Choti Sardarni 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher and Sarab part ways

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Choti Sardarni 28th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kulwant says to the woman at the embassy we have to talk to the ambassador. She says this isn’t the hour. The ambassador comes. Jagga tells him that Meher’s life is in danger. He shows him the email. Bitu says please save our sister. Jagga says their phones are off as well. He says I have informed the police. We will get in touch with you.

Sarab and Meher are poolside. Meher covers her head. Sarab takes off the bangles from her hand. Meher says after taking off the bangle, the wrist isn’t left empty. Sarab takes off his locket and makes her wear it in the wrist.

Kulwant comes to Sarab’s house. She shouts and says Dolly Rovi.. Come outside. Harleen says what happened? Dolly says OMR. Kulwant says shut up. If anything happens to my daughter I will kill you all. Bitu says I will kill you all. Rovi says calm down. Jagga what happened brother?Jagga shows them the email. Everyone is shocked to read this. Harleen says this can’t be true. They were enjoying it there. Let me call Sarab. Bitu says they are not even picking up the call. Dolly calls Jolly. He says Sarab took Meher somewhere. Param is at his place. Bitu says why didn’t he take Param? That means he wanted to kill Meher. This was all his plan. He took Meher to kill her. Harleen says Sarab can never do that.

Meher says we eat something sweet after this ritual. Meher says looks like Param knew everything. He left this chocolate. Meher gives him chocolate. Meher says thank you for everything. Meher says send me pictures of Param. Please play his favorite soundtrack to wake him up. You have to take care of him. sarab says I don’t know how will I do that. Meher says I don’t know either how will I live without him. She wipes her tears. Meher gives him a letter and says this is for you. Sarab reads it. You are annoying. He says am I annoying? she says yes you are. Request no. 2, stay away from spices. Request 3. Forgive Rovi. Request 4. Don’t make Pam’s like girl Param’s mom. Please marry someone who loves him more than you do. He says but you are leaving forever.

Meher says I am sorry. Thank you for everything you did. I don’t think it’s enough to say thanks. I will be under your debt forever. Sarab wipes her tears. He says thank you for giving so much love to Param. The song kitni batain plays. Sarab says all the best. He leaves. MEher is in tears. Sarab looks at her from the car. Meher is in the balcony. She looks at the chain and cries.

Meher comes inside the house. She looks at the bangles. Meher recalls Sarab saying if you need anything I am there Meher sees Sarab’s phone. She says he forgot it? Some men come in with guns. They ask Meher not to move.
Precap-Kidnappers kidnap Meher. Sarab is arrested for killing Meher. Param shouts and says papa have you killed Meher mama?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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