Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dabbu saying starry sky looks romantic. Eshu jokes on her. Dabbu gets Dylan’s message and smiles. She reads the laddoos are tasty and thank your mum on my behalf. Eshu and Chandi tease her. Dabbu says its message from office. They smile. Dabbu worryingly smiles. Aseem signs Vicky to talk to Binny and leaves. Vicky asks Binny to see how Aseem was talking to Dabbu, they are together always. Binny says I know what you are thinking, explain him not to think about Dabbu, her stars are not right, if anything happens to him, everyone will blame Dabbu and taunt me.

He sends Sonu outside and asks what is she saying, if Aseem and Dabbu like each other, she should talk to Mamta about them. Binny says how can I say, mum spoke to me about them and I refused. He gets glad and asks why did she not tell him. She says I felt you will agree or not. He says Aseem and Dabbu like each other, so who am I to stop, Aseem’s happiness is in Dabbu. She says he is saying right, even I feel Aseem likes Dabbu.

He says Aseem told him, as she is his brother, if he knew Mamta spoke about Aseem, I would have taken the proposal, now she knows his feelings and she has to talk to Mamta. Its morning, Dabbu gets the script for the news and she gets glad. He says it will be on screen but I want you to red it well once. She says sure, thanks and can’t believe she will read news today because of Aseem. She jumps happily.

Binny comes home and talks to Mamta about Aseem and Dabbu. Mamta says yes, I told you before and you refused. Binny says yes, but I came to know they like each other. She says I have seen how much Aseem loves her and cares for her. LN says its happening so sudden, Aseem is nice guy but.. Binny says that he is Vicky’s brother and you are not forgiving him. LN says there is nothing like that. LN says we know right proposal will come on right time. Binny asks you mean my family is not right. LN says marriage is big thing and I can’t decide so soon. LN leaves.

Mamta says I will talk to him and goes to LN. He says Aseem is a good guy, and cares for Dabbu, but he is Vicky’s brother, same blood and same family. She says I understand your worry, but all fingers are not same, and see our five daughters are so different, Aseem is different from Vicky, we will ask Dabbu first about this proposal. Dabbu practices the lines standing in parking and does not read well. She practices voice exercises. Dylan comes there and asks driver to go. He hears the sounds and recalls he heard the same before.

He goes to see who is it and sees a girl’s hand. He sees towards her and smiles. She says its so much heat here, I will get dark before coming on tv, I will go in shade and runs. He does not see her. Her papers fall and she sits to pick them. Dylan looks around and misses to see her. He leaves from there. She says she has to rush now. She bumps into Dylan and asks what is he doing here. He says he was dropped here by car. He asks whats she doing, did she get car wash work. She says she was… and stops thinking she should not see that she is reading news.

He asks did she see any girl. She says she did not hear anyone. He sees her sleeve and recalls she is wearing similar clothes. He thinks is she the one, no she can’t be, else I would have known. She asks what is he thinking. He asks her to go and work. He says she will read 6pm news today. She says I know and leaves, thinking he is saying like he gave me this chance. He says she is strange, she wanted to read news and when I m giving chance, then no reaction, she could have said thanks.

Mamta keeps thinking while cooking and burns the dish. Anji comes and Mamta tells that Binny came and brought Aseem’s proposal for Dabbu, she came to know Aseem likes Dabbu, I m waiting to ask Dabbu, you talk to her. Dabbu reads news well. Aseem smiles and stays with her. Dylan stays outside the cabin and smiles. Santosh says she read well, boss will feel proud. She says really, he did not come to se reading, he did not give me any opportunity and I proved myuself. Santosh says he has given me tip to send you to cover riots, knowing you are talented, he did not think it will be serious and he came to save you, he asked me not to tell anyone, promise you won’t ask him. She says fine, I promise and thinks about Dylan.

Dabbu is on the way and smiles thinking did Dylan really think she is talented, he helped her and has hidden this, did he know I will get hurt there and he has sent me there, no he would have not come to save me and beat the goons, he did not leave me alone and took care. She says then why did he make me car wash, maybe he thinks I can become good reporter than news reader, he recognized my talent.

Dylan calls Mirchandani. Mirchandani says I saw her news, she is talented. Dylan says thanks for trusting me, she is talented. Dabbu smiles thinking about Dylan and the time spent with him. Anji comes and says she feels she likes to be in office. Dabbu says yes. Anji says it was not before. Dabbu says everything changed and says he is very good looking, he is very popular and he gets attention by all girls, while Anji is talking about Aseem. Dabbu says its hard to understand him. Anji says but he looks simple and told his feelings to Binny. Dabbu says what. Chandi says Binny came home with Aseem’s proposal for you. Dabbu says Aseem? Eshu says you did not tell us.

Dabbu asks was she talking about Aseem. Chandi says no, about rude Dylan and laughs. She says we were talking about Aseem. Dabbu gets worried.

Dylan gets hurt by Dabbu’s earrings and asks whose earring is this. Dabbu says where did my earrings go. Chandi says with the one with whom you spend most of your time. Vicky says what if Dabbu has someone else in her life. Aseem says there can’t be anyone expect me, else I will kick that guy out of my way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Good epi… And aseem Ki bacche get lost ?

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