Dil Vil Pyar Vyar – Ragsan (part 13)

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Shaan was so tensed and worried about Reet’s response. He planned a surprise party for her with all her favorites. Shaan took leave for the day and only Reet attended the office. he was busy with the preparations. Reet missed home badly. she tried calling him but he did not pick up. It was then she realized that her feelings for him was something beyond friendship. she thought about it for a while and was confused. so she left home and after reaching home she finds Shaan is not at home. She tried to call him but no response. Suddenly her eyes get stuck at something. she found a gift wrapped box on her bed with a note on it ,she took the note.

She unwrapped it and found a white anarkali with blue duppatta. it was beautiful and she loved it. she refreshed herself and wore the dress. She did little makeup, and wore matching earrings and bangles. She left her hair open. she found another note in the table.
” come down get on to the black Mercedes” Shaan

Reet was so thrilled, it was so much unlike Shaan being so romantic. Because he use to become bheegi billi in front of Reet. for a second she thought someone was playing with her, but she decided to go with it.


Dadimaa was surprises and shocked to see both of her grandsons arriving so early to home. For a second she thought they might have come to get ready for attending some business party’s. but they looked so pale. so she decided to ask them directly .
Dadi : are Sanskar, Laksh you two so early ?
Sanskar: dadi am so tired . don’t disturb me for dinner.
Laksh: me too dadi .
With that they doesn’t give her a chance to speak more. They left to their rooms thinking about their love.
Dadi : what happened to these two? behaving so weird !

Her CID brain started working and she decided to call Nikhil to know more.
Dadi : hello Nikhil .
Nikhil: jjjjeee..dadima . aap kaise hai ?
Dadi : am fine beta .
Nikhil: kuch kaam tha dadima ?
Dadi : how is office going ? is Ragini coping up with her work ?
Nikhil : yes dadi the office had completely changed after Ragini entered. Sanskar sir doesn’t shout at us often.
Dadi : wow !! that’s a drastic change. Is Ragini there at the office ?
Nikhil : no dadima, She and Muskaan have taken permission for attending their friend’s birthday. they will be back office tomorrow .
Dadi : ooooo now I get why my grandson’s are so dull .
Nikhil : jeee???
Dadi : what do you think of those two girls ?
Adi : perfect for Sanskar and Laksh sir.
Dadi : thanx bet . keep me updated with the office happenings then and there. I’ll call you back soon.
Nikhil: of course dadima .
She hanged up the phone and thought “ok my grownups, you are sad because your secretaries left you alone in office !! let me see how long you hide it from me”

Sanskar’s room:
He laid down in his bed and stared at the ceiling . he remembered the time he spent with her. His life treasure he wants his treasure to last forever, He realized that he can’t live without her. But what about her? Is she in love with someone else? or am I wrong in judging her before expressing myself? I need to find this out. I should let my thoughts free ..
Laksh’s room
Laksh was in deep thought. he encountered the moments he saw that day “take care sweetie” whom does she called sweetie? may be a friend? I can’t imagine my life without her. I need to win her back . she does not know anything about my feelings. I must let her know. oh my god !! why are u forcing me to such situations? I had never been after a girl like this before. may be its time to change myself .

Dadi carefully watched her grandsons who are in ready to turn devdas stage. she decided to have a talk with sumi next morning.

Ragini and Muskaan reached Mumbai airport on time. they got a cab and reached the venue that Shaan had told them. the place was beautifully decorated. they met with Shaan and had a chat till Reet arrived. they decided to give her even more surprise. so they hide behind the curtains and as soon as Reet reached the middle of the hall, music began to play and lights were lit on slowly one by one. she stood dumbstruck with the arrangements.
“Naina nu ki ho geya
Naina nu ki ho geya
kal si jo tere ton pareh pareh
laggde hun tere te mareh mareh
saah v nai lehnde tennu vehke bina
naina nu ki ho geya
naina nu ki ho geya
naina nu ki ho geya ….”

Shaan walks towards Reet and he was blown down totally by her beauty. He was staring her withour blinking his eyes and Reet was feeling shy.
Shaan…shaan said Reet and Shaan came back to reality. So why these arrangements? Is something special today said Reet
Haan wo.. I want to tell u something said Shaan. I think now he is going to propose me thought Reet and blushes.
Haan toh bolo said Reet acting normally.. I’m waiting Shaan
Haan toh I was saying ki…. Said Shaan fumbling. Oh god!! Why me? what happens to me when Reet comes infront of me?
Reet: Shaan where are u lost? U was going to tell me something?
Shaan: oh I want to say… I…I…
Abbey idiot tell her what’s in your heart? Said Ragini which was audible to muskaan
Shaan: Reet I…I.. lo… I love
Reet’s cheeks turn red hearing word love and Ragini and muskaan smiles thinking Shaan is finally going to confess.
I…I…love raksha bandhan said blurted Shaan making fun of himself.
Reet, Ragini and muskaan was shocked hearing it. Reet was controlling her anger with much difficulty, and ragini was ready to beat Shaan.
So.. Shaan u love raksha bandhan.. interesting said Reet controlling her anger. That’s why u called me here to tell me that u love raksha bandhan
Haan.. Reet u know na rakshan bandhan is coming next month said Shaan
Ragini: what’s wrong with him? He said he is going to propose her. But he is talking about raksha bandhan and all. I feel like to punch him.
Thanks Shaan for letting me that Raksha bandhan is coming next month said Reet calmly as much she could say. Shaan u want me to tie u rakhi on raksha bandhan
Nahi… bilkul nahi.. screamed Shaan. Reet what r u saying? Why u will tie me rakhi u r not my sister na
so why u r talking about rakhsa bandhan idoit. Shaan u really want to talk to me about something serious or u r just doing time pass said Reet annoyingly
woh… I…l…o… said Shaan fumbling and which makes Reet more frustrated and Shaan stop fumbling say it straight or I’m leaving.
Beta Shaan abb propose karega na toh jaan se mar degi but propose to krna padega na thought Shaan and looked up and said please god help me!
Reet was leaving when Shaan called her name from behind and she stops in her way. Shaan came in front of her and he bend down on his knees and said
“Reet , this whole universe beauty is nothing in front you. you look like an angel from the heaven. I tried many times to tell u my feelings what couldn’t get courage. my life is incomplete without u. whenever u are around me I feel everything is beautiful and when u smile my whole universe smile. I think I’m getting too filmi so simply I want to say that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So will you marry me?
Reet was totally shocked but at the same time very happy. She could not say anything and she stood silently for some times and she walked towards Shaan and hugged him tightly and blured out a “yes”.
Tere vich mefila tere vich tanhayian
Naal mere tur diyan teriyan hi parchayian
Tu v tureh naal mere
tu v puche kade haal mere
pyaar jinnu kehnde mainu v ho geya
naina nu ki ho geya
naina nu ki ho geya
naina nu ki ho geya……

Shaan was on cloud nine. He totally forgot that two other persons are standing behind them. Ragini and muskaan made sound to bring them back.
Reet was surprised to see Ragini and muskaan and she had tears in her eyes. Ragini and muskaan came forward and hugs her.
Reet: am so happy .. how come you guys are here? You dint say me before?
muskan : if we say it before, then what’s the points of surprise ?
Ragini : finally, Shaan done it.. he proposed u. waise shaan what was that Raksha bnadhan and all.
Shaan: I just blurted out that in nervousness.
Ragini : I’m so happy for u guys and they had a group hug.
They did cake cutting and had dinner together and talked for some time. They need to leave early since they had their office the next day. Ragini and muskaan bid bye to Reet and Shaan and left for the airport while the two love birds started romancing.

So that is it guys.. hope u guys liked it. And I’m extremely sorry for not being regular and for not giving Ragsan scenes but it was necessary to give some space to Reet and Shaan. Because I was feeling I was ignoring them.. from now on I’ll try to be regular….

Stay happy, stay loved, stay healthy, stay blessed and stay busy. Take care, keep smiling, keep shinning and be yourself

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