Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu making coffee fall on Dylan and herself. They start arguing. She says you did this intentionally. He asks why will I do this. She says this is my mum’s costly saree, she kept this for me, you made coffee fall on it, don’t know this stain will go or not, I know you were taunting me on this saree, so you did this. He says I got caught, you are right, I m jealous of your beautiful saree, I had to wear this, so I did this, stupid girl, coffee fell on me too. She says but you did not wear your mum’s costly saree. He says why will I wear my mum’s saree, stop this nonsense. He leaves.

Its night, Dabbu apologizes to Mamta. Mamta says its fine, I will clean the stain and uses lemon. She asks about Aseem. Dabbu says yes, he came. Mamta says what did he say seeing you in saree. Dabbu says we talk between work. Mamta says there is much work at office. Mamta asks her to have lunch with Aseem, and ask his likes and dislikes. Dabbu says Binny is calling, talk to her and leaves.

Mamta asks Binny why did she not sleep. Binny says why did Dabbu take time to think. Mamta says what, I did not know this. Binny says she does not have any prince or many choices, Aseem is good guy. Mamta says I was talking to her, she did not tell me anything. Binny says fine, but can’t you see my problem, what should I tell Vicky, he feels he is insulted, and Aseem does not say anything, but he will also feel bad. Mamta says fine, I will tell him. Binny says fine, explain her that this affects me.

A girl dresses up and asks Dylan how is she looking. Dylan says next will be better. She says next dress is superhot, I get my shopping bags here as my fashion sense is best. He says yes and sees Dabbu reading news. The girl comes and asks him to look at me. He asks her to try salwar suit or saree. She says what happened to your taste, when did you start liking this bahenji type. He says I m just joking, you are looking hot in this dress. She says I was worried, where would I go to get fashion advices. He asks her to get ready, they are going out. He says whats wrong with me and switches off the tv.

Its morning, Dabbu gets ready and sees Mamta. She says Lord save me, else she will make me ad for saree. Mamta says even if she tells her to wear saree, she will do what her heart wants. Dabbu asks why is she saying so. Mamta says she has hidden from her about taking time to think, she did not like this.

She says if she does not want to marry Aseem, she can tell them, they will not force her. Dabbu says its happening so sudden, she regards him as friend. Mamta says she would have told her, she did not think about Binny. Dabbu says I told Aseem, he is very understanding. Mamta says fine, you have grown up, do what you feel right and leaves. LN comes and says let it be, you know her mood. She thanks LN for understanding her and leaves for office.

She goes to take an auto and sees crowd gathered on the road. She sees her neighbor uncle fallen on the ground and says she will call ambulance. She comes to know that Chadda has done this to vacate the house. She gets tensed. Dylan is on his way and stops at the signal, talking to his mum on phone. He sees a lady in saree and thinks is this Debjani. He says no, she is not Debjani and recalls her. His mum says she will see a movie with him on Friday and he says fine, love you. He says he wants to ask something, and asks about removing stain of coffee. She says it depends on material, send me the suit, I will get it dry cleaned. He says no, its saree.

She says the stain can go, whose saree is it, and she wants all details. He says no, don’t start being detective and tells about Dabbu, coffee fell on her saree, she came expensive saree and is crying now. He asks some remedy. She says stain will go by lemon and then send it for dry cleaning. Dylan says that’s it. She says we are talking on strange topic since Dabbu came in his life. He says she is in office, not life, I have just one girl in my life, that’s you. She thanks and smiles.

Dabbu comes office and talks to Aseem about Chadda, they can make it a big story. He thinks she can spoil the deal. He says she is saying right, but its impossible. She says how, I know everyone and can get everyone’s interviews. He says I know you can do this and its big news, but Dylan will not let this happen. She asks why. He says he is marketing head and Dylan is editor in chief, I know every news is paid news and other news does not come out, Chadda will not be quiet, he will call Dylan and give him money, and end this news.

She says I don’t think so, Dylan is rude but not take bribe. Aseem says you are still new. She says I will go back to my desk, see you. She comes out and sees Dylan. She recalls Aseem’s words. Dylan goes to his office and works. He sees a lemon and smiles. He calls Dabbu and says where did she go. Dabbu comes to him. She says she has to talk something imp. He says I know, I was calling you, I have a solution. She thinks does he know. He says we will solve your problem and gives her lemon. She asks what shall I do. He asks her to apply it in saree stain and if it does not go, give in dry cleaning, I will pay bill, else buy new saree, I will pay bill, I can’t do anything else.

She says I don’t need lemon, my mum removed the stain by lemon, I did not come to talk about it. He says I understood and says about NGO. She says not about this, I want to run a story on Chadda, he is forcing people to sell their homes, and got a resident beaten by goons, we should expose him, if media supports them, they can raise voice against Chadda. He says fine, I will think and say. She says this can be a big story, she can line up 10 interviews.

He says you did your work, I will think and say. She says but whats there to think. He says legal implications, laws, I run the show out here, what are you doing about earthquake story, did you do research, focus on work given, go. She thinks was Aseem saying true, will Dylan deal with Chadda, she can’t trust him, maybe Aseem was right.

Dylan and Dabbu get locked in the lift. She faints and Dylan gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. NYC!slowly slowly they r becming friendly

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  6. Well… I like the show.. I wonder why there aren’t enough comments…

  7. Cummon dis Aseem is just spoiling d mood….nd moreover plzzzzz try to update faster ?

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