Dilli Darlings 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone is disappointed at Semma’s party

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Manya after opening the gift found out that it was just a cup which was of her own brand, even Manya did not like it at all, they all get worried as to why is she doing like this, they should enjoy the party. Seema feels that they have both made their function a more extravagant party. Guneet does not feel that she would be able to attend any more functions and leaves.
Everyone starts to prepare for Seems function, they all reach there, Seema introduces the jury, but before the event could start they start to back out, they try to make it out however Rashmi says that she could also not walk on the run way, they all get into a conversation where it is decided that they will not declare any winner, they show finally begins.
Manya believes that if the show has progressed it is only because of her otherwise Rashmi would have never agreed. She is under the impression that she was the show stopper.
Everyone walks on the run way, when it is completed she asks them to be seated, they all had no idea of Deepshika performance and when it started they all were baffled, she started to dance however many of those never liked the dance stating it as a vulgar performance, she however believes that they all liked it. Seema request that she also be seated.
The show finally comes to a wrap, she starts to distribute the prizes, Seema does not care for what they all believe, Manya’s gets really frustrated vowing to never go to any other function organized by Seema.
They believe that it was not at all that they expected, it has little audience and even the exercises that were planned for the function were not according to their social class but were rather below average.
Everyone goes to rest, on the final day they all are preparing for the breakfast, there is a call from the captain’s cabin, requesting them to assemble on the deck, Guneet is frustrated as to why they are calling them, and Manya advises her husband to go to their room while she goes to check what is happening.
When they reach that everyone is already seated. They com e to know that Pragati has decided to make an announcement, saying that they had enjoyed a lot and so would make their own kitty, Guneet has mix feelings she however explains that she will come when available, Shaloo sys that she is not sure if she will be available, they complain that she is a housewife still has excuses, Shaloo however remains quiet not answering to their foolish talks. They blame her for being a drama queen, they also make fun of her, Shaloo believes that she is not sure, she explains that she only said this because she is not interested and will probably not go.

Precap: Pari is with her husband and planning to list the attendances, Manya plans that they will have a party at the same time as Seema for the sake of revenge, Manya is with her friends they talk of their past, Reema says that she suffered from cancer which was a devastating period of her life, both of them are stunned.

Update Credit to: Sona

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