Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal Researches About Retinitis Pigmentosa

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 28th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kajual reminiscing Dr. Sharma’s words thinks how can she have retinitis pigmentosa, reports must have been exchanged, as naani thinks she should have carrot and amla and brighten her vision, she is still young and still has a lot to do, she has to check what is in Naani’s secret trunk, remembers getting blurry vision often. On the other side, Anshuman practices dance and informs his sister that he participating in dance competition where his role model Manu Bhargav will be a judge. Kajal at home experiences blurry vision and gets tensed. Rashmi walks to her and asks if she can see something. Kajal asks what seeing blurry Rashmi and getting back her vision asks if her tension lines are gone. Rashmi smilingly says yes and all because of her, she made her proud and is famous in whole Jhansi now. Kajal gives credit to Rashmi. Rashmi chats a bit and leaves.

Kajal thinks of discussing her problem with Rochak and calls him. Rochak’s father picks call and disconnects it saying Rochak is asleep now. Rochak asks father why did he lie. Father hands him over laptop and insists him to write a novel on his costly laptop. He says he can’t as taughts won’t come so easily on laptop and he needs a peaceful environment for that. Father asks not to speak like a writer and complete novel soon. Rochak thinks he will meet Kajal tomorrow morning and discuss his novel idea with her.

Kajal researches about retinitis pigmentosa on internet and realizes Dr. Sharma is right, she may lose her vision soon. She tries to find out if there is a treatment ofr retinitis pigmentosa and reads that doctors are still researching on it. She falls asleep and dreams about Rashmi calling her to come and check Naani’s worsening condition. Naani says she is getting chest pain and asks her to come soon. Kajal gets blurry vision again and is unable to go out while her brother, mother, and naani call her to come out. She wakes up from sleep and realizes it was her dream. On the other side, Anshuman gets a call that he needs a partner if he needs to participate and informing his sister about the same asks how will find a dance partner in Jhansi. In the morning, Kajal gets ready to meet Dr. Sharma at 10 a.m.’s appointment and thinks her problem will be solved after a few tests. She walks out and sees Rochak sitting and gets angry thinking he didn’t pick her call last night when she needed his advice. Rochak asks where is she going, he will drop her. She says she has a lot of work and will meet him college.

On the other side, police watch Kajal’s complaint video against city hospital and rushes there to get evidences before they are cleared by hospital staff. Kajal reaches hospital and waits for Dr. Sharma. she gets tensed seing blind patients and thinks doctor gave appointment of 10 a.m. and himself is missing. She waits for 1 hours and calls him, but doctor is with police who stop him from taking anyone’s call.

Precap: Anshuman fumes that his dad is trapped in a problem because of a girl, he will find her and punish her. Kajal with blurry vision walks on streets and comes in front of Anshuman’s call.

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