LOVE? HATE? Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Anika’s Pov :-

We reach at the venue which is decorated beautifully . As we enter inside ,the halls look much more beautiful then the outside . The loud music is bursting making my ears thump . There are many food stalls making my stomach growl . Uhm..I just came and I am feeling hungry seeing the delicious foods . Me and my food . Hehe .

“Ladies and gentlemen . A very good evening to one and all present here . Okay . Let’s play a game . We’ll play the music and all you have to do is dance with your partners and when the music changes you need to swip the partners . So reafy everyone ?”says the anchor standing on the stage while there are many ‘yess’ from the crowd for his answer .

“Can I have the pleasure to dance with you , beautiful ?”daksh asks me and I give him a geninue smile and nod .

I really like him . Chill down ladies , as a friend . He is really good by heart . It’s amazing spending time with him , you don’t even know when the time flies away when you’re with him . I don’t know I could like him ever more than just a friend but as a freind he could be the best freind one could have .

We walk towards the dance platform , our hands entwined together .

The song starts and so we all dance ; our bodies moving in sync . Daksh’s one hand was on my shoulder while the other was on my waist and mine was on his chest and his shoulder .

The music changes and we all move so our partners swip . I dance with some random boy and get to know he is nakul . His eyes are coal black colour and he have a perfect toned body . We had a little talk with the dance and he is actually cool .

The music again changes and we swip up the partners . Shiv…Shivay . He is my partner . I try to go from the dance floor , not wanting to dance with him . But he pulls me forcibly and I land straight into his chest . I could smell the amazing chocolate and axe smell coming from his body . He still smells so good .

I dance with him , our bodies perfectly in sync . We didn’t say even a word during the whole dance time . He was just staring into my hazel brown eyes while I was in his ocean blue eyes .

I couldn’t read the expression on his face . He looked — blanked . He usually does that when he is out but never infront of me .

We dance for some time and then I run away from there not wanting to face him more .

Great . My whole day is ruined just by a call from my parents . How could they do this to me . Don’t they love me ?

I think as some tears make their way from my eyes . Why can’t I live happily , without any tension ? Why can’t life be so simple ? Just eat , sleep , shop and netflix . That’s it .

I cry but it is soon covered by the dizzling of the rain drops .

Right now , I am sitting on the bench which is just located outside the hall . Yeah , the party is still on . I was enjoying nicely but then my dad called me and ruined everything .

Someone keeps their hands on mine and I can sense it’s shivay . I look up at him and give him a weak smile wiping away the tears which were flowing non-stop .

“What happened ?”says he , which was almost a whisper .

“Why do you think I will tell you ?” I say in the same tone .

“Anika , It’s enough . Just forget it now . I know that was my mistake . But ..please . Even god gives one chance , right ?”he says but in a louder tone than before .

“Right . Even god gives one chance . Yeah . I am sorry . I am sorry for trusting you , for loving you . It was my mistake . I am sorry .” I say as more tears make there way and I sob .

“Anika ..” he says holding my shoulders “What happened ? You know I am always there with you . You can tell me . Please , it will lighten you .”he says in a pleading tone .

“You know … you know my dad called me and told me that ‘anika beta , you’ve grown up and I have a really good news for you . I’ve got a marriage proposal for you and you have to marry that person . It’ll help our financial conditions too and you too will be happy with him .'”I say in the same tone as my dad said to me .

I mean , literally financial conditions . He is still thinking about his business . For him , business is more important or his daughter ?

I could read the shocked expression on shivay’s face . I still don’t know why did I tell him everything ? I just … did . I felt to .

“Anika . I understand . Don’t feel bad .”he says wiping away my tears .”We both will find some solution . You don’t need to worry . We will surely do something if you don’t want to .”he says continuing and then giving me a hug and kissing the top of my head .

I hug him back . I lov- . No , you don’t . Shut up . Shut up . I do . No , you don’t . No .

This is going to be so bad .


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