Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman agrees to marry Arjun and saves Badal

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The Episode starts with Badal thinking he can’t get so much money from his friends. Guddi brings Rakhi to tie to him. Inspector comes there and arrests him for kidnapping Pujan Pandey’s daughter. Badal tells him that he is the donor of his father’s kidney operation and asks him to understand. Inspector says you would have thought before eloping with her. Badal asks Guddi to inform Suman and says she can only save me. He hopes she saves him. Guddi thinks to take Pallavi’s help. Pallavi comes to Suman’s house. Pujan pandey calls her and asks her to talk to him. Pallavi says I will talk to you after talking to Suman. Pujan Pandey says she is sleeping and asks her to come. He asks her to sit and says you are Suman’s childhood friend and would have known about her love and marriage. He asks did you attend her wedding? Pallavi says no. he says you would have known about her marriage. Pallavi says yes. Pujan Pandey says then why didn’t you tell me. He says I thought you are Suman’s good friend and would have made her understand, but you didn’t. He says Suman don’t need friends like you and asks her to go. Pallavi says I want to talk to Suman once. Pujan Pandey gets angry and asks her to leave. He closes the door on her face. Rukmani is going inside the house after coming from temple. Pallavi tells her that Chacha thrown her out of house and tells that she wants to give her Badal news, says Police arrested him. Pujan Pandey comes and asks who is here? Rukmani says she was coming doing paath. She sees gun in his pocket and asks where is he going? He says godown. Rukmani comes to Suman and checks her fever.

Chatura and Guddi come to Police station. Chatura asks Constable to let her meet her son. Constable says no warrant is issued from here and we didn’t arrest your son. Guddi and Chatura get worried for Badal. Badal gains consciousness in the godown and is tied and injured. He sees Pujan sitting infront of him. Pujan asks goons to go out and says he will do havan and come out. He says fire cleans all impurity and asks him to become pure with it. He says my hands will not be soaked in your dirty blood. He says I should have shot you when I came to know about your relation with my daughter. He pours kerosene oil around him and lights fire on it. Badal tries to free herself and falls down with chair. Pujan Pandey says I will make my daughter’s life better by giving your ahuti and burns Suman and Badal’s marriage certificate. He says Swaha. Guddi is worried for Badal and says who has taken him and where? Chatura says I am very worried, your father is in hospital and Badal is missing. She worries that Pujan Pandey might have….Guddi says bhaiyya has to return to get rakhi tied and says he has to come. She prays for his life and asks God to listen to her prayers. She lights the diya infront of God’s idol. Pujan Pandey laughs and says swaha. He laughs aloud. Suman reaches there and sees fire around Badal. She shouts Badal’s name. Pujan Pandey tries to stop her. Suman says it was me, who asked me to marry me, eloped with me and have relation with me. Pujan asks her to go. Suman reminds him that Badal had saved her and tells that you have promised him that you will give him something and asks him to pardon his life. Pujan says I promised him, but I didn’t do that he has done a sin and says that promise don’t matter. She says I am ready to marry Arjun and asks him to leave Badal. Pujan says if I leave him then he will again come. He tries to take her out, but she pushes him and jumps in the fire. Pujan shouts Suman.

Shashi tells Sharmila (Arjun’s mother) that Suman is alive after doing such a big thing else it is not a big thing for Pujan Pandey to kill him. She then tells that Arjun will rule in the house as Pujan will make him heir. Sharmila tells that Pujan wants them to accept his sin and tells that they will not be trapped and she won’t let her son marry Suman. Shashi says I brought shagun on Didi’s sayings. Sharmila says I will not tell your name and goes. Shashi says what will be the Suman and Badal’s love story. Suman frees Badal’s hand and hugs him. Pujan asks her to come out and says fire is increasing. He asks his goon to bring water. Suman says I will die with badal and live with him. Pujan says fire is increasing. Suman says I am ready to do anything for you and asks him to leave badal. Badal says I can die, but can’t live without you. Pujan agrees to her sayings and asks her to come out. The goons throw water on the fire. Pujan throws water on the fire. Sharmila waits for Arjun to come and thinks to leave immediately. Pujan Pandey asks Suman to promise that she will leave Badal and will not think of him and will do as he says. Badal says she will not do this. Suman says I agree and will do as you says. Badal says you will not do this. Suman says now it is your turn and asks him to promise, says if you break your daughter’s swear then even God will not forgive you. Pujan promises to leave Badal alive and says he is freed and asks her to come. Suman asks Badal to forgive her and says sorry.

Precap: Badal tells Suman that he can die, but can’t live without her. Suman asks him to think that their true love failed infront of lie.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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