Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tilu says tat he can smell the perfume right now also and tilu smells tiwari and says tat I could smell like a dog and says have u applied the perfume and tiwari says no y should I steal and vibhuti listens all this and runs from the kitchen window as tilu says tat he can smell tat perfume and tiwari when goes towards door he sees the bush there and thinks who must have kept there even anguri wonders how did it came here and she keeps it back on place
Vibhuti goes in bedroom to check wether the mango box is safe and he could not find it under the bed and sees that anita has found it and vibhuti thinks now she is going to shout him and anita does not shouts but loves him and says tat she asked for a milk shake and u brought a box of mangoes for her and vibhuti says yes I did and then anita asks vibhuti takes these two mangoes and bring milkshake for her and says get up like deepu as she today wants to see deepu vibhuti gets irritated and says no now he wont change as it is really not fair and he will bring the shake as vibhuti and anita then agrees saying tat mix ur love and feelings in it vibhuti agrees and leaves.
Anguri calls amaji and tells tat someone steal their mangoes from tilu tiwari has sent him to bring the mangoes and amaji asks wat was twari doing and she says we were in house and then amaji asks her not to worry she will sent the mangoes for her as she remembers once she bite her cheeks and anguri tells she yesterday bite tiwaris finger and a foot ball comes to amaji she then by mistakenly throws the watermelon tat she was eating and then understands and throws the ball too. Anguri says tat she can see the mangos and amaji says tat may u must be dreaming and she hungs up the phone and vibhuti comes in front of her and shows her mangoes anguri gets happy and vibhuti gives her the mangoes and says tat he ordered it from the market and asks anguri tat she should not tell this to tiwari and gives her promise on tiwaris name and leaves
Tiwari at home is thinking who must be the thief and then tilu says it should not be u as u cannot steal in ur own house and anguri comes eating mangoes and tiwari asks where did this come from and anguri reminds of the promise and says tat I found it in kitchen and tiwari says where in kitchen and she says I don’t know I found it in kitchen and tilu says may be tat thief must have kept the mango here in kitchen to divert and tiwari says tat now it is essential to find this thief and anguri goes inside eating the mango.
Vibhuti enters his house and locks door and anita asks him where was he as she was waiting for him and the milkshake and u r not a good husband and vibhuti tells tat he went to anguri bhabhi to ask the special receipe of mango milkshake as tiwari once told him tat she really prepares a nice one and anita says tat she is sorry and then asks him to prepare the milkshake and bring in room and he says ok and then vibhuti gives her milkshake and packs the remaining mangoes in a polythene and bell rangs vibhuti opens the door and sees tiwari and happu singh and closes the door and he then hides the polythene and again goes and opens the door tiwari asks him y did u do this and he says tat he was romancing with her wife and so this happen and asks y r u here and hapu singh tells tat they are here to enquire about the mango robbery and vibhuti asks them do u think tat I have stolen the mangors and hapu singh says no I want to know wat were u doing wen the robbery happen and vibhuti says tat he was romancing with his wife and then hapu singh says if u get to know anything please tell us and says tat he can smell mangoes and vibhuti says yes he will as just now he had made mango milkshake for anita and hapu singh says if it is remaining give us and vibhuti says its over now and tiwari asks where is anita and vibhuti says tat she is sleeping tiwari asks u said u were romancing now and vibhuti says after romancing she got tired so she is sleeping and he shuts the door and says in his mind tat u will never ever find where these mangoes have gone.
Anita sees the old perfume in their room and calls vibhuti and says y is he using this perfume yet vibhuti says tat there is still in it and anita then gives him the new perfume he then says ok he will apply it but anita says tat she will apply and applies it all over his body and asks him to throw the old perfume and outside down the window is sitting happu singh the inspector he is tired of searching the mango robber and the thrown deodorant falls in happu singhs hand he smells it and he likes the perfume and applies it
Vibhuti then decides to go and keep the bag fullof mangoes and he enters anguris house through kitchen window and happu singhs caught him and takes the polythene from his hand and says tat he has understood everything now and comes tiwari and anguri and hapu singh says tat he has found the thief and he is it and tiwari says tat he knew it was u and anguri says tat y did u do this she is very hurt and she though u were very honest and vibhuti says tat he has done nothing while tilu shouts from back tat he is not the thief.

Tiwari says I love u to anguri and she laughs while tiwari gets angry listening to her laugh and shouts at her loudly and anguri cries while vibhuti asks her y is she crying and says tat tiwari must be taught a lesson and then anita and vibhuti are seen with tiwari and anita says tat he has a problem of anger I will make it away from him and tiwari says he is ready to whatever she says him to do.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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