yes. He reprimands her for being adamant, and says that she can do whatever she likes. He says that none of the women in his life have never thought about what he wanted and how affected he would be by their choices. he asks her also to do whatever she wants. he reprimands both of them as they enter into a verbal arguement yet again. As he walks out, narmada stoically says that since she has decided, they shall see how credible arushi is. Arushi says that this is the first satep, by resigning her job, and till she doesnt succeed, she wont opt for work. Narmada says that they shall see.

Meanwhile, Priyanka is hurt that vihaan hasnt come to see her yet, while mini dresses her, and says that maybe he doesnt know, as arushi wouldnt tell him. Just then, vihaan walks in concerned, and is very tensed at her burnt hands, while she says that its ordinary, and inwardly pleased that he did care for her. mini again points out about arushi’s carelessness, and priyanka’s heroic saving of her life. He also tells them of arushi’s descision of resigning her job, to take care of the house and its responsibilities. They are shocked. he asks her to take care of herself, and call him if she needs anything. After he leaves, mini point out how shrewd arushi is, that she is trying to do a favour on them, by sacrificing her job. priyanka says that she wonders who would take care of her family and its expenses then.

Outside Nilima gets out of the car, and is about to go inside, when she is aware of someone’s presence, from behind the gate bars, and turns around instinctively, but doesnt find anyone, as that person ducks just in time. She gets tensed thinking someone is following her. she goes inside. the screen freezes on the mysterious man’s face, as he eyes the mansion.

Precap: Nilima gets a call, but noone responds from the other end, and she starts to get frustrated. then the doorbell rings, and nilima walks out in the wee hours of the midnight, to open. she is shocked to see the person.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I am fed up of arushi always having to prove herself to vihaans mothers this is shit now why she arushi has to be going through all this just to be accepted this is high nonsense come on in this day and age even the indian people should be thinking differently because this is not in the old time days we live in modern times now this serial is soooooooooooooooo stupid it is about time it end

  2. I guess Nilima’s husband and Vihan’s dad us back at least that will ease the pressure on Arushi

  3. Hello barlinda.Narmada is Vihan’s mom.and Nilima is Vihan’s can be d person is Nilima’s husband.I think its Narmada’s husband and Vihan’s dad.

  4. But even Vihaan is tired of their bickering look how upset he his, he say he never choose anything for himself the mothers are the ones who make all the decision for him… It so nice someone is coming so the focus is shift from Aarushi hope it’s Vihaan father. It seems these stupid mothers are competing with Vihaan wife they are pathetic, it’s so sickening to watch sometimes so most times am on my phone when this crap is going on

  5. I hope all the mothers husbands come back.So that they all can live peacefully.

  6. So true all. I liked today Vihaan came in aggressively with his opinion. Women should be portrayed stronger especially women with career.

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